• WordNet 3.6
    • adj authoritative sanctioned by established authority "an authoritative communique","the authorized biography"
    • adj authoritative having authority or ascendancy or influence "an important official","the captain's authoritative manner"
    • adj authoritative of recognized authority or excellence "the definitive work on Greece","classical methods of navigation"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Authoritative Having an air of authority; positive; dictatorial; peremptory; as, an authoritative tone. "The mock authoritative manner of the one, and the insipid mirth of the other."
    • Authoritative Having, or proceeding from, due authority; entitled to obedience, credit, or acceptance; determinate; commanding. "The sacred functions of authoritative teaching."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • authoritative Having due authority; having the sanction or weight of authority; entitled to credence or obedience: as, “authoritative teaching,” Barrow.
    • authoritative Having an air of authority; positive; peremptory; dictatorial.
    • authoritative Synonyms Authoritative, Magisterial, etc. (see magisterial), commanding.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Authoritative having the sanction or weight of authority: dictatorial
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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “There are books which take rank in your life with parents and lovers and passionate experiences, so medicinal, so stringent, so revolutionary, so authoritative.”
  • Alvin Kernan
    Alvin Kernan
    “In the electronic age, books, words and reading are not likely to remain sufficiently authoritative and central to knowledge to justify literature.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. auctoritatem, auctoritas, auctor.


In literature:

This presupposes that the teaching of self-disinfection has been done confidently and authoritatively.
"Safe Marriage" by Ettie A. Rout
I. Authoritativeness of Paul's Gospel, 1:11-2 end.
"The Bible Book by Book" by Josiah Blake Tidwell
This authoritative request the monks had not the courage to oppose in the Pope's presence and in his own city.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VII. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
And as the (atomic theory) is not accepted (by any authoritative persons) it is to be disregarded altogether.
"The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Sankaracarya"
Consciousness is ultimate and authoritative.
"The Ascent of the Soul" by Amory H. Bradford
March, is expensive, but full and authoritative.
"The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
The authoritative tone of the lascar offended his dignity.
"In Clive's Command" by Herbert Strang
Three factors, however, combined to give these books an authoritative position.
"Some Christian Convictions" by Henry Sloane Coffin
It is the greatest mistake to impose them upon children as authoritative and divine all at once.
"Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton, B. A. Of Trinity College, Cambridge" by Arthur Christopher Benson
The sound of their authoritative voices brought back the sense of discipline that had momentarily gone.
"World's War Events, Volume III" by Various
Dr. Julian takes this as authoritative, and has no hesitation in ascribing the hymn to Miss Parr.
"Charles Dickens and Music" by James T. Lightwood
Now it can say an authoritative word about the internal self-government of the country and about its foreign policy.
"Bolshevism" by John Spargo
But Hiram strode forward, snapping authoritative fingers under Wixon's nose.
"The Skipper and the Skipped" by Holman Day
Authoritative: that is a real power of conveying a sense and feeling of forgiveness.
"Sermons Preached at Brighton" by Frederick W. Robertson
For they are both of the same primary and authoritative kind.
"Orthodoxy" by G. K. Chesterton
The results of his work have, until very recently, been accepted as authoritative.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884" by Various
The report you mention of the prospect of our captives at Algiers being liberated, has not taken its rise from any authoritative source.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
I have already briefly analysed the Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan which seems to be the most authoritative exposition of this creed.
"Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3)" by Charles Eliot
Coming from so authoritative a source, it required no actual proof.
"Destiny" by Charles Neville Buck
He spoke in short authoritative sentences, with a loud harsh voice, and in what might be termed the "big bow-wow" style.
"A Crooked Path" by Mrs. Alexander

In poetry:

The trumpet's voice, loud and authoritative,
Draws me a moment to the lighted glass
To watch the dancers - all under twenty-five -
Solemnly on the beat of happiness.
"Reasons For Attendance" by Philip Larkin

In news:

This authoritative biography of an obscure failure and occasional drunkard who became a Civil War generalissimo and the 18th U.
Authoritative advice about withdrawing troops, cutting defense spending.
Television gets nearly half the votes for Most Authoritative and 74% for Most Exciting, driven by TV's ability to deliver the advertiser's message utilizing si...
Romney didn't just demonstrate authoritative command of a myriad of domestic issues last week.
Beano Cook, whose authoritative growl and curmudgeonly but witty observations as an analyst for ESPN and other networks earned him the nickname the Pope of College Football, was found dead on Thursday morning in a Pittsburgh nursing home.
In the course of our research, we hit every brewpub in town and can declare authoritatively that the Tap Room is still king.
Authorites believe that a spark from a train started the 700 acre fire.
In the past, many motorhome owners had to attend multiple seminars or buy several books to obtain authoritative information about these subjects.
The bishops have delivered four letters to Congress explaining that — no matter how much he wishes — Paul Ryan's budget does not quite rise to the level of authoritative Catholic teaching.
Basically, there is no chart that can authoritatively tell us what policymakers and politicians would like to tell us: And that is, where the US is today versus where it would be if their policies and ideas were law.
Authorites warn hunters of deer disease .
In the video above,'s Mike Reiss gives his key takeaways from the Patriots authoritative blowout victory over the Texans on Monday night.
This was an authoritative statement by the Patriots, who look like the team to beat in the AFC.
But from a dead stop on loose gravel, the Forester 's all-wheel drive gripped quickly, firmly, authoritatively and with almost no wheelspin.
Your forecaster will offer the notion that his authoritatively stated but somewhat inaccurate pronouncements in last week's column actually help legitimize his nascent candidacy for public office.

In science:

The most authoritative text book on accretion is Accretion Power in Astrophysics by Frank, King and Raine [103].
Foundations of Black Hole Accretion Disk Theory
We believe that the five authoritative review papers contained in this issue, along with their discussions and rejoinders, provide an excellent overview of the assessment of the current state of the Bayesian methodology.
Most of these contributions took place after Benyamini-Lindenstrauss’ authoritative book was released, and it seems that they are not yet accessible in a unified and organized way.
The non-linear geometry of Banach spaces after Nigel Kalton
Right now, we think that we must build an authoritative source of knowledge, therefore we must do gatekeeping.
True Peer Review
Without gatekeeping, there would be no authoritative source of knowledge.
True Peer Review
Where would one even begin to look for information? If by ‘authoritative’, one means worth-knowing, I already substantively dismissed that argument in Section II.
True Peer Review
Even if the reviewers’ identity were made public, recall from Section II-A that reviewers are not authoritative sources of knowledge.
True Peer Review
This question has received considerable prior attention, again Lindsay (1995) provides an authoritative overview of this literature.
Testing for Homogeneity in Mixture Models
Totsuka for his financial support to give me a precious opportunity to attend such a authoritative conference and give a talk there. I also thank the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) for the support.
The Results of Oscillation Analysis in K2K Experiment And An Overview of JHFnu Experiment
Authoritive discussions on PCAC and chiral anomaly could be found in: Treiman S B et al 1985 Current Algebra and Anomalies (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press). Coleman S and Jackiw R 1971 Ann.
Trace anomalies and chiral Ward identities
This further indicates that the essential graph properties (high-degree ”authoritative” nodes and random walk convergence properties ), existing in the entire graph, are still preserved in the queryinduced subgraph.
Search Result Clustering via Randomized Partitioning of Query-Induced Subgraphs
There now exist several excellent and authoritative expositions of the KS entropy bounds and the entropic uncertainty principle [A2, ANK, AN2, CV3] in addition to the well written initial articles [A, AN] (which take considerable care to give intuitive explanations of technical steps).
Recent developments in mathematical Quantum Chaos
For brevity, in this paper, we will assume that access will only be granted if the CR is authoritative over both interfaces, otherwise the result of the function is undefined.
Common Representation of Information Flows for Dynamic Coalitions
For a CR to be authoritative over an interface, the interface must be defined in the vertices of the CR graph.
Common Representation of Information Flows for Dynamic Coalitions
The latest authority who wrote on interest with impact was Thomas Aquinas — authoritative Islamic writers preceded him.
Interest prohibition and financial product innovation