• GREAT HORNED OWL Rabbits constitute a favorite food when available. Poultry and other birds are also destroyed by this owl. Range: Eastern North America
    GREAT HORNED OWL Rabbits constitute a favorite food when available. Poultry and other birds are also destroyed by this owl. Range: Eastern North America
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj available obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service "kept a fire extinguisher available","much information is available through computers","available in many colors","the list of available candidates is unusually long"
    • adj available convenient for use or disposal "the house is available after July 1","2000 square feet of usable office space"
    • adj available not busy; not otherwise committed "he was not available for comment","he was available and willing to accompany her"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word "limelight" that is used in theatre to refer to the performers on the stage originated because before electricity was available lime was burned in a lamp, which created a white light that was directed at the performers
    • Available Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy, for the object; effectual; valid; as, an available plea. "Laws human are available by consent."
    • Available Such as one may avail one's self of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose; usable; profitable; advantageous; convertible into a resource; as, an available measure; an available candidate. "Struggling to redeem, as he did, the available months and days out of so many that were unavailable.""Having no available funds with which to pay the calls on new shares."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There are over 100 styles of BluBlocker sunglasses available on the market
    • available Profitable; advantageous; having efficacy.
    • available Having sufficient power, force, or efficacy for the object; valid.
    • available Capable of being used or employed with advantage; attainable; accessible; at one's disposal: as, his resources were not available at the time.
    • available Advailable is a rare and obsolete form.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1890, Scott Paper produced the first toilet paper to be available on a roll
    • adj Available that one may avail one's self of, utilise: profitable: suitable, obtainable: accessible
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  • Andrew Carnegie
    “No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “God does not ask about our ability, but our availability.”
  • Ramana Maharshi
    Ramana Maharshi
    “If you go on working with the light available, you will meet your Master, as he himself will be seeking you.”
  • Daniel Francois Esprit Auber
    Daniel Francois Esprit Auber
    “Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.”
  • Ronald Reagan
    “It's difficult to believe that people are still starving in this country because food isn't available.”
  • Robert J. Ringer
    Robert J. Ringer
    “There's a basic human weakness inherent in all people which tempts them to want what they can't have and not want what is readily available to them.”


To little avail - If something is to little avail, it means that, despite great efforts, something ended in failure, but taking comfort from the knowledge that nothing else could have been done to avert or avoid the result.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.—L. ad, to, val-ēre, to be strong, to be worth.


In literature:

Mr. Patterson bought up all the available food and had it carted to his plant to feed the homeless.
"The True Story of Our National Calamity of Flood, Fire and Tornado" by Logan Marshall
Necessary technical supporting material mainly has been or will be made available in separate form.
"The Nation's River" by United States Department of the Interior
All government transportation, moreover, was to be available to all troops regardless of race.
"Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965" by Morris J. MacGregor Jr.
What did all her wealth avail her if Mendel must die!
"Rabbi and Priest" by Milton Goldsmith
Jethro Tull centered attention on the important fact that careful and thorough tillage increases the available plant food in the soil.
"Agriculture for Beginners" by Charles William Burkett
The families that farm in their vicinity seem to occupy scarcely more than half of the available rooms.
"Eighth Annual Report" by Various
In defense, more ammunition is available, ranges are more easily determined, and the enemy usually presents a larger target.
"Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1911" by United States War Department
In some cases, however, the refuse is richer in protein, but the protein is in a less available form.
"Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value" by Harry Snyder
A list of available publications on nut culture has also been prepared and will be mimeographed shortly.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
The defenders fought with their usual resolution, and many of the Spaniards were killed by the poisonous arrows, but to no avail.
"South American Fights and Fighters" by Cyrus Townsend Brady

In poetry:

Say, prophet, what can penitence avail?
If Heaven's decrees immutably are fix'd,
Can prayers avert our fate?
"Belshazzar. A Sacred Drama" by Hannah More
'Hence with the woman in your speech,'
For nothing it avails
In woman's fashion to beseech
Where Justice holds the scales.'
"Archduchess Anne" by George Meredith
The warrior kings, whose banner
Flew far as eagles fly,
They are gone where swords avail them not,
From the feast of victory.
"The Departed" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans
O son of man, to right my lot
Nought but thy presence can avail;
Yet on the road thy wheels are not,
Nor on the sea thy sail!
"That Holy Thing" by George MacDonald
Fare you well, then, Sally Dorset;
You will never utter wail
For the soldier dead who loved you
With these tears of no avail!
"In The Artillery" by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
And what avail'd the tears, the woe
Of peace—the hamlet's pride:
She fell beneath the monster's blow,
And in oblivion died!
"The Complaint" by Thomas Gent

In news:

Here's a rundown of the essential albums available online and in record stores today.
We don't have as much availability in 2001 as we do in 2002, says Emerson Coleman, vice president, programming for Hearst- Argyle Television.
In 2010, the NFL mock drafting world expressed shock and awe that Iowa left tackle Bryan Bulaga was still available when the Green Bay Packers drafted him at No 23 overall.
Mark Buehrle and other intriguing arms are available but Brian Cashman.
What an incredible shift in trained and available manpower we have witnessed in the past 30 years in the Armed Forces.
Arnold Palmer Strawberry Half & Half Now Available.
On large corporate networks, information is usually readily available.
A new report examining high school outcomes for youth served by the state Department of Social and Health Services is now available online.
Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association ( ARRA ) Semi-Annual Meeting prelim program available.
On Oct 5, the Cassville City Council voted to pursue acquisition of Barry County's remaining Recovery Zone Bonds, which are available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ( ARRA ).
An exclusive collection of Phantom Series II and Ghost cars will be made available to Rolls-Royce clients.
Artel Video Systems has made available three new models of the DL4000 video transport platform: the DL4042, DL4100 and DL4000P.
Peak Season's new products now available to authorized dealers.
Blonski comes to Avail with an extensive management background as well as a black belt in Six Sigma making him the perfect candidate to take Avail 's Engineering and Customer Support groups to the next level.
Custom decorative bollards available and a range of powder coat finishes will be available as well.

In science:

Unfortunately, the available experimental data cover the range up to x = 0.5.
Random field based model of mixed ferroelectrics phase diagram
The DBA for CTF 3 will operate at 3 GHz. This allows re-use of S-band equipment from the LEP injector which will be available once LEP stops.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
First, when q ≥ 1, the conditional probability in (2) becomes increasing not only in p but also in ξ , and this allows a set of very powerful stochastic domination arguments that are not available for q < 1.
Explicit isoperimetric constants and phase transitions in the random-cluster model
Version with correct proof of tail triviality of random-cluster measures available at arXiv:math.
Explicit isoperimetric constants and phase transitions in the random-cluster model
Results of direct Monte-Carlo jet simulations are also available (cf. ).
Grand Unification Signal from Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays?