bolt down


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v bolt down eat a large amount of food quickly "The children gobbled down most of the birthday cake"
    • v bolt down drink down entirely "He downed three martinis before dinner","She killed a bottle of brandy that night","They popped a few beer after work"
    • ***


In literature:

Through his sleep he heard a door close down below, and sat bolt upright in bed, his heart pounding wildly.
"Infinite Intruder" by Alan Edward Nourse
It is a bolt from the gods that descends from heaven and strikes us down into hell.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 26, July 1880." by Various
Wyn got all the shoe strings and tied them together, with a bolt fastened to the lower end for a sinker, and let it down to the ground.
"Wyn's Camping Days" by Amy Bell Marlowe
She was turned down on the skids (the fashion of thrifty 'limejuicers'), bound and bolted to stand the heavy weather.
"The Brassbounder" by David W. Bone
He looked down and saw that the chair was bolted to the floor.
"The Sensitive Man" by Poul William Anderson
A bolt grazed his cheek and another cut down a man to his right.
"Narakan Rifles, About Face!" by Jan Smith
He'd blasted down the subway entrance with another bolt of energy to make his getaway.
"Pursuit" by Lester del Rey
I went a block up the street, into another restaurant, and bolted down exactly the same meal again.
"The Double Spy" by Dan T. Moore
He slipped the wooden bolt across the door, and then sat down to think and to suffer.
"Prisoners of Conscience" by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
Bolting his door, closing the high shutters of his glassless window, he lay down tired and feverish.
"The Bright Shawl" by Joseph Hergesheimer

In poetry:

—- Bolting aloft, it lilted
its love to God above me;
down below, but not downcast —-
deep in joy! —- I sat weeping.
"The Pipit" by Jonas Hallgrimsson
In his cabin, alone, the captain kept,
And he bolted fast the door,
And up and down the sailors walked,
And wished that the calm was o'er.
"The Old Man's Story" by Mary Botham Howitt
They took him, the King’s son Hafbur,
Laid bolts upon him in that place,
And ever went Signy to and fro,
The weary tears fell down apace.
"Hafbur And Signy" by William Morris
``I unlimber the thunder, I aim the bolt,
Till the forest ranks waver and quail,
Then hurl down the hill and over the holt
My squadrons of glittering hail.
"The Wind Speaks" by Alfred Austin
"'What if the moon went in eclipse?'
Said little Johnny Brown;
'Or if the clouds turned into rain
And sent you drizzling down?
Or if a thunder-bolt went off
And knocked you rather flat?'
"January" by Nancy Byrd Turner
Since This has been Authentick Truth,
By Age deliver'd down to Youth;
Tell us, mistaken Husband, tell us,
Why so Mysterious, why so Jealous?
Does the Restraint, the Bolt, the Bar
Make Us less Curious, Her less Fair?
"The English Padlock" by Matthew Prior

In news:

A threaded bung is welded into the frame, and three bolts are fished through the framerail and down inside for mounting the new rear link mounts.
Crews of chairlift mechanics from The Summit at Snoqualmie are kept busy bolting down chairlift towers as a heavy-lift helicopter carries whole tower assemblies and other parts up the hill at the Summit East ski area.
You don't have to bolt down hot dogs, smores and other junk food just because you're in the great outdoors.
On the planter 's parallel arms, check the bolts, bushings, down-pressure springs and the drive chains to be sure all the parts are performing optimally.
A lightning bolt comes down from the clouds near Nationals Park before a baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, in Washington.
Mark Teixeira bolted down the first base line as the same scene — growing more baffling by the day — played out in front of him.
We bolted the Superclamp kit to our 20-foot flatbed and used it to tie down our Commander.
With the heat shield bolted down and the weather stripping in place to seal the box to the hood, Dale was able to mount the new aFe intake tube and high-flow filter.
All that room allowed the Ram Air base to be dropped in and bolted down.
Bolt held off his compatriot and training partner Yohan Blake down the stretch to take the victory.
Deputies tell us six people were riding in the buggy when the horse pulling it became spooked while going down the road and bolted into a ditch.
Ben Bolt Downs Santa Maria In Crucial 1A Matchup.
Members of Netanyahu's coalition are threatening to bolt and potentially bring down his government if Ulpana and other outposts are demolished.
With only two months to go before the London Olympics, Usain Bolt is slowing down.
NASCAR's 2013 race cars are, quite literally, down to the nuts and bolts.

In science:

By sandwiching a GEM foil with the lower and the upper parts of the acrylic stretcher frame together with the aluminum frame, and by screwing bolts into the holes of the upper piece and pressing down the aluminum frame into the groove, we could stretch the GEM foil.
A GEM TPC End-Panel Pre-Prototype