• Stone-cutters Finishing the Dressing of Limestone Blocks
    Stone-cutters Finishing the Dressing of Limestone Blocks
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v block prohibit the conversion or use of (assets) "Blocked funds","Freeze the assets of this hostile government"
    • v block shape into a block or blocks "block the graphs so one can see the results clearly"
    • v block shape by using a block "Block a hat","block a garment"
    • v block be unable to remember "I'm drawing a blank","You are blocking the name of your first wife!"
    • v block interfere with or prevent the reception of signals "Jam the Voice of America","block the signals emitted by this station"
    • v block impede the movement of (an opponent or a ball) "block an attack"
    • v block support, secure, or raise with a block "block a plate for printing","block the wheels of a car"
    • v block block passage through "obstruct the path"
    • v block render unsuitable for passage "block the way","barricade the streets","stop the busy road"
    • v block obstruct "My nose is all stuffed","Her arteries are blocked"
    • v block stamp or emboss a title or design on a book with a block "block the book cover"
    • v block shut out from view or get in the way so as to hide from sight "The thick curtain blocked the action on the stage","The trees obstruct my view of the mountains"
    • v block interrupt the normal function of by means of anesthesia "block a nerve","block a muscle"
    • v block run on a block system "block trains"
    • v block hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of "His brother blocked him at every turn"
    • v block stop from happening or developing "Block his election","Halt the process"
    • n block the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements
    • n block a platform from which an auctioneer sells "they put their paintings on the block"
    • n block a solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides) "the pyramids were built with large stone blocks"
    • n block housing in a large building that is divided into separate units "there is a block of classrooms in the west wing"
    • n block an obstruction in a pipe or tube "we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe"
    • n block a metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine "the engine had to be replaced because the block was cracked"
    • n block a simple machine consisting of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope
    • n block an inability to remember or think of something you normally can do; often caused by emotional tension "I knew his name perfectly well but I had a temporary block"
    • n block a number or quantity of related things dealt with as a unit "he reserved a large block of seats","he held a large block of the company's stock"
    • n block a rectangular area in a city surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings "he lives in the next block"
    • n block (computer science) a sector or group of sectors that function as the smallest data unit permitted "since blocks are often defined as a single sector, the terms `block' and `sector' are sometimes used interchangeably"
    • n block a three-dimensional shape with six square or rectangular sides
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

the Name of Kheops Drawn in Red on Several Blocks Of the Great Pyramid the Name of Kheops Drawn in Red on Several Blocks Of the Great Pyramid
Section of Block-Plane Section of Block-Plane
Using the Block-Plane and Bench-Hook Using the Block-Plane and Bench-Hook

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: One of the steepest main streets in Canada is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. Over a distance of two blocks the street rises about 80 feet
    • Block (Cricket) A block hole.
    • Block A blockhead; a stupid fellow; a dolt. "What a block art thou !"
    • Block A grooved pulley or sheave incased in a frame or shell which is provided with a hook, eye, or strap, by which it may be attached to an object. It is used to change the direction of motion, as in raising a heavy object that can not be conveniently reached, and also, when two or more such sheaves are compounded, to change the rate of motion, or to exert increased force; -- used especially in the rigging of ships, and in tackles.
    • Block a halt in a mental process, especially one due to stress, memory lapse, confusion, etc.; as, a writer's block; to have a block in remembering a name.
    • Block A large or long building divided into separate houses or shops, or a number of houses or shops built in contact with each other so as to form one building; a row of houses or shops.
    • Block a number of individual items sold as a unit; as, a block of airline ticketes; a block of hotel rooms; a block of stock.
    • Block (computers) a number of locations in a random-access memory allocated to storage of specific data; as, to allocate a block of 1024 bytes for the stack.
    • Block A piece of box or other wood for engravers' work.
    • Block (Print) A piece of hard wood (as mahogany or cherry) on which a stereotype or electrotype plate is mounted to make it type high.
    • Block A piece of wood more or less bulky; a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more plane, or approximately plane, faces; as, a block on which a butcher chops his meat; a block by which to mount a horse; children's playing blocks, etc. "Now all our neighbors' chimneys smoke,
      And Christmas blocks are burning."
      "All her labor was but as a block Left in the quarry."
    • Block (computers) a quantity of binary-encoded information transferred, or stored, as a unit to, from, or on a data storage device; as, to divide a disk into 512-byte blocks .
    • Block A section of a railroad where the block system is used. See Block system, below.
    • Block A square, or portion of a city inclosed by streets, whether occupied by buildings or not. "The new city was laid out in rectangular blocks , each block containing thirty building lots. Such an average block , comprising 282 houses and covering nine acres of ground, exists in Oxford Street."
    • Block Any obstruction, or cause of obstruction; a stop; a hindrance; an obstacle; -- also called blockage; as, a block in the way; a block in an artery; a block in a nerve; a block in a biochemical pathway.
    • Block In Australia, one of the large lots into which public land, when opened to settlers, is divided by the government surveyors.
    • Block the length of one side of a city block{5}, traversed along any side; as, to walk three blocks ahead and turn left at the corner.
    • Block (Falconry) The perch on which a bird of prey is kept.
    • Block (Cricket) The popping crease.
    • Block (Cricket) The position of a player or bat when guarding the wicket.
    • Block The solid piece of wood on which condemned persons lay their necks when they are beheaded. "Noble heads which have been brought to the block ."
    • Block The wooden mold on which hats, bonnets, etc., are shaped. "He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat; it ever changes with the next block ."
    • Block to cause (any activity) to halt by creating an obstruction; as, to block a nerve impulse; to block a biochemical reaction with a drug.
    • Block To obstruct so as to prevent passage or progress; to prevent passage from, through, or into, by obstructing the way; -- used both of persons and things; -- often followed by up; as, to block up a road or harbor; to block an entrance. "With moles . . . would block the port.""A city . . . besieged and blocked about."
    • Block To secure or support by means of blocks; to secure, as two boards at their angles of intersection, by pieces of wood glued to each.
    • Block To shape on, or stamp with, a block; as, to block a hat.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: It took approximately 2.5 million blocks to build the Pyramid of Giza, which is one of the Great Pyramids
    • n block Any solid mass of matter, usually with one or more plane or approximately plane faces: as, a block of wood, stone, or ice; sometimes, specifically, a log of wood.
    • n block A solid mass of wood the upper surface of which is used for some specific purpose. In particular— The large piece of wood on which a butcher chops meat, or on which fire-wood is split.
    • n block The piece of wood on which is placed the neck of a person condemned to be decapitated.
    • n block A piece of hard wood prepared for cutting by an engraver.
    • n block The stand on which a slave was placed when being sold by auction.
    • n block In falconry, the perch whereon a bird of prey is kept.
    • n block A mass of wood or stone used in mounting and dismounting; a horse-block.
    • n block A mold or piece on which something is shaped, or placed to make it keep in shape. In particular— The wooden mold on which a hat is formed; hence, sometimes, the shape or style of a hat, or the hat itself.
    • n block A wooden head for a wig; a barber's block; hence, sometimes, the wig itself.
    • n block A person with no more sense or life than a block; a blockhead; a stupid fellow.
    • n block In ship-building, one of the pieces of timber, or supports constructed from such pieces, upon which the keel is laid.
    • n block The solid metal stamp used by bookbinders for impressing a design on a book-cover.
    • n block A piece of wood fitted into the angle formed by the meeting edges of two other pieces.
    • n block A wooden rubber covered with thick felt, used in polishing marble.
    • n block A piece of wood or metal serving as a support. In a sawmill, one of the frames supporting and feeding the log to the saw.
    • n block A mechanical contrivance consisting of one or more grooved pulleys mounted in a casing or shell, which is furnished with a hook, eye, or strap by which it may be attached: it is used to transmit power, or change the direction of motion, by means of a rope or chain passing round the movable pulleys. Blocks are single, double, treble, or fourfold, according as the number of sheaves or pulleys is one, two, three, or four. A running block is attached to the object to be raised or moved; a standing block is fixed to some permanent support. Blocks also receive different names from their shape, purpose, or mode of application. Those to which the name deadeyes has been given are not pulleys, being unprovided with sheaves. Many of the blocks used in ships are named after the ropes or chains which are rove through them: as, bowline blocks, clue-line and clue-garnet blocks. They are made of either wood or metal.
    • n block A connected mass of buildings: as, a block of houses.
    • n block A portion of a city inclosed by streets, whether occupied by buildings or consisting of vacant lots.
    • n block On the stock-exchange, a large number of shares massed together and bought or sold in a lump.
    • block To strengthen or support by blocks; make firm, as two boards at their inferior angle of intersection, by pieces of wood glued together.
    • block To form into blocks.
    • block To mold, shape, or stretch on a block: as, to block a hat.
    • block In bookbinding, to ornament by means of brass stamps; stamp: as, to block the boards of a book.
    • block In calico-printing, to press up or apply to the blocks containing the colors.
    • block To straighten and toughen by laying on a block of wood and striking with a narrow, flat-faced hammer; planish: said of saw-blades.
    • n block Any obstruction or cause of obstruction; a stop; a hindrance; an obstacle.
    • n block Hence The state of being blocked or stopped up; a stoppage, as of carriages: as, a block on a railway; a block in the street.
    • block To hinder passage from or to; prevent ingress or egress; stop up; obstruct by placing obstacles in the way: often followed by up: as, to block up a town or a road.
    • block In base-ball and cricket, to stop (a ball) with the bat without knocking it to a distance.
    • block In foot-ball, to stop (a player) when running with the ball.
    • n block A block-like form of castiron or steel used by angle-smiths in shipbuilding instead of an anvil. They are of various shapes and are named from their special uses, as splitting-blocks, bending-blocks, welding-blocks, joggling-and-offsetting blocks, etc.
    • n block Hence — The engraving or plate itself.
    • n block One of the sections into which the colonies of Australia are divided. See back-blocks.
    • n block In railroading, the space or distance on a track between two signals; one of the short divisions into which a railroad is divided for signaling purposes, irrespective of the particular signal-system employed. See block-signal, and signaling.
    • n block In ceramics, the original model from which the block-mold is cast. See block-mold.
    • n block In geology, a portion of the earth's crust separated by fracture from the adjacent parts, and usually uplifted or depressed with respect to them.
    • n block In violin-making, a triangular piece of wood within one of the projecting corners of the waist, to which the ribs, belly, and back are glued and by which the solidity and strength of the whole is largely secured. Usually called corner-block. As the waist has two corners on either side, the number of blocks is four. The introduction of corners and blocks in the fifteenth century marks a decided transition in the evolution of the true violin from the older lute.
    • n block In forestry, the unit of management treated in a working-plan. A block contains always two, but usually many more, compartments.
    • n block In stock-raising, any animal of a stocky, stout, compact, and well-made form: opposed to a loosely formed or rangy animal.
    • n block In irrigation, the method of applying water to the ground within small, regularly placed levees or dikes.
    • block To secure (an electrotype or photo-engraved plate) upon a block of wood or metal, to make it type-high.
    • block In sugar-beet growing, to remove, by the hoe or a machine, sections from thickly sown rows so as to leave blocks or bunches from 6 to 10 inches apart, which are then thinned by hand to one plant each; to bunch.
    • n block In cricket: A batsman's guard; the position in which he holds his bat upon the ground previous to striking.
    • n block A block-hole.
    • n block The stopping with the bat of a ball which is pitched in the block-hole.
    • n block A batsman who acts entirely on the defensive.
    • block In card-playing, to hold up a high card in order to prevent an adversary from making smaller ones later on.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Mosquito repellents dont really repel mozzies. They actually block the sensory pores and makes the mozzies think they're flying to a colder, dryer, more CO2 free area.
    • n Block blok an unshaped mass of wood or stone, &c.: the wood on which criminals were wont to be beheaded:
    • v.t Block to enclose or shut up: to obstruct: to shape or sketch out roughly
    • v.t Block to block up by troops or ships
    • n Block blok (mech.) a pulley together with its framework; a piece of wood on which something is formed: a connected group of houses: an obstruction: a blockhead
    • ***


  • Thomas Fuller
    “A book that is shut is but a block.”
  • Marsha Sinetar
    Marsha Sinetar
    “Change can either challenge or threaten us. Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you.”
  • Shaquille O'Neal
    Shaquille O'Neal
    “This is a tough game. There are times when you've got to play hurt, when you've got to block out the pain.”
  • Thomas Carlyle
    “The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping-stone in the pathway of the strong.”
  • Joseph Addison
    “What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to an human soul.”
  • Jennifer Capriati
    Jennifer Capriati
    “You have to block everything out and be extremely focused and be relaxed and mellow too.”


Been around the block a few times - Someone who says they've been around the block a few times is indicating that they have life experience relating to the topic at hand. It is not necessary to discuss the introductory aspects of the topic or give beginner level advice.
Chip off the old block - If someone is a chip off the old block, they closely resemble one or both of the parents in character.
Head on the block - If someone's head is on the block, they are going to be held responsible and suffer the consequences for something that has gone wrong.
Knock your block off - To punch someone in the face Eg : The next time you do something like that I'm going to "knock your block off".
New kid on the block - A new kid on the block is a person who has recently joined a company, organisation, team, etc, and does not know how things work yet.
On the chopping block - A person who's on the chopping block is in danger of losing their job or getting into serious trouble. A project that's on the chopping block is likely to be terminated.
Right out of the blocks - This means immediately; at the very beginning. It describes a sprinter blasting out of the starting blocks at the beginning of a short distance race (e.g., 100-yard dash, 50-yard dash).


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. blok,; cf. F. bloc,fr. OHG.), D. & Dan. blok, Sw. & G. block, OHG. bloch,. There is also an OHG. bloch, biloh,; bi, by + the same root as that of E. lock,. Cf. Block (v. t.) Blockade, and see Lock
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Widely spread, but acc. to Skeat, of Celt. origin, Gael. ploc, Old Ir. blog, a fragment. See Plug.


In literature:

In the Gooch gear for reversing locomotives the link does not shift, but the valve rod and its block is raised or lowered.
"How it Works" by Archibald Williams
Mebbe we can block that if one of us comes out an' offers to take her.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
It is the stumbling-block against which the destinies of man strike.
"A Winter Amid the Ice" by Jules Verne
His front feet rested on a blue-white block of ice.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
The boats described will be constructed largely with blocks of wood cut into various shapes and sizes.
"Boys' Book of Model Boats" by Raymond Francis Yates
The particular block which held the interest of the three was a huge yellow brown mass of irregular shape.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930" by Various
The car stopped in a dark stretch between blocks.
"Traffic in Souls" by Eustace Hale Ball
The tall, athletic figure of a man loomed up, blocked the way and stepped into the kitchen beside them.
"The Spoilers of the Valley" by Robert Watson
But Rawson was staring at the smooth lava block that was in his hand.
"Two Thousand Miles Below" by Charles Willard Diffin
She is hermetically sealed to, and forms a part of, the ice block surrounding her.
"Farthest North" by Fridtjof Nansen

In poetry:

When the sun is tipping
Every stony block,
And the sun is slipping
Down the weathercock.
"Quiet Dead!" by George MacDonald
Huge and half-shaped, like a block
Chosen for sarcophagus
By a Pharaoh glorious,
One rude solitary rock.
"Brother Artist" by George MacDonald
Red light in my block,
Green light down the line;
Lawdy, let yo' green light
Shine down on that babe o' mine.
"Long Track Blues" by Sterling A Brown
A block, a stock, a stone, or clot,
Is happier than I;
For they know neither cold nor hot,
To live nor yet to die.
"Of Hell And The Estate of Those Who Perish" by John Bunyan
Love peering at me
Thru the indifference of your eyes
Reminds me of an orchid I once saw
Frozen in a block of ice.
"Transparent" by Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni
O Poets, if ye had but dwelt
Upon a Harlem block,
Fain would I read your poems sweet
Upon the sparrows' "Peet! Peet! Peet!"
"Birds And Bards" by Franklin Pierce Adams

In news:

Letters Block Help I have a block with the casting number GM 14010201.
Jenny Block (not to be confused with Jenny on the Block) believed in monogamy.
Jenny Block Photo courtesy Jenny Block.
I was parked two blocks off the Thoth parade route in the 5400 block of Chestnut Street on Feb 19 on the grassy apron of the sidewalk.
Photo for The Union by John Hart BLOCK PARTY: Nevada Union's Melanie O'Brien, left, and Olivia McDowell block a shot against Woodcreek.
A new exhibit on playing with blocks has opened in Washington, D.C. Exhibit on blocks makes for creative playtime.
A new exhibit on playing with blocks has opened in Washington, D.C. Exhibit on blocks makes for creative playtime .
Randomization was based on permuted blocks, with a block size of 4.
Cummings/Turner Block: Owned by the Cummings family and the Turner family, these sites are part of a block that has a total of 100,992 square feet of existing buildings.
Building a retaining wall is tough work that involves laying out the design, digging a trench for concrete blocks and hauling all the materials, including the blocks, soil or pea gravel used for backfill.
Description The GRR- Ripper is a precision, guidance, and 3D Push Block System designed to feed wood on a table saw safer than you can with your hands alone and more accurate and more precise than with conventional push blocks.
Julia Bowen leads the Roadrunners at the net with 32 block assists and four solo blocks.
Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. Toronto, will acquire from Karoon Gas Australia Ltd a 35% net working interest in four exploratory blocks in the Santos basin offshore Brazil and an option on a fifth exploratory block.
After 32 years in the 1200 block of Hutchinson's Main Street, Triffet recently relocated 2 1/2 blocks north.
High-profile DC attorney Lanny Davis and former Israel lobby spokesman Josh Block have formed the public affairs and legal consultancy Davis-Block in the District.

In science:

S λ and S µ are in the same block as Hn -modules. (iii) S λ and S µ are in the same block as ˆHn -modules. (iv) W λ and W µ are in the same block as S (Λr,n )-modules.
The representation theory of the Ariki-Koike and cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
To see how accurately the previously developed blocked probability distributions would represent a blocked sample, we considered a sample size of 212 random lognormal variables, blocked them and then applied the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test with the appropriate SX (b′ ) as the reference distribution.
The Lognormal Distribution and Quantum Monte Carlo Data
Obviously, then the maximal blocks form a block decomposition of π and this decomposition must be coarser than every other block decomposition of π .
The enumeration of simple permutations
The algorithm, while generating the permutations with the cursor 1 in a fixed position, uses a new cursor to partition each block of (n − 1)! permutations into n − 1 smal ler blocks and in each smal ler block the new cursor is in a fixed position.
Permutation Generation: Two New Permutation Algorithms
To find the cursor of a smal ler block, we first ignore the cursors of the larger blocks from the permutations, and then use the first number of the first permutation in the block as the cursor of the smal ler block.
Permutation Generation: Two New Permutation Algorithms