• WordNet 3.6
    • n BJS the agency in the Department of Justice that is the primary source of criminal justice statistics for federal and local policy makers
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In news:

Rates Of HIV/AIDS-Related Deaths In Prison Continue To Decline, BJS Reports.
Health, Wellness, Safety Expo Saturday at BJs .
On the side BJs Brewhouse prepares for Monday opening in Wichita.
The stainless steel garbage can I bought at BJs 4-plus years ago has had a good run.
The instances of reported crimes of violence , according to the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), had fallen more than 65 percent since 1993, dropping from 16.8 million incidents to 5.8 million.
David Pigg, top right, and Ashley Piantek were arrested in connection with the robbery of a BJs Wholesale store and booked into the.

In science:

BJS acknowledges support by the BMBF under grant 06DA123 and JW from the Extreme Matter Institute within the Helmholtz Alliance ’Cosmic Matter in the Laboratory’.
On the appearance of hyperons in neutron stars
In [BJS+ 07], it is proved that every ideal has a tropical basis and it is provided an algorithm for the case of a prime ideal I .
Tropical Resultants for Curves and Stable Intersection
In this definition we refer to the “constant coefficient” initial ideal as in Ref. [BJS+07], except that we are picking out the terms with smallest ω -degree.
Computing Tropical Resultants
The computation of the tropicalization of RS (A) can be performed using Buchberger’s algorithm as explained in Ref. [BJS+07] over the field of rational functions in the γ ’s.
Computing Tropical Resultants
See the argument in Ref. [BJS+07] using Kleinman’s version of Bertini’s Theorem.
Computing Tropical Resultants
The skew elements of the symmetric group are precisely the 321-avoiding permutations or fully commutative elements, which were introduced in [BJS] and explored further in [S1, S2].
A tableau formula for eta polynomials
As in [BJS] and [T], there is an explicit bijection between the standard typed k ′ -tableaux on the skew shape λ/µ and the reduced words for a corresponding skew element w ∈ fWn .
A tableau formula for eta polynomials
They modeled the porous sphere by applying the Beavers-Joseph-Saffman (BJS) boundary condition on its surface to order ǫ.
Hydrodynamic forces on steady and oscillating porous particles