• Daniel Boone
    Daniel Boone
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj boon very close and convivial "boon companions"
    • n boon a desirable state "enjoy the blessings of peace","a spanking breeze is a boon to sailors"
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Daniel Boone in his Cabin Daniel Boone in his Cabin

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Daniel Boone hated coonskin caps.
    • Boon A prayer or petition. "For which to God he made so many an idle boon ."
    • Boon Gay; merry; jovial; convivial. "A boon companion, loving his bottle."
    • Boon Good; prosperous; as, boon voyage.
    • Boon Kind; bountiful; benign. "Which . . . Nature boon Poured forth profuse on hill, and dale, and plain."
    • Boon That which is asked or granted as a benefit or favor; a gift; a benefaction; a grant; a present. "Every good gift and every perfect boon is from above."
    • n Boon The woody portion flax, which is separated from the fiber as refuse matter by retting, braking, and scutching.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n boon A prayer; a petition.
    • n boon That which is asked; a favor; a thing desired; a benefaction.
    • n boon Hence A good; a benefit enjoyed; a blessing; a great privilege; a thing to be thankful for.
    • n boon An unpaid service due by a tenant to his lord.
    • boon To do gratuitous service to another, as a tenant to a landlord.
    • n boon The refuse stalk of hemp or flax after the fiber has been removed by retting and breaking.
    • boon Good: as, boon cheer.
    • boon Favorable; fortunate; prosperous: as, a boon voyage.
    • boon Kind; bounteous; yielding abundance: as, “nature boon,”
    • boon Gay; merry; jolly; jovial; convivial: as, a boon companion; “jocund and boon,”
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Boon bōōn a petition: a gift or favour.
    • adj Boon bōōn gay, merry, or kind.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. bone, boin, a petition, fr. Icel. bōn,; akin to Sw. & Dan. bän, AS. bēn, and perh. to E. ban,; but influenced by F. bon, good, fr. L. bonus,. √86. See 2d Ban Bounty
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. bon—L. bonus, good.


In literature:

Boone, with his companion, started out upon such a hunt, and very soon reached the woods skirting the lower end of Mr. Bryan's farm.
"The Adventures of Daniel Boone: the Kentucky rifleman" by Uncle Philip
And to have an easy mind she must have granted her the little, little boons she asketh.
"The Fifth Queen Crowned" by Ford Madox Ford
Without thee I care not to live; wherefore, to die for thee will be a boon.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
A boon, good folk; a boon for me!
"The Children's Book of Christmas Stories" by Various
She wondered if, in truth, there awaited her the boon of a like faithfulness.
"Heart of the Blue Ridge" by Waldron Baily
Such people are a boon to society.
"Social Life" by Maud C. Cooke
The first of these was that at Boonesborough, and which was made, under the superintendence of Daniel Boone.
"Chronicles of Border Warfare" by Alexander Scott Withers
Tortures and ignominies shall be heaped upon you until you grovel at my feet asking the boon of death.
"The Gods of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
She has thus been given the inestimable boon of freedom.
"The Soul of a People" by H. Fielding
This small boon was refused.
"Ireland as It Is" by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)

In poetry:

Once in Elsinore,
At the court of old King Hamlet
Yorick and his boon companions
Sang these ditties.
"To An Old Danish Songbook" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
And I, who have not laboured,
Nor borne the heat of noon,
Receive thy tranquil quiet -
An undeserved boon.
"Midnight" by Robert Fuller Murray
And how did we spend his boon?
That sweet miraculous flower
Born to die in an hour,
Late born to die so soon.
"A Lost Hour" by Richard Le Gallienne
Alas, for those who are denied
This blessed boon of God!
May all the needy be supplied
Like Israel by the rod.
"Thoughts Of Thanksgiving" by Charles Frederick White
When Daniel Boone goes by, at night,
The phantom deer arise
And all lost, wild America
Is burning in their eyes.
"Daniel Boone" by Stephen Vincent Benet
God will not let a smaller boon
Hinder the coming best;
A granted sign might all too soon
Rejoice thee into rest.
"The Disciple" by George MacDonald

In news:

A new study provides a good lesson in cleanliness and could be a boon for the sale of tie clips and bow ties.
A Goldsboro native is vying for a book publishing contract, the prize in an online writing competition sponsored by Harlequin and Mills & Boon.
Hopes that Mubarak's fall a year ago would be a boon for pro-democracy activists were dashed on Dec 29 when Egyptian authorities raided the offices of 10 NGOs and seized files and computers.
No arrest has been made in the shooting late Saturday of a north Boone County man after he allegedly burst into another man's home.
Alex Boone believes he's solidified a spot as the Niners ' backup offensive tackle — a move up after lingering on the practice squad as a rookie and being inactive for 15 games last year.
For gardeners, this realization is a real boon.
The economic boon of shale gas -- ballyhooed for months by Gov John Kasich and the gas industry -- is overblown, a team of Ohio State University economists concludes.
Boone Pickens, 4th wife to divorce.
Boone Pickens and his fourth wife, Madeleine, are filing for divorce.
Boone Pickens, fourth wife to divorce.
DALLAS — DALLAS (AP) — Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens and his fourth wife, Madeleine, are filing for divorce.
Boone Pickens on Wednesday touted legislation to encourage natural gas use in trucks and buses, the same day President Barack Obama backed the measure while laying out his administration's energy plan.
Boone Pickens wants America to make a huge investment in wind-power infrastructure.
Boone Pickens in Sweetwater, Texas, with wind turbines in the background.
Fiber optics a boon, from classroom to operating room .

In science:

Differential Calculus, when effectuated via the background geometrical spacetime continuum, is an obstacle rather than a boon to QG research.
`Iconoclastic', Categorical Quantum Gravity
Here again, the reversibility of the phase-separation is a boon.
Phase-separation in ion-containing mixtures in electric fields
Boone [Boo59] independently proved that there is an f.p. group for which the word problem is undecidable.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
Ultimately, the proofs of all these results are via reduction to the halting problem: Novikov and Boone essentially showed, that for a certain f.p. group G, one could associate to any computer program p a word w in the generators of G such that w represents 1 ∈ G if and only if p halts.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
Tools that could reduce document-creation time in a similar fashion to the way CAD tools have reduced design-creation times would be of tremendous value to numerous organizations, and also a boon to engineers (many of whom find designing a more interesting and enjoyable task than documenting!).
Automatic Generation of Technical Documentation