• WordNet 3.6
    • v bode indicate by signs "These signs bode bad news"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Bode A bid; an offer.
    • n Bode A messenger; a herald.
    • n Bode A stop; a halting; delay.
    • imp. & p. p Bode Abode. "There that night they bode ."
    • Bode An omen; a foreshadowing. "The owl eke, that of death the bode bringeth."
    • p. p Bode Bid or bidden.
    • v. i Bode To foreshow something; to augur. "Whatever now
      The omen proved, it boded well to you."
    • v. t Bode To indicate by signs, as future events; to be the omen of; to portend to presage; to foreshow. "A raven that bodes nothing but mischief.""Good onset bodes good end."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n bode A messenger; a herald; one who announces or conveys a message.
    • bode To announce; proclaim; preach.
    • bode To decree; command; bid.
    • bode To announce beforehand; prognosticate; predict; presage.
    • bode To portend; augur; be an omen or indication of; betoken: with a non-personal subject.
    • bode To forebode or have a presentiment of (ill, or coming disaster).
    • bode Synonyms To augur, betoken, portend.
    • bode To promise; portend: with well or ill: as, this bodes well for your success.
    • bode To presage something evil; be of evil omen.
    • n bode A command; an order.
    • n bode An announcement; a message.
    • n bode Omen; premonition; augury.
    • n bode A foreboding; presentiment.
    • n bode A bid; the price offered by a buyer or asked by a seller.
    • bode To bid for; make an offer for; buy.
    • bode Preterit and past participle of bide.
    • n bode A stop; delay.
    • bode Bidden; commanded.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Bode bōd to portend or prophesy
    • v.i Bode to be an omen: to foreshow
    • n Bode an omen or portent
    • Bode bōd (Spens.) Same as Abode.
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  • Oliver Goldsmith
    “Well had the boding tremblers learned to trace the day's disasters in his morning face.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. bodien, AS. bodian, to announce, tell from bod, command; akin to Icel. boa, to announce, Sw. båda, to announce, portend. √89. See Bid


In literature:

It boded peace for Austria for the present.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
This bodes some disaster!
"Punch, Or The London Charivari, Volume 102, March 26, 1892" by Various
Where shines that star, which, boding ills, My trembling heart with torment fills?
"The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes" by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Thy troubled look bodes some dark news.
"The Seven Plays in English Verse" by Sophocles
His eyes glared frightfully, and his face bore a forbidding expression which boded no good for Dorothy.
"Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" by Charles Major
ANGURBODI, Anguish-boding, announcing or presaging calamity.
"The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson" by Saemund Sigfusson and Snorre Sturleson
He took no heed of the slighted goddesses, who vanished in a cloud that boded storm.
"The Children's Hour, Volume 3 (of 10)" by Various
All this seemed to make some impression upon the archduke, and to plant suspicions in his mind which bode no good to you and your race.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 341, March, 1844, Vol. 55" by Various
I felt sure that he was scheming something which boded us no good, though, as yet, I had no idea what it could be.
"Mr. Fortescue" by William Westall
This bodes very ill for my future life.
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
Before long, as is not unusual in such cases, it took another and more bodeful turn.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I., No. IV., April, 1862" by Various
She trod the uneven floor as some creature caged, on her face that which boded no good to the next comer, whoever he might be.
"Heart's Desire" by Emerson Hough
The slight breeze had died away, and a boding stillness reigned around.
"Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849" by William O. S. Gilly
Since in their first attempt you were not slain, Your safety bodes you yet a second reign.
"The Works Of John Dryden, Volume 4 (of 18)" by John Dryden
Time alone can solve it; but one thing is certain-so far the experiment bodes ill for success.
"The Great Lone Land" by W. F. Butler
Do you hear that boding cry?
"The Lancashire Witches" by William Harrison Ainsworth
IV.i.22 (467,8) Boding to all] Thus all the old copies.
"Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies" by Samuel Johnson
BODE'S LAW of planetary distances is no law at all, but a study of coincidences.
"Recreations in Astronomy" by Henry Warren
The rider was Publius Gabinius, and the young Greek did not need to be told that his coming boded no good to Drusus.
"A Friend of Caesar" by William Stearns Davis
Let us hope that this seclusion bodes no ill to our interests.
"Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa Performed in the Years 1850-51, Volume 1" by James Richardson

In poetry:

The early dew blooms all the sod,
The fences undulate
In the weird light, like living lines
That swell with boding hate.
"A Ballad Of 1812" by Sarah Anne Curzon
Men saw the boding Fylgja
Before them come and go,
And, through their dreams, the Urdarmoon
From west to east sailed slow.
"The Dole Of Jarl Thorkell" by John Greenleaf Whittier

From doubt and fearsome bodings
Still Thou our spirits guard,
Make strong our souls to conquer.
Give us the victory, Lord.
"God Of Battles" by General George S Patton Jnr
Heard ye not the boding sound,
As the tongue of yonder tower,
Slowly, to the hills around,
Told the fourth, the fated hour?
"Frederick and Alice" by Sir Walter Scott
At length the parting morn arose,
For her in sadness drest,
While boding thoughts of future woes
With terror heav'd her breast.
"Edwin and Eltruda, a Legendary Tale" by Helen Maria Williams
The jarring sounds that haunt its gates,
Like distant thunders boom;
The boding heart half-listening waits,
As for a coming doom.
"A Book of Dreams: Part II" by George MacDonald

In news:

Gas prices, good weather bode well for Thanksgiving travelers.
The FGCU Economic Research Institute also is putting out some findings that bode well for continued growth.
Ernest O Jenson, 98, of Bode, passed away November 3, 2012 at the Humboldt Care Center North.
00 pm Thursday at St Olaf Lutheran Church in Bode.
Bode Miller will probably be sticking to the slopes from now on after the Olympic gold-medal-winning skier accidentally hit his wife in the face with a golf shot Wednesday.
Bode Miller hits wife in face with errant golf shot.
) "overreaction", which doesn't bode well for fut...
Dennis Bode is a Realtor with Prudential California Realty.
That bodes well for this season, as the Titans bring back some of the best experience in the conference.
Bode Miller's errant golf drive drills wife in the face .
Bode Miller likely won't race until February .
Bode Miller and his wife Morgan watch the competition in the finish area at the men's World Cup downhill ski race in Beaver Creek, Colo.
Bode Miller likely won't start his season until February as part of his cautious return from left knee surgery.
Health law may bode well for federal law .
On Tuesday, Bode Miller has a chance to become the first man to win four Alpine skiing medals in a single Olympics.

In science:

More substructure and discontinuities in thick and thin disk kinematics appear in Alcobe and Cubarsi (2005) who used Hipparcos data and came up with an analog of the Titius-Bode law (sending us to our thesauri looking for a suitably innocuous-looking Greek-derived epithet).
Astrophysics in 2006
Bode et. al., First results on the running coupling in QCD with two massless flavors, Phys.
Non-perturbative renormalization of the chromo-magnetic operator in Heavy Quark Effective Theory and the B* - B mass splitting
Indeed, the curves for the b quark are usually lower than those for the c quark, which bodes well for calculations relevant to the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix.
New lattice action for heavy quarks
However we know of two novae that took place in the middle of old PNe; Nova Vul 2007 No. 1 that went off in the middle of old PNe (Wesson et al. 2008a) and nova GK Per (Bode et al. 1987), which resides in an old nebula thought to be an old PN.
The Origin and Shaping of Planetary Nebulae: Putting the Binary Hypothesis to the Test
The measured cross section agrees with theoretical predictions very well and, although the statistics at RHIC are limited, the agreement with expectation bodes very well for the LHC where this process will be measured in a new energy regime.
Diffraction and Vector Mesons Working Group Summary
Nevertheless, the experimental results from the Tevatron on exclusive production agree well with theory and bode well for extrapolating our current understanding to the LHC domain.
Diffraction and Vector Mesons Working Group Summary
In Bode et al. [123] and, independently, in Farris et al. [124], a supermassive BBH system is simulated in the presence of a gas modelled using full GR hydrodynamics.
The Current Status of Binary Black Hole Simulations in Numerical Relativity
Recurrent novae (RNe) are a type of CNe where outbursts recur with intervals of several decades (Webbink et al. 1987; Hachisu & Kato 2001; Bode & Evans 2008).
The XMM-Newton Detection of Extended Emission from the Nova Remnant of T Pyxidis
RNe are detected in the hard X-rays in the outburst stage as a result of wind-wind and/or blast wave interaction during the outburst stage (Orio et al. 2005; Greiner & Di Stefano 2002; Bode et al. 2006; Sokoloski et al. 2006; Drake et al. 2009; Ness et al. 2009).
The XMM-Newton Detection of Extended Emission from the Nova Remnant of T Pyxidis
The relatively low value Eq. (21) and (22) bodes ill for a composite Higgs model.
Testing the Standard Model and Beyond
It bodes well for a very productive program in the next collider run at Fermilab.
CP and B Physics: Progress and Prospects
Progress reports from the new generation of kaon CP experiments51,52,53 bode well for a decisive conclusion from that long and extremely demanding program.
CP and B Physics: Progress and Prospects
It may be difficult to sustain the effort such calculations require, because the poor agreement between the latest defect simulations and current small-angle CMB data does not bode well for defect theories.
Dark Matter and Structure Formation in the Universe
We thank Jim Frederic and Paul Bode for aid with the N -body simulations, and Roger Blandford and David Buote for helpful comments.
Weighing Superclusters
Either way, this bodes well for the PTA, which relies on submicrosecond accuracy in a handful of pulsars.
New Limits on Gravitational Radiation using Pulsars