• WordNet 3.6
    • adj befouled made dirty or foul "a building befouled with soot","breathing air fouled and darkened with factory soot"
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  • Georges Bataille
    “Beauty is desired in order that it may be befouled; not for its own sake, but for the joy brought by the certainty of profaning it.”


In literature:

I myself have befouled them with my mockery.
"The Dangerous Age" by Karin Michaëlis
He felt himself for ever befouled.
"Abbe Mouret's Transgression La Faute De L'abbe Mouret" by Emile Zola
What worse crime can there be than that of befouling youth?
"The Devil's Garden" by W. B. Maxwell
But by the Union the conflict was embittered and befouled.
"The Open Secret of Ireland" by T. M. Kettle
Now it was all in the dust: her beautiful Villa Beau-sejour a befouled barrack for German soldiers.
"Mrs. Warren's Daughter" by Sir Harry Johnston
The mist was melting into a yellowish drizzle, befouling the muddy streets.
"His Masterpiece" by Emile Zola
To them he seemed a loathsome sight, befouled with brine.
"Modern Prose And Poetry; For Secondary Schools" by Various
From a hundred chimneys smoke was beginning to come, befouling the clear air of the valley.
"Added Upon" by Nephi Anderson
Pamphlets befoul those who write them much more than those against whom they are written.
"The Vicomte de Bragelonne" by Alexandre Dumas
Didst thou imagine, Babhru, thou wert the only one to be dishonoured and befouled, trodden down into the mud and thrown away?
"Bubbles of the Foam" by Unknown
It seems as if the livid and sooty fog had even befouled the verdure of the parks.
"With the World's Great Travellers, Volume 3" by Various
And they deface and spoil the beauty of the land and befoul the water courses.
"Prairie Smoke (Second Edition, Revised)" by Melvin Randolph Gilmore
You remember the little cot out yonder befouled by your infamous presence.
"The Last of the Vikings" by John Bowling
So you see you must patiently endure the befouling till then.
"The Letters of Ambrose Bierce" by Ambrose Bierce
On dark nights they used to drink at, and befoul, a pool within ten yards of our tent.
"By Veldt and Kopje" by William Charles Scully
Our steamers, too, belch forth clouds of smoke, befouling the air and obscuring the landscape.
"Through East Anglia in a Motor Car" by J. E. (James Edmund) Vincent
Foul hands befoul all they touch.
"Dictionary of English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases" by Thomas Preston
You put up with his ill-usage and infidelities until he befouled your home.
"Mrs. Thompson" by William Babington Maxwell
Thank heaven, thou wretched outcast, that I will not befoul my hand by contact with thy vile carcass!
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 64 No. 396 October 1848" by Various
One of the greatest sins of society is the wholesale befoulment of streams, lakes, and water-courses.
"The Country-Life Movement in the United States" by L.H. Bailey

In poetry:

You whom the kings saluted; who refused not
The one great pleasure of ignoble days,
Fame without name and glory without gossip,
Whom no biographer befouls with praise.
"To the Unknown Warrior" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Between the blackened curbs lie stacked the harvest of the skies,
Long lines of frozen, grimy cocks befouled by city feet;
On either side the racing throngs, the crowding cliffs, the cries,
And ceaseless winds that eddy down to whip the iron street.
"The Winter Harvest" by Lloyd Roberts

In news:

Vandals lately have been marauding through Green-Wood Cemetery, the historic gem atop the heights of Brooklyn, toppling and shattering dozens of gravestones, befouling mausoleums and beheading a marble angel at the grave of a 5-year-old boy.
The veep nod befouls everything.
Sadly, the model also indicates the tuna are spawning there right now—and that the hotspots lie in waters befouled by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
Befouled Waters Stymie Would-Be Swimmers.
The heatwave this weekend pushed many New Yorkers to their local pools and beaches, but unfortunately, some destinations were too befouled for bathing.