bank account


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n bank account a fund that a customer has entrusted to a bank and from which the customer can make withdrawals "he moved his bank account to a new bank"
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  • Proverb
    “When two friends have a common bank account, one sings and the other weeps.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Friendship is like a bank account. You can't continue to draw on it without making deposits.”
  • Irwin Cory
    Irwin Cory
    “Marriage is like a bank account. You put it in, you take it out, you lose interest.”


In literature:

We declared a dividend yesterday, and you've got a bank account that will warm the cockles of your silly old heart.
"Branded" by Francis Lynde
He had been gradually relieved of all other duties, stripped of his honors, and become Bank Account.
"One Woman's Life" by Robert Herrick
My once fond dream of a "private bank account" had gradually faded from my memory.
"Cape Cod Folks" by Sarah P. McLean Greene
Sweeney was a retired plain-clothes man with a record, and a bank account.
"Overland Red" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
Borrow kept the banking account.
"George Borrow and His Circle" by Clement King Shorter
One cause of Jim's inconsistent behavior about his bank account was the bad company he fell into on his playdays.
"A Busy Year at the Old Squire's" by Charles Asbury Stephens
You have ze keys to his vaults, you have control of his bank accounts.
"The Mask" by Arthur Hornblow
In opening your account with a bank it is proper that you should first be introduced to the cashier, or some other official.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens
Our little bank account is growing slowly but surely.
"Grace Harlowe's Problem" by Jessie Graham Flower
The account at the Wells Bank didn't conform to the little credit slips as issued.
"David Lannarck, Midget" by George S. Harney
As the Bank Account expanded and the Happy Couple found themselves going up, Claudine began to scan the Horizon and act restless-like.
"Ade's Fables" by George Ade
At that date folk had no banking accounts, but kept their coin in a strong chest under the bed, sometimes hiding it in strange places.
"Round About a Great Estate" by Richard Jefferies
There are many firms which carry two or more bank accounts, and others who sell their paper to out-of-town banks.
"Up To Date Business" by Various
The Lord Jesus makes a deposit in the bank on my account.
"Quiet Talks on Power" by S.D. Gordon
This is the opportunity "de luxe" for the child to earn a few pennies to enlarge his bank account.
"The Mother and Her Child" by William S. Sadler
And the English bank will no doubt be happy to accept the transfer of your account.
"The Best Short Stories of 1917" by Various
He even blew in his own bank account settlin' part of the back wages.
"Shorty McCabe on the Job" by Sewell Ford
I falsified the accounts, and tampered with the books of the bank.
"My Friend Smith" by Talbot Baines Reed
Please put it into his bank account.
"Roger Ingleton, Minor" by Talbot Baines Reed
Boldt, too, has no bank account.
"Secret Armies" by John L. Spivak

In poetry:

So she went and saw a lawyer, who, in accents soft and low,
Asked her firstly if her husband had a bank account or no;
But he hadn’t and she hadn’t, they in fact were very poor,
So he bowed her out suggesting she should try some liquor cure.
"The Secret Whisky Cure" by Henry Lawson

In news:

That amount could be raised by emptying bank accounts of only 1 percent of taxpayers.
If you're a hair-care junky, and you can't live without your $40 bottle of hair serum, the money you'll save by ditching your high-end products will blow your mind and possibly save your bank account.
Unsafe sex has a myriad risks, but for one man in Oregon, it was his bank account that took the biggest hit.
The weather is warm, the sun is out -- and your bank account is almost empty.
Homecoming means school spirit, alumni, and sports to most people but it can also mean good news for your bank account if you capitalize on all the excitement.
Those who have taken note include my gas bill and therefore my banking account.
Woman stole money from victim's bank account, deputies say.
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND — Nearly $300,000 was drained from the bank account of a Bainbridge Island man last week in an apparent case of identity theft , according to Bainbridge Police.
Ignorance Linked to Lack of Bank Accounts Among Blacks.
Rate of Americans with no bank accounts is startling.
Many have read in recent weeks that the number of people who don't have a bank account and are turning to check cashing stores, prepaid debit cards and the like is on the rise.
The bank account is full.
Under normal circumstances, I'd suggest the NFL start checking the bank accounts of some of these officials to see if there were any large deposits of cash made recently.
Are you ordering far fewer checks for your bank account these days.
Cyber-criminals are using malware and man-in-the-middle tactics to initiate fraudulent wire transfers from bank accounts, even with two-factor authentication in place.

In science:

If at some stage of the game d(cid:48) reaches a capital of 2 or more, it then puts half of its capital on a “bank account”, which will never be used again.
Separations of non-monotonic randomness notions
When a call enters the „Say account‟ field element in an IVR pay beneficiary telephone banking application, the caller is prompted to say the account name or number.
Fuzzy Inference Systems Optimization
Finance is a domain, but not a task; withdrawing money from a bank account is a task, one that is achievable through both human and computer intermediaries these days; taking dictation of a funds-transfer request is a task that only humans can currently undertake with reliability.
Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test
Currently, standard limited tasks can be found in evaluation of natural-language database retrieval systems (like withdrawing money from a bank account on the basis of a natural-language request) and speech recognition systems (like transcribing a spoken funds-transfer request).
Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test
For example, in a banking application, having checked the balance in a savings account, the user may now wish to transfer money from checking to savings.
Towards a PURE Spoken Dialogue System for Information Access
It is well known that a classical friction-free model containing a risky stock and a bank account admits no arbitrage if and only if there exists a probability measure on the model under which the stock price, discounted by the interest rate on the bank account, is a martingale.
The fundamental theorem of asset pricing under proportional transaction costs
Our model also contains a bank account with different lending and borrowing rates, described by predictable interest rate processes rc (for borrowing) and rd (for lending).
The fundamental theorem of asset pricing under proportional transaction costs
An investment of α units of cash in the bank account at time (t − 1) ∈ T\{T } accumulates to ̺t (α) in cash at time t.
The fundamental theorem of asset pricing under proportional transaction costs
Since there is a one-to-one correspondence between descriptions of the bank account in terms of interest rates and deflator process, we adopt the following convention.
The fundamental theorem of asset pricing under proportional transaction costs
Going back to the beginning of sec. 2, we can identify Md and Mf with the domestic and foreign markets, ∁d and ∁f with the corresponding curves, and the bank accounts Bd (t), Bf (t) with the corresponding currencies, respectively 10 .
Two Curves, One Price: Pricing & Hedging Interest Rate Derivatives Decoupling Forwarding and Discounting Yield Curves
In the multi-curve HJM framework, risk-neutral measure will be defined as usual with respect to the bank account used for risk-free funding.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves
From the bank account we can then define a discounting short rate rt and zero-coupon bonds Pt (T ) by the usual formula and model them via a HJM model as given in the previous section.
Interest-Rate Modeling with Multiple Yield Curves
This asset class need perhaps not include modern bank money because that money exists only in the form of debts which are necessarily either LCP (if the bank pays interest to an account holder) or BCP (if no interest is paid).
An Application Specific Informal Logic for Interest Prohibition Theory
It was concluded that this simplest case is found with an interest bearing savings account hosted by a bank offering maximal protection (in comparison with competing financial institutions) against default risk.
Dialectical Roots for Interest Prohibition Theory
In particular, we require that a bank account and zero-coupon discount bonds of all maturities satisfy this condition.
The Dynamics of the Forward Interest Rate Curve with Stochastic String Shocks