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    Breast Binder
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n binder something used to tie or bind
    • n binder holds loose papers or magazines
    • n binder a machine that cuts grain and binds it in sheaves
    • n binder something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface
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Lock wire binder Lock wire binder

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Starch is used as a binder in the production of paper. It is the use of a starch coating that controls ink penetration when printing. Cheaper papers do not use as much starch, and this is why your elbows get black when you are leaning over your morning paper.
    • Binder a pair of stiff oblong covers, sometimes detachable, designed for insertion of paper pages to create a book-like document, such as in a loose-leaf binder.
    • Binder Anything that binds, as a fillet, cord, rope, or band; a bandage; -- esp. the principal piece of timber intended to bind together any building.
    • Binder One who binds; as, a binder of sheaves; one whose trade is to bind; as, a binder of books.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Alfred Nobel used a cellulose adhesive (nitrocellulose) as the chemical binder for nitroglycerin, which he used in his invention of dynamite.
    • n binder A person who binds. Specifically— One who binds books; a bookbinder.
    • n binder One who binds sheaves.
    • n binder Anything that binds, in any sense of that verb.
    • n binder In bricklaying, a header which extends partly through a wall; a bonder.
    • n binder In carpentry, a tie-beam; a binding-joist serving as a transverse support for the bridging-joists above and the ceiling-joists below.
    • n binder An attachment to a sewing-machine for folding an edge or a binding.
    • n binder In agriculture: An attachment to a reaper for tying the bundles of grain.
    • n binder A separate horse-power machine for gathering up and binding grain already cut.
    • n binder An arrester or stop for the shuttle of a loom.
    • n binder A temporary cover for loose sheets of music, papers, etc.
    • n binder plural Same as binding, 4.
    • n binder In lumbering, a springy pole used to tighten a binding-chain. Also called a jim-binder.
    • n binder In machinery, a crank-shaft journal-box or bearing on an engine.
    • n binder In obstetrics, a broad cloth band applied snugly to the abdomen after the termination of labor.
    • n binder A firm leaf inclosing the filler in a cigar and itself surrounded by the wrapper. It grades, in market value, below the wrapper and above the filler.
    • n binder Indurated argillaceous shales or clay very commonly forming the roof of a coal-seam and frequently containing clay ironstone.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Binder one who binds, as books or sheaves: an attachment to a reaping-machine for tying the bundles of grain cut and thrown off, a reaping-machine provided with such
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  • Thomas Fuller
    “Though bachelors be the strongest stakes, married men are the best binders, in the hedge of the commonwealth.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. bindan; cog. with Ger. binden, Sans. bandh.


In literature:

During the early weeks he had found a thick loose-leaf binder in the back of one of the desk drawers.
"Gone Fishing" by James H. Schmitz
With the binder field in operation, no psi force could move him an inch.
"Sight Gag" by Laurence Mark Janifer
Among the opponents are found Pochhammer, Fehling, S. Binder, Waldeyer, Hegar, etc.
"Woman under socialism" by August Bebel
Down came the hissing thong, and wrapped itself right round him, a regular rib-binder.
"The Wolf Patrol" by John Finnemore
"Notes and Queries, Number 234, April 22, 1854" by Various
Well I can show you the new reaper and binder I got.
"The Turn of the Road" by Rutherford Mayne
Another method of keeping the straw in place is by stretching binder twine directly over the row.
"The Gladiolus" by Matthew Crawford
"Notes and Queries, Number 239, May 27, 1854" by Various
To keep off rabbits I tie on corn-stalks with binder twine.
"The Apple" by Various
Such books may be properly entrusted to a good binder for rebinding in substantial leather.
"Book Repair and Restoration" by Mitchell Buck
They have the high-binder's passion for getting something for nothing, his dislike to real work.
"Command" by William McFee
All garments except the diaper and first flannel binder should hang from the shoulders, and should fit loosely but well.
"American Red Cross Text-Book on Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick" by Jane A. Delano
It was the child of the reaper and the parent of the self-binder.
"The Romance of the Reaper" by Herbert Newton Casson
The pay of folders, binders, pasters, and sewers will average, during the year, from $6 to $7 a week.
"Work for Women" by George J. Manson
Finally, getting in a terrible rib-binder, he deprived his man of what little breath remained to him.
"Tales of South Africa" by H.A. Bryden
What an altogether serious business for the bundle-binders!
"Hempfield" by David Grayson
The Deromes were another of the great French families of binders; the most celebrated was Nicholas Denis, called "Le Jeune," born in 1731.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 2" by Various
The labor-saving machinery now manufactured for road-building is just as effectual and necessary as the modern mower, self-binder, and thrasher.
"The Future of Road-making in America" by Archer Butler Hulbert
One day the binder spoke out.
"Yiddish Tales" by Various
It was not enough to play the spell-binder for a definite period.
"The Tempering" by Charles Neville Buck

In poetry:

The West's astir, the binders whirr
Around the settler's shack;
The threshers hum, lest winter come
Before the wheat's in sack.
"The Orgy Of Thor" by Abner Cosens
Then crash'd a low binder, and then close behind her
The sward to the strokes of the favourite shook;
His rush roused her mettle, yet ever so little
She shortened her stride as we raced at the brook.
"How We Beat The Favourite" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Tell Jamie, the Binder, sae cannie an' slee,
Sae quiet wi' the gab, an' sae gleg wi' the e'e,
That his leuks war sae frien'ly, sae truthfu' an' kin',
Whan he last took my haun' I aye min't it sin' syne.
"Verses Inscribed To Mr. Thomas Duncan, Glasgow" by Janet Hamilton
Back to their tasks went the binders twain,
Binding the sheaves of the yellow grain,
On sped the reaper, to and fro
Slaying the wheat with a cruel blow,
Leaving it slaughtered, rank on rank—
And again the binders paused and drank.
""One Was Taken, And One Was Left"" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
High rose the sun o'er the golden plain,
And the binders rested by the grain,
And sitting there, 'neath a friendly shade,
Each quenched the thirst that their labor made;
But one drank from the water mug,
And the other from the whiskey jug.
""One Was Taken, And One Was Left"" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Higher and hotter rose the sun:
On sped the moments, one by one—
And again the binders stopped and quaffed
From the mug and the jug a cooling draught.
And slowly, slowly they bound the wheat
As the sun shone down with its scorching heat.
""One Was Taken, And One Was Left"" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

Obama, Romney & "Binders Full of Women": Our Take on the Debate.
Cheryl, a 42-year-old woman, who describes herself as "terminally single," has a laundry list of deal breakers and her own binder full of men—126 dating profiles of men who couldn't keep her interest after the first date.
Friday November 2, 2012 Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago by Carolyn Binder.
Chefs competing were tasked with making a sweet and savory holiday dish from their family's lineage -- and to do so without knives, except for the one knife that lucky chef Elizabeth Binder pulled.
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments about 47 percent of the population dependent on the government and "binders full of women" topped this year's best quotes, according to a Yale University librarian.
"Forty-seven percent," "binders full of women," "legitimate rape" and "Gangnam style," make the list of the year's most notable quotes.
Binder Park Civil War Reenactment.
Civil War soldiers set up camp and took over Binder Park this weekend.
Binders full of women comment is not helping Romney with women in Central New York.
0Women in Central New York react to Governor Romney's remark about a "binder full of women" from the 2nd Presidential debate.
A few major pluses to using a coupon binder to organize your coupons are that binders are portable and you can easily take all of your coupons to the grocery store with you.
Binders make it easy to find your coupons when planning your trips and easy to see when you need to discard expired coupons .
Defense attorney James Slavens looks over a binder before the beginning of the hearing.
Binder Lopez rides his bike under a fallen traffic signal caused by high winds at the corner of Lake Avenue and Claremont Street, Thursday, in Pasadena, Calif.
On Women's Issues, Mitt Romney Has Binders Full of Nonsense.

In science:

Binder, K. and Stauffer, D. (1984), in Applications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physics, K.
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Figure 7.13: Plot of Binder cumulant of two-dimensional model ferromagnet as function of temperature T (dimensionless units).
Introduction to Randomness and Statistics
A confidence interval for the Binder cumulant is very difficult (or even impossible) to obtain using standard error analysis.
Introduction to Randomness and Statistics
You can use simply the function bootstrap_variance() shown above while providing as argument a function which evaluates the Binder cumulant for a given set of data points.
Introduction to Randomness and Statistics
Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation [Newman and Barkema (1999), Landau and Binder (2000), Robert and Casella (2004), Liu (2008)], where each data point xi+1 is calculated using some random process, but also depends on the previous data point xi .
Introduction to Randomness and Statistics
Landau and Binder (2000)] Landau, D.P. and Binder, K. (2000). A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics , (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK)).
Introduction to Randomness and Statistics
Binder, in Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, edited by C.
Quantum relaxation after a quench in systems with boundaries
The operators min(X, φ), max(X, φ) act as binders for variables and we have the standard notions of free and bound variables, and associated binding sensitive substitution of formulae for variables.
Process Behaviour: Formulae vs. Tests (Extended Abstract)
The x’s in ha(x)iϕ and h¯a(x)iϕ are binders, whose scope is over ϕ.
Characterisations of Testing Preorders for a Finite Probabilistic pi-Calculus
The binder contribute to ≈ 10% in weight to the final product.
Review of double beta experiments
Binder, in Monte Carlo Methods in Condensed Matter Physics, edited by K.
A Comparative Study of Some Pseudorandom Number Generators
Binder, in Applications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physics, edited by K.
Physical tests for Random Numbers in Simulations
Binder (Springer{Verlag, Berlin,  ). [] D. E.
Physical tests for Random Numbers in Simulations
Binder, Monte Carlo Methods in Condensed Matter Physics, edited by K.
New tests of random numbers for simulations in physical systems
Traditionally one uses the Binder ratio19 to estimate the critical temperature Tc .
Numerical studies of the two- and three-dimensional gauge glass at low temperature