• WordNet 3.6
    • adj bottom the lowest rank "bottom member of the class"
    • adj bottom situated at the bottom or lowest position "the bottom drawer"
    • v bottom come to understand
    • v bottom strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom
    • v bottom provide with a bottom or a seat "bottom the chairs"
    • n bottom a cargo ship "they did much of their overseas trade in foreign bottoms"
    • n bottom the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on "he deserves a good kick in the butt","are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"
    • n bottom the lower side of anything
    • n bottom the lowest part of anything "they started at the bottom of the hill"
    • n bottom a depression forming the ground under a body of water "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
    • n bottom low-lying alluvial land near a river
    • n bottom the second half of an inning; while the home team is at bat
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Flat-bottomed Vessel of Bronze Open-work Bearing The Cartouches of Pharaoh KhÎti I Flat-bottomed Vessel of Bronze Open-work Bearing The Cartouches of Pharaoh KhÎti I
Methods of Attaching Box Bottoms Methods of Attaching Box Bottoms
Mike lying at the bottom of the steps Mike lying at the bottom of the steps
The children at the bottom of the basement steps The children at the bottom of the basement steps
No; but I saw a man sitting at the bottom of the hill No; but I saw a man sitting at the bottom of the hill
Locations A to E shown in alphabetical order from bottom to top of the plan Locations A to E shown in alphabetical order from bottom to top of the plan
Showing location A at the bottom of the plan, and B at the top Showing location A at the bottom of the plan, and B at the top
Showing a repeated floral design with bead pattern border at the bottom Showing a repeated floral design with bead pattern border at the bottom

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Musk is extracted from the bottom of a civet, and is used as an ingredient to make perfumes.
    • n Bottom A ball or skein of thread; a cocoon. "Silkworms finish their bottoms in . . . fifteen days."
    • Bottom An abyss.
    • Bottom Dregs or grounds; lees; sediment.
    • Bottom Low land formed by alluvial deposits along a river; low-lying ground; a dale; a valley. "The bottoms and the high grounds."
    • a Bottom Of or pertaining to the bottom; fundamental; lowest; under; as, bottom rock; the bottom board of a wagon box; bottom prices.
    • Bottom Power of endurance; as, a horse of a good bottom .
    • Bottom That upon which anything rests or is founded, in a literal or a figurative sense; foundation; groundwork.
    • Bottom The bed of a body of water, as of a river, lake, sea.
    • Bottom The fundament; the buttocks.
    • Bottom The lowest part of anything; the foot; as, the bottom of a tree or well; the bottom of a hill, a lane, or a page. "Or dive into the bottom of the deep."
    • Bottom (Naut) The part of a ship which is ordinarily under water; hence, the vessel itself; a ship. "My ventures are not in one bottom trusted.""Not to sell the teas, but to return them to London in the
      same bottoms in which they were shipped."
    • Bottom The part of anything which is beneath the contents and supports them, as the part of a chair on which a person sits, the circular base or lower head of a cask or tub, or the plank floor of a ship's hold; the under surface. "Barrels with the bottom knocked out.""No two chairs were alike; such high backs and low backs and leather bottoms and worsted bottoms ."
    • Bottom To found or build upon; to fix upon as a support; -- followed by on or upon. "Action is supposed to be bottomed upon principle.""Those false and deceiving grounds upon which many bottom their eternal state]."
    • Bottom To furnish with a bottom; as, to bottom a chair.
    • Bottom To reach or get to the bottom of.
    • Bottom To reach or impinge against the bottom, so as to impede free action, as when the point of a cog strikes the bottom of a space between two other cogs, or a piston the end of a cylinder.
    • Bottom To rest, as upon an ultimate support; to be based or grounded; -- usually with on or upon. "Find on what foundation any proposition bottoms ."
    • v. t Bottom To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread. "As you unwind her love from him,
      Lest it should ravel and be good to none,
      You must provide to bottom it on me."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne, it will keep floating to the top and sinking to the bottom.
    • n bottom The lowest or deepest part of anything, as distinguished from the top; utmost depth, either literally or figuratively; base; foundation; root: as, the bottom of a hill, a tower, a tree, of a well or other cavity, of a page or a column of figures.
    • n bottom The ground under any body of water: as, a rocky bottom; a sandy bottom; to lie on the bottom of the sea.
    • n bottom In physical geography, the low land adjacent to a river, especially when the river is large and the level area is of considerable extent. Also called bottom-land.
    • n bottom In mining, that which is lowest; in Pennsylvania coal-mining, the floor, bottom-rock, or stratum on which a coal-seam rests.
    • n bottom The lower or hinder extremity of the trunk of an animal; the buttocks; the sitting part of man.
    • n bottom The portion of a chair on which one sits; the seat.
    • n bottom That part of a ship which is below the wales; hence, the ship itself.
    • n bottom The heavy impurities which collect at the bottoms of vessels in which fluids are left to settle: as, “the bottom of beer,”
    • n bottom plural The residuum, consisting of impure metal, often found at the bottom of a smelting-furnace when the operation has not been skilfully conducted: chiefly used in reference to copper-smelting.
    • n bottom Power of endurance; stamina; native strength: as, a horse of good bottom.
    • n bottom Milit.: A circular disk with holes to hold the rods in the formation of a gabion.
    • n bottom Same as bottom-plate.
    • n bottom In shoe-making, the sole, heel, and shank of a shoe; all that is below the upper.
    • n bottom In railroads, the ballasting about the ties.
    • n bottom A platform suspended from a scale, on which the thing to be weighed is placed.— A clue or nucleus on which to wind thread; the thread so wound.
    • n bottom The cocoon of a silkworm.
    • n bottom In dyeing, a color applied to a fabric with a view of giving a peculiar hue to a dye which is to be subsequently applied.
    • bottom [Attrib. use of noun.] Situated at the bottom; lowest; undermost; fundamental: as, the bottom stair; the bottom coin of a pile.
    • bottom To furnish with a bottom: as, to bottom a shoe or a chair.
    • bottom To found or build upon; fix upon as a support; base.
    • bottom To fathom; reach or get to the bottom of.
    • bottom To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread.
    • bottom In dyeing, to dye first with a certain color in preparation for another.
    • bottom To rest; be based.
    • bottom To strike against the bottom or end: as, a piston bottoms when it strikes against the end of the cylinder.
    • n bottom The lowest landing in a shaft or incline; the lowest working in a mine.
    • n bottom The lower portion of a seam or bed, as of coal.
    • n bottom In gold-mining, the old river-bed upon which the wash-dirt rests, and upon which the richest alluvial gold is found. Sometimes called the gutter.
    • n bottom In golf, a backward rotation of the ball which tends to check its motion after it touches the ground.
    • n bottom In saddlery, the portion of a martingale which passes between the horse's belly and the belly-band.
    • bottom In botany, to form a bulb or other underground expansion, as an onion.
    • bottom In gold-mining, to get to the bed-rock, or clay, below which it is useless to sink.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The bubbles in Guiness beer sink to the bottom rather than float to the top as in other beers.
    • n Bottom bot′um the lowest part of anything: that on which anything rests or is founded: the sitting part of the human body: the foot of a page, &c.: low land, as in a valley: the keel of a ship, hence the vessel itself: the fundamental character of anything, as physical stamina, financial resources, &c.: the portion of a wig hanging down over the shoulder, as in 'full-bottom'—full-bottomed wig:
    • v.t Bottom to found or rest upon:
    • n Bottom bot′um (Shak.) a ball of thread
    • v.t Bottom (Shak.) to wind round or upon
    • ***


  • George S. Patton
    “I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”
  • Chao Chang
    Chao Chang
    “Passion holds up the bottom of the universe and genius paints up its roof.”
  • Doug Horton
    “To hit bottom is to fall from grace.”
  • Denis Waitley
    “You must consider the bottom line, but make it integrity before profits.”
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
    “I hate intellectuals. They are from the top down. I am from the bottom up.”
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
    “I firmly believe that if the whole material medical could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind, and all the worse for the sea.”


At the bottom of the totem pole - (USA) If someone is at the bottom of the totem pole, they are unimportant. Opposite is at the top of the totem pole.
Bet your bottom dollar - (USA) If you can bet your bottom dollar on something, you can be absolutely sure about it.
Bottom line - In accountancy, the bottom line is net income, and is used idiomatically to mean the conclusion.
Bottoms-up - Equivalent to 'Cheers' when drinking with someone.
From the bottom of your heart - If someone does something from the bottom of their heart, then they do it with genuine emotion and feeling.
Hit rock bottom - When someone hits rock bottom, they reach a point in life where things could not get any worse.
Smooth as a baby's bottom - If something is smooth as a baby's bottom, it has a regular, flat surface.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. botum, botme, AS. botm,; akin to OS. bodom, D. bodem, OHG. podam, G. boden, Icel. botn, Sw. botten, Dan. bund,for budn,), L. fundus,for fudnus,), Gr. pyqmh`nfor fyqmh`n), Skr. budhna,for bhudhna,), and Ir. bonn, sole of the foot, W. bon, stem, base. √257. Cf. 4th Found Fund (n.)


In literature:

The ledge of rocks appeared to cover at least half an acre of the bottom of the bay.
"Asiatic Breezes" by Oliver Optic
This was an animal, a quadruped, who lay along the bottom of the canoe upon a buffalo's hide.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
Once you have paid for this, it signifies not to them how soon you and your passport go to the bottom of the sea.
"The Boy Tar" by Mayne Reid
I passed him by and bounded over the boat's gunwale, landing in its bottom.
"The Fire People" by Ray Cummings
Guyot-Duclos Bay provides an excellent anchorage, with six or eight fathoms of water and sound bottom.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
More likely, though, his enormous vanity lay at the bottom of it.
"Frank of Freedom Hill" by Samuel A. Derieux
The bottom of a vessel on each side of the kelson; but strictly taken, it is only so much of her bottom as she rests upon when aground.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
The box, if now placed on end with two inches of loose soil in the bottom, will constitute a satisfactory insect cage, or vivarium.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education
Once down, she looked in vain for the little body along the sandy bottom of the bay.
"Madge Morton's Victory" by Amy D.V. Chalmers
The long-drawn shriek of a locomotive rose from the valley-bottom.
"Jim Spurling, Fisherman" by Albert Walter Tolman
Pull all canvas smooth, throw guys toward square iron, and pull bottom edges even.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
It is situated on the Muskingum river, which is navigable for flat-bottomed boats.
"Narrative of Richard Lee Mason in the Pioneer West, 1819" by Richard Lee Mason
Beatrice would have given a great deal to see to the bottom of the mystery.
"The Slave of Silence" by Fred M. White
At the bottom of the hill he saw a driver on the spring-seat of a round-up wagon urging two lean-necked and narrow-chested horses up the hill.
"'Me-Smith'" by Caroline Lockhart
Thus in places sea bottoms lifted above the surface and became land, while lands elsewhere settled and became seas.
"The Book of the National Parks" by Robert Sterling Yard
At the bottom, under the spruce bushes, was a cure in plaster reading his breviary.
"Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert
And she watched him trudging away, dragging his cart, with his shovel and his hoe rattling in the bottom of it.
"The Doers" by William John Hopkins
Run water into the boiler to the level of the bottom of the basket; also fill the contained flasks and tubes with water.
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
Breathing, Taylor, on the bottom of the pool!
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various
It is not necessary to remove the sediment from the bottom of the jar unless it is within one half inch of the bottom of the plates.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte

In poetry:

Cliffs projecting
Oppose its progress,—
Angrily foams it
Down to the bottom,
Step by step.
"Spirit Song Over The Waters" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Uprises from the bottom
A young and handsome knight;
In golden scales he rises,
That glitter in the light.
"A Northern Legend" by William Cullen Bryant
And as we've ended feast and strain,
The cup we'll to the bottom drain;
No dregs must there remain!
"Vanitas! Vanitatum Vanitas!" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Follow, poet, follow right
To the bottom of the night,
With your unconstraining voice
Still persuade us to rejoice;
"In Memory Of W.B. Yeats" by W H Auden
Until filled up with milk
she'll slowly sink into sleep
as melodically time will settle at the bottom
in a cascade of glare.
"White Magic" by Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski
The top of a hill
Is not until
The bottom is below.
And you have to stop
When you reach the top
For there's no more UP to go.
"How To Tell The Top Of A Hill" by John Anthony Ciardi

In news:

Census data another sign economy has bottomed out.
Economy showing signs it's finally bottomed out.
Has the US economy bottomed out.
Has America's economy bottomed out.
Have the Astros bottomed out.
Many fans believe the Astros bottomed out under Ed Wade, but Dan Peschong revisits the question this weekend.
This has to be the coolest hotel pool shot I've ever seen—it's of the glass- bottomed pool atop the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao in China.
Natural gas has bottomed .
Natural gas prices may have finally bottomed out, after hovering around 10-year lows for weeks, said energy magnate T.
The Band Perry Cover Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls.
The Band Perry has covered Queen's song 'Fat Bottomed Girls.
The Band Perry Covers Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls.
The Band Perry Turns Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls' Country.
Fireworks fly for fat bottomed girls and everyone else, too.
Industry support for continuing medical education (CME) has been waning the last two years, but some say the bottom may be in sight.

In science:

Each graph in the bottom row is the quotient of the two graphs above it.
Application of Conditioning to the Gaussian-with-Boundary Problem in the Unified Approach to Confidence Intervals
Each graph in the bottom row is the quotient of the two graphs above it.
Application of Conditioning to the Gaussian-with-Boundary Problem in the Unified Approach to Confidence Intervals
Distributions of the ground state energy for the vibron model (top left), the single j -shell model (top right), the IBM (bottom left) and the IEM (bottom right) for Np = 3 (circles) and 4 (squares).
Ground State Properties of Many-Body Systems in the Two-Body Random Ensemble and Random Matrix Theory
These Higgs bosons with large couplings to the bottom quark predominantly decay to a bottom quark pair.
GR@PPA_4b: A Four Bottom Quark Production Event Generator for PP/PPbar Collisions
Therefore, this process can be experimentally tagged as four bottom-quark events, and the Higgs boson production can be identified by a resonant enhancement in the invariant mass spectrum of two bottom quarks.
GR@PPA_4b: A Four Bottom Quark Production Event Generator for PP/PPbar Collisions
Assume that we want to control this replacement so that it is performed in bottom-up manner, and the first (i.e., bottom-most) matching term is rewritten only.
Typed Generic Traversal With Term Rewriting Strategies
Narrow band images, centred on the following lines: OVIII (top left), FeXVII (0.82 keV ) (top right), NeX (bottom left) and SiXIII (bottom right).
First Look XMM-Newton EPIC Observations of the Prototypical Starburst Galaxy M82
It is convenient to consider the bottom left corner as the origin of the coordinate system; the bottom edge of the square as the x-axis; and the left edge as the y-axis.
Domains and Interfaces in Random Fields
FIG. 3: Evolution of the magnetization m (top) and the energy e (bottom), for Ising spins on a Poisson random graph (of average connectivity c) with ferromagnetic bonds Jij = 1, and with time measured in units of updates per spin (top 4 graphs) or flow in m − e place (bottom 2 graphs).
Dynamical replica analysis of disordered Ising spin systems on finitely connected random graphs
Remark 3.6 We notice that even if we know that the bottom of the spectrum of Hω coincides with the bottom of the spectrum of Hλ,ω− we cannot consider Πλ,0(cid:16)Hλ,ω − Hλ,ω− (cid:17)Πλ,0 as a positive operator.
The spectrum minimum for random Schr\"{o}dinger operators with indefinite sign potentials
For α = 1.5 < 2 (bottom circles and curves), we find that l = Aξ fits perfectly the data (bottom full line).
Distance traveled by random walkers before absorption in a random medium
We show in the bottom panel the IRAC invisible population of Yan et al. (2006) (Fig. 10, bottom panel).
Star Formation in a Cosmological Simulation of Reionization
On the bottom substrate, our choice of the horizontal orientations implies that n splits at one of the vertices (the bottom left vertex), follows the post edges and then rejoins at the top right vertex, aligning along the square cross-sectional diagonal.
Topology and Bistability in liquid crystal devices
On top left a semi-Q2 -pattern P < , on top right a semi-Q2 -pattern P > , on bottom left an open convex Q2 -polyhedron CH and a Q2 -hyperplane H , on bottom right the set (P < ∩ CH ∩ H < ) ∪ (P > ∩ CH ∩ H > ).
Least Significant Digit First Presburger Automata
The bottom line is depicted in the bottom right panel of Fig. 5.
On the "Galactic Habitable Zone"