• WordNet 3.6
    • n beefwood tree yielding hard heavy reddish wood
    • n beefwood tree or tall shrub with shiny leaves and umbels of fragrant creamy-white flowers; yields hard heavy reddish wood
    • n beefwood any of several Australian trees of the genus Casuarina yielding heavy hard red wood used in cabinetwork
    • n beefwood any of several heavy hard reddish chiefly tropical woods of the families Casuarinaceae and Proteaceae; some used for cabinetwork
    • n beefwood a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Beefwood An Australian tree (Casuarina), and its red wood, used for cabinetwork; also, the trees Stenocarpus salignus of New South Wales, and Banksia compar of Queensland.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n beefwood The timber of some species of Australian trees belonging to the genus Casuarina (which see). It is of a reddish color, hard and close-grained, with dark and whitish streaks. It is used chiefly for fine ornamental work.
    • n beefwood In the West Indies, a name given to Pisonia obtusata, with soft coarse-grained wood.
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In literature:

Beefwood gum is supposed to strengthen children.
"The Euahlayi Tribe" by K. Langloh Parker
We could, by their tracks, see where they had herded together in fear under a beefwood tree not one hundred yards from us.
"Spinifex and Sand" by David W Carnegie
His Snakewood, backed, and Beefwood, backed, are =better= than the same of English make.
"Harper's Young People, December 30, 1879" by Various