• WordNet 3.6
    • n bane something causing misery or death "the bane of my life"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Bane A disease in sheep, commonly termed the rot.
    • Bane Any cause of ruin, or lasting injury; harm; woe. "Money, thou bane of bliss, and source of woe."
    • Bane Destruction; death. "The cup of deception spiced and tempered to their bane ."
    • Bane That which destroys life, esp. poison of a deadly quality.
    • v. t Bane To be the bane of; to ruin.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n bane A slayer or murderer; a worker of death, as a man or an animal.
    • n bane That which causes death or destroys life; especially, poison of a deadly quality.
    • n bane Hence Any fatal cause of mischief, injury, or destruction: as, vice is the bane of society.
    • n bane Ruin; destruction.
    • n bane Death: usually with such verbs as catch, get, take: as, to catch one's bane.
    • n bane A disease in sheep, more commonly called the rot. Synonyms Pest, curse, scourge.
    • bane To kill; poison.
    • bane To injure; ruin.
    • n bane Scotch form of bone.
    • n bane An obsolete form of ban, especially in plural banes, now banns (which see).
    • bane An obsolete form of bain.
    • bane An obsolete form of bain.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Bane bān destruction: death: mischief: poison
    • v.t Bane (arch.) to harm, to poison
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  • Thomas Paine
    “Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.”
  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes
    “The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.”
  • John Milton
    “Let none admire that riches grow in hell; that soil may best deserve the precious bane.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. bane, destruction, AS. bana, murderer; akin to Icel. bani, death, murderer, OHG. bana, murder, bano, murderer, Goth. banja, stroke, wound, Gr. foney`s murderer, fo`nos murder, OIr. bath, death, benim, I strike. √31


In literature:

Now, suppose it is admitted that small holdings were the bane of Ireland, who, we may be permitted to ask, created them?
"The History of the Great Irish Famine of 1847 (3rd ed.) (1902)" by John O'Rourke
No man injured the other, even though he might meet, loose or in chains, his father's or brother's bane (murderer).
"From John O'Groats to Land's End" by Robert Naylor and John Naylor
All this interference with the functions of Parliament has a baneful influence on the working of the political machine.
"Proportional Representation Applied To Party Government" by T. R. Ashworth and H. P. C. Ashworth
As far as folly is the mightiest bane.
"The Seven Plays in English Verse" by Sophocles
His great bane was the popular magazine, the difficulty of selling a good thing.
"Twelve Men" by Theodore Dreiser
The Thursar's bane wrung from an ox the high fastness of his two horns.
"The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson" by Saemund Sigfusson and Snorre Sturleson
We enter into learned disputations as to the blessing or the bane of an education such as his.
"The Redemption of David Corson" by Charles Frederic Goss
Bote he is dem young faller bane goin' 'round hare dees two, t'ree days, lukin' lak preacher out of a yob.
"The Taming of Red Butte Western" by Francis Lynde
Sair back and sair banes Carrying the Lord of Morphey's stanes.
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
The teachers of rhetoric have been the bane of all true eloquence.
"A Dialogue Concerning Oratory, Or The Causes Of Corrupt Eloquence" by Cornelius Tacitus

In poetry:

When like a baneful pestilence,
Sin mows its thousands down
On every side, without defence,
Thy grace secures thine own.
"The Believer's Safety" by John Newton
With that ther cam an arrowe hastely,
Forthe off a myghtte wane;
Hit hathe strekene the yerle Duglas
In at the brest-bane.
"Chevy-Chase" by Anonymous British
When with neglect, the lover's bane,
Poor maids rewarded be,
For their love lost their only gain
Is but a wreath from thee.
"To the Willow Tree" by Robert Herrick
The moonbeams kelter i the lift,
An Earth, the bare auld stane,
Glitters aneath the seas o Space,
White as a mammoth's bane.
"The Man In The Moon" by Hugh MacDiarmid
Judged by the issue we discern
God's blessing, and the bane.
Count Louis' dust would fill an urn,
His deeds are waving grain.
"Archduchess Anne" by George Meredith
A' thru the night we spak nae word
Nor sinder'd bane frae bane:
A' thru the nicht I heard her heart
Gang soundin' wi' my ain.
"The Trysting Place" by William Soutar

In news:

Presentations are the bane of business, but this isn't how to make them better.
As Bane , actor Tom Hardy brings convincing menace to The Dark Knight Rises, at least in the prologue.
Warner Bros Entertainment Batman (Christian Bale, right) battles his latest foe, Bane (Tom Hardy), in "The Dark Knight Rises," new on DVD.
Tom Hardy as Bane and Christian Bale as Batman in the action thriller "The Dark Knight Rises," a Warner Bros Pictures release.
Ironically, in most other arenas of consumer marketing, free sampling is preferred to discounting because it leads to less discount-seeking behavior – the bane of all brands.
Seasonal 'squirrel boom' a bane for farmers, drivers and homeowners.
The Clone Wars had best get used to seeing the grim, blue-tinted, narrow-eyed face of Cad Bane peeking out from under his wide-brim hat.
RUSK — It long has been the bane of Cherokee County Commissioners , family members, area visitors and even graveyard ghost chasers.
William E Bane, CPA , CGMA, chapter secretary and treasurer.
It's both a bane and an opportunity.
It's the bane (or savior) of every holiday cocktail party: the constant background buzz that makes it hard to hear the guy from accounting droning on.
Danielle Fishel Talks About the Bane of Her Existence .
Warner Bros Paramus police received a call from an alarmed Garden State Plaza shopper Thursday about a teenager dressed as Bane, the villain from 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
For Christopher Nolan's third turn at Batman, the director tapped a familiar foe in Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) and a lesser-known one in Bane.
Since launching his own political party this month, a fiery former tax officer has become the bane some of India's most powerful politicians, publicly accusing them -- by name -- of corruption.

In science:

Apart from providing solution to the general topology, we study the statistical properties of the solution, such as whether the estimators are minimum-variance unbiased estimators (MVUE); and/or the estimate obtained is the best asymptotically normal estimates (BANE), etc.
Loss Tomography from Tree Topologies to General Topologies
When θi ∈ (0, 1), i ∈ V \ S, √n( ˆθi − θi ) converges in distribution as n → ∞ to an |E | dimensional Gaussian random variable with mean 0 and covariance matrix I −1 (θ), i.e. √n( ˆθ − θ) D−→ N (0, I −1 (θ)) and ˆθi is the best asymptotically normal estimate (BANE).
Loss Tomography from Tree Topologies to General Topologies
Notwithstanding that nomenclature is the bane of this field, the conference necessarily began with definitions of common terms for types of blazars, RBL and XBL, LBL and HBL, red and blue.
Issues in Blazar Research