blood flower


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n blood flower tropical herb having orange-red flowers followed by pods suggesting a swallow with outspread wings; a weed throughout the tropics
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In literature:

To kill me is not to kill the truth; where you spill my blood will revolution grow, as flowers grow by water.
"McClure's Magazine, Vol. XXXI, No. 4, August 1908" by Various
Her hands were full of flowers, red flowers, red as blood.
"The Red Symbol" by John Ironside
That flower first blossomed when the eagle shed the blood of Prometheus on the earth.
"Tales of Troy and Greece" by Andrew Lang
He could not bear to see blood flow, and was even sorry to pluck a flower.
"A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3)" by Felix Dahn
Huge iron wreaths hung about their bases, wreaths that blossomed as he looked, like flowers of blood and lilies of death.
"Fairfax and His Pride" by Marie Van Vorst
A climber, bearing blood-red drooping flowers.
"Trees and Shrubs for English Gardens" by Ernest Thomas Cook
I have sown blood-red wallflowers and Canterbury bells to flower next year.
"The New Gulliver and Other Stories" by Barry Pain
At last he dreamt one night that he had found a blood-red flower, which had in its centre a beautiful large pearl.
"The Green Fairy Book" by Various
And do you now strew flowers in his way, That comes in triumph over Pompey's blood?
"Ancient Rome" by Mary Agnes Hamilton
I am also experimenting with some flowering plants, such as Sweet Harbinger, Hepatica, Blood Root, and Blue Bell.
"Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants" by A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding
The battle blood flows from the cut-down human flowers.
"In Love With the Czarina and Other Stories" by Mór Jókai
The flowers are quite blood-red before they expand, but when full-grown the corolla is of a flesh-colour.
"Lachesis Lapponica" by Carl von Linné
The blood is healthy, the mind virtuous: neither instigates the other to evil, and both are perfecting toward the flower of manhood.
"The Ordeal of Richard Feverel" by George Meredith
Green grows the grass and gay the flowers that spring from the blood of princely paladins, the flower of chivalry.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 11, No. 68, June, 1863" by Various
The spiked cactus had burst into blood-red flower.
"A Daughter of the Vine" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
Like blood, splashed against the dorsal, the scarlet flowers flanked the golden treasury of the hidden Host.
"The Higher Court" by Mary Stewart Daggett
Guitars and flowers; blood and life.
"The Happy Golfer" by Henry Leach
Something in Anglo-Saxon blood is in sympathy with the adventure-loving, flower-loving Turk.
"Caught by the Turks" by Francis Yeats-Brown
But from the blood has risen flowers.
"The Challenge of the Dead" by Stephen Graham
The Imperial or Emperor stocks, sometimes called Perpetual, are large flowering, and white, rose, crimson and blood-red in color.
"Talks about Flowers." by M. D. Wellcome

In poetry:

If in his cheek unholy blood
Burned for one youthful hour,
'T was but the flushing of the bud
That blooms a milk-white flower.
"After A Lecture On Moore" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
The flowers were all of the oldest
That ever in garden sprung;
Red, and blood-red, and dark purple
The rose-lamps flaming hung.
"The Old Garden" by George MacDonald
When she broke forth from below,
Flowers came, hell-hounds on her heels.
Dis, the dark, the jealous god, the husband,
"Purple Anemones" by D H Lawrence
Give me no coil of daemon flowers-
Pale Messalines that faint and brood
Through the spent and secret twilight hours
On their strange feasts of blood.
"The Cloudberry" by Muriel Stuart
Mine arms are close about thine head,
My lips are fervent on thy face,
And where my kiss hath fed
Thy flower-like blood leaps red
To the kissed place.
"Fragoletta" by Algernon Charles Swinburne
The blood of the violet is in her veins;
Her pulse has the passion of April rains.
Out of the heart of a satin flower
God made her eyelids in one sweet hour.
"Beauty" by Nora Jane Hopper Chesson

In news:

People have been leaving flowers at the blood-stained scene where many in the community are searching for answers as to why an innocent animal and a group of young boys became targets.
It's all part of the Honda for The Holiday's Blood Drive, sponsored by Flowers Automotive Group in Thomasville.