bear down


  • She lay down on the bed of the Little, Small, Wee Bear
    She lay down on the bed of the Little, Small, Wee Bear
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v bear down exert a force or cause a strain upon "This tax bears down on the lower middle class"
    • v bear down pay special attention to "The lectures bore down on the political background"
    • v bear down exert full strength "The pitcher bore down"
    • v bear down to make a rush at or sudden attack upon, as in battle "he saw Jess charging at him with a pitchfork"
    • v bear down contract the abdominal muscles during childbirth to ease delivery
    • v bear down exert a force with a heavy weight "The snow bore down on the roof"
    • ***

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bear coming down mountain bear coming down mountain


  • Persian Proverb
    Persian Proverb
    “Every man goes down to his death bearing in his hands only that which he has given away.”


In literature:

And then she sate down in the chair of the Middle-sized Bear, and that was too soft for her.
"English Fairy Tales" by Flora Annie Steel
Down, down, down out of the window of the moving train fell the Plush Bear!
"The Story of a Plush Bear" by Laura Lee Hope
Just at that moment came bearing down upon them Miss Buff, fat, loud, jolly as ever.
"The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax" by Harriet Parr
Hauck says it is for another bear that Brokaw is bringing down from the Yukon.
"The Courage of Marge O'Doone" by James Oliver Curwood
But a turn was soon given to the current that was bearing Mr. Parris down.
"Salem Witchcraft, Volumes I and II" by Charles Upham
Mr. Mobilised Lion Tamer was bearing down upon us waving his whip.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
Then there was that deliberate, crunching feel of the great landing-fins pressing into soil with all the ship's weight bearing down.
"Operation: Outer Space" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Retroversion is indicated by bearing-down pains in the loins and difficulty in evacuating the bowels.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
He didn't know there was nothin' down in that tree, but there was some little baby bears in there.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Down the tree I slid, like snow down a mountain, an' stood at the foot of it an' pelted the bear with stones.
"The Drama of the Forests" by Arthur Heming

In poetry:

She was tall she could carry
A youth stout of limb,
Or bear down from her mountain
The bride decked for him!
"Asses" by Padraic Colum
To and fro, and up and down,
He ran so swiftly there,
As round and round the frozen Pole
Glideth the lean white bear.
"The Ballad Of Judas Iscariot" by Robert Williams Buchanan
Of infants, sitting up extremely late,
Who run you on toboggans down the stair;
Or make you fetch a rug and simulate
A bear.
"To An Old Fogey" by Sir Owen Seaman
A full-sailed ship on the great, broad sea
Heel-down and bearing home
All the romance from Homer's days
To now, across the foam?
"A Shining Ship" by Harry Kemp
Descend from heav'n, immortal Dove,
Stoop down and take us on thy wings,
And mount and bear us far above
The reach of these inferior things:
"Hymn 23" by Isaac Watts
Home down the quiet evening roads under the quiet skies,
Not saying much,
You for a moment giving me your eyes
When you could bear my touch.
"My Heart is Lame" by Charlotte Mary Mew

In news:

Hurricane Sandy bears down on Mid-Atlantic .
A car goes throughhigh water in Ocean City on Sunday as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast.
Covers her head as she is pelted by blowing sand on the beach, as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, Sunday, Oct 28, 2012, in Ocean City, Md.
The Chicago Bears have eight down and eight left — games that is.
Conditions at Colorado Springs, CO. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is curtailing his campaign schedule as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the Eastern seaboard, canceling planned appearances Monday night and all day Tuesday.
Another nor 'easter bears down on Sandy-battered New York, New Jersey.
Nor 'easter bears down on Sandy-battered New York, New Jersey.
It seems to be tradition that whenever a major hurricane is bearing down on NYC and the rest of the Eastern seaboard, memes and spoof Twitter accounts will invariable pop up.
The couple's infant daughter, Riley, bears Blake's middle name (feel free to melt upon clicking here), and came down the aisle with Snider's mother, per
As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast, more than 60 million people are feeling its effects.
Hundreds of thousands ordered to evacuate as Sandy bears down on East Coast.
As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, the Outer Banks was preparing for outages and major flooding.
Clayton Shoemaker from Bear Mountain breaks it down for you.
Bearing Down With Charles Tillman.
A 13 Round Shootout Takes Down Hershey Bears.

In science:

Note that the curves settle down to values closely bearing the 1.5 factor among mode contributions expected for axisymmetric l = 2 radiation at this orientation.
Modeling gravitational radiation from coalescing binary black holes
Bear in mind, however, that this allegation breaks down in the case of black holes, where we should reconsider our system of coordinates.
Precession of Pericenter: A More Accurate Approach
From this point the fibres pass down through the center of the carousel rotation bearing, through the positioner platform and into the spectrograph enclosures.
Fibre Positioning Revisited: The use an off-the-shelf assembly robot for OPTIMOS-EVE
Perhaps it is unfair to bear down on this little example.
Logic Programming, Functional Programming, and Inductive Definitions
One should, however, bear in mind that the sign of m uniquely determines the spin of the particles (and antiparticles), implying that the system under investigation consists entirely of either spin up or spin down particles.
On Effective Field Theories at Finite Temperature