biological agent


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n biological agent any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare
    • ***


In news:

Dugway Proving Ground is going forward with an expansion of a controversial facility where biological toxins and agents are tested.
Manufactures vaccines against biological agents and diseas.
Emergent Biosolutions ( EBS ) manufactures vaccines against biological agents and disease.
On June 1, Dermatology (2012;224:251-256) published a study outlining the risk for herpes zoster in patients exposed to biologic agents.
The preferred route of administration for an injected therapeutic agent is subcutaneous (SC), but SC injections are generally limited to no more than 1-2 mL in volume, representing a major challenge, especially for large protein biologics.
The Defense Department sprayed live nerve and biological agents on ships and sailors in cold war-era experiments to test the Navy's vulnerability to toxic warfare, the Pentagon revealed today.
New military apparel repels chemical and biological agents.
If a victim walks into a hospital ER with symptoms from exposure to a biological agent, will anyone notice.
The Defense Department has awarded researchers a contract to develop a scope that would let soldiers "see" traces of homemade explosives and other weaponized chemical or biological agents that are invisible to the naked eye.
A top federal health official worries that Americans have been "lulled into a false sense of security" about the threat of smallpox , because biological agents have not yet been found in Iraq.
All too true, and all too late, memes like these spread quicker'n a biological agent.
Scientists who work with dangerous biological agents fear that a government program strengthened after the anthrax scare of 2001 has hurt research into deadly diseases.
I was contemplating photos of a mouse brain and embryo turned transparent after soaking in Scale—a cheap "clearing agent" that can be used to peer into normally opaque biological tissue.

In science:

Steels, editor, Robotics and Autonomous Systems: The Biology and Technology of Intel ligent Autonomous Agents.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
Carbon nanotubes as multifunctional biological transporters and near-infrared agents for selective cancer cell destruction.
Carbon Nanotubes in Biology and Medicine: in vitro and in vivo Detection, Imaging and Drug Delivery
Biological control agents often exhibit marked variability in performance (Gibson et al., 1999), failing to provide isotropic control of infection on targeted hosts, for example due to uneven colonization of roots by microbial antagonists deployed as biological control agents.
Complexity and anisotropy in host morphology make populations safer against epidemic outbreaks
Agent-based modeling and simulation is a useful method to study biological phenomena in a wide range of fields, from molecular biology to ecology.
A Mathematical Framework for Agent Based Models of Complex Biological Networks
More recently, agent-based, or individual-based models, long popular in social science, have been used increasingly in areas ranging from molecular to population biology.
A Mathematical Framework for Agent Based Models of Complex Biological Networks