• WordNet 3.6
    • v array align oneself with a group or a way of thinking
    • v array lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line "lay out the clothes","lay out the arguments"
    • n array an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics
    • n array especially fine or decorative clothing
    • n array an impressive display "it was a bewildering array of books","his tools were in an orderly array on the basement wall"
    • n array an orderly arrangement "an array of troops in battle order"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Array (Law) A ranking or setting forth in order, by the proper officer, of a jury as impaneled in a cause.
    • Array An imposing series of things. "Their long array of sapphire and of gold."
    • Array Dress; garments disposed in order upon the person; rich or beautiful apparel.
    • Array Order; a regular and imposing arrangement; disposition in regular lines; hence, order of battle; as, drawn up in battle array . "Wedged together in the closest array ."
    • Array (Law) The panel itself.
    • Array (Law) The whole body of jurors summoned to attend the court.
    • Array The whole body of persons thus placed in order; an orderly collection; hence, a body of soldiers. "A gallant array of nobles and cavaliers."
    • Array To deck or dress; to adorn with dress; to cloth to envelop; -- applied esp. to dress of a splendid kind. "Pharaoh . . . arrayed him in vestures of fine linen.""In gelid caves with horrid gloom arrayed ."
    • Array To place or dispose in order, as troops for battle; to marshal. "By torch and trumpet fast arrayed ,
      Each horseman drew his battle blade."
      "These doubts will be arrayed before their minds."
    • Array (Law) To set in order, as a jury, for the trial of a cause; that is, to call them man by man.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • array To place or dispose in order, as troops for battle; marshal; draw up in hostile order: often used figuratively.
    • array To deck or dress; adorn with dress, especially with dress of an ornamental kind.
    • array In law, to set (a jury) in order for the trial of a cause; to call (the jury) man by man.
    • array To envelop; wrap.
    • array Synonyms To arrange, range, marshal, draw up.
    • array Adorn, Ornament, Decorate, etc. (see adorn); clothe, invest.
    • n array Regular order or arrangement; disposition in regular lines; specifically, disposition of a body of men for attack or defense: as, troops in battle array.
    • n array An orderly collection or assemblage; especially, a body of men in order of battle or prepared for battle; hence, military force; soldiery; troops.
    • n array A display; an imposing series of things exhibited.
    • n array Dress; garments disposed in order upon the person; raiment or apparel.
    • n array Preparation; special arrangement of things.
    • n array Situation; circumstances; position; plight.
    • n array In law: The body of persons summoned to serve upon a jury. The act of impaneling a jury; that is, the act of the proper officer setting a jury in order for the trial of a cause, or calling it man by man. The jury impaneled.
    • n array Formerly, in England, the muster of a county for military purposes; the men so mustered: as, a commission of array. See commission.
    • n array In mathematics, a collection of quantities arranged in a rectangular block; a matrix.
    • n array In statistics, the values of one variable which are correlated with a certain, definite value of another variable. See correlation, 5.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Array ar-rā′ order: dress: equipage
    • v.t Array to put in order: to arrange: to dress, adorn, or equip
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  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “To array a man's will against his sickness is the supreme art of medicine.”
  • Lucretius
    “Pleasant it to behold great encounters of warfare arrayed over the plains, with no part of yours in peril.”
  • Jean Rostand
    “Stupidity, outrage, vanity, cruelty, iniquity, bad faith, falsehood -- we fail to see the whole array when it is facing in the same direction as we.”
  • Jeremy Bentham
    Jeremy Bentham
    “The schoolmaster is abroad! And I trust to him armed with his primer against the soldier in full military array.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. arai, arrai, OF. arrai, arrei, arroi, order, arrangement, dress, F. arroi,; a,L. ad,) + OF. rai, rei, roi, order, arrangement, fr. G. or Scand.; cf. Goth. raidjan, garaidjan, to arrange, MHG. gereiten, Icel. reiði, rigging, harness; akin to E. ready,. Cf. Ready Greith Curry


In literature:

Through the smoke they saw a strange array of jet craft in the clearing.
"The Revolt on Venus" by Carey Rockwell
We have already eleven Southern States solidly arrayed against us.
"The Southerner" by Thomas Dixon
Come in your war array, Gentles and commons.
"Lyra Heroica" by Various
Infidelity and error have systematically arrayed themselves against civil authority.
"History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology" by John F. Hurst
They are in battle array and ready to fight.
"The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2 (of 2)" by Anatole France
I love to hear a bed of them rustle all together and shake their spears and nod their banners like an army in array.
"By What Authority?" by Robert Hugh Benson
The Mayor and some other of the chief inhabitants were arrayed in their best clothes, and a Highland regiment lent us their pipers.
"The Great War As I Saw It" by Frederick George Scott
Before the gates of Sutrium is met the great array.
"The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886" by Ministry of Education
Horatio Gates stood before his tent, gazing steadfastly upon the two armies now arrayed in order of battle.
"Standard Selections" by Various
Then she arrayed her person with greatest care, and in the soberest and richest fashion as the newly-wed wife.
"The Yotsuya Kwaidan or O'Iwa Inari" by James S. De Benneville
Array that face in smiles.
"Alroy The Prince Of The Captivity" by Benjamin Disraeli
From far and near, up and down the valley, dim, ghostly, shadowy horsemen came darting to join the array.
"Under Fire" by Charles King
When the soldiers reached Lexington at sunrise they were confronted by armed yeomanry drawn up in battle array.
"The Land We Live In" by Henry Mann
All the men are in full warlike array.
"The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead, Volume I (of 3)" by Sir James George Frazer
And are you arrayed in this fine garb to attend service in an old, dilapidated country church?
"Eventide" by Effie Afton
Cans there were in profusion, also a fascinating array of wreckage of other nature in this dump, which lay just north of the park.
"A Son of the City" by Herman Gastrell Seely
Full of grief, the warriors sat down, while Beowulf arrayed himself in his cunningly fashioned coat of mail and his richly ornamented helmet.
"Myths and Legends of All Nations" by Various
The nature of the old Babylonian religion entails, as a necessary consequence, an array of gods that might be termed endless.
"The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria" by Morris Jastrow
Queer thoughts came into Tode's head with that suit of new clothes with which he presently arrayed himself.
"Three People" by Pansy
Yet, being poor and meanly arrayed, he pushed not forward in the press.
"King Arthur's Knights" by Henry Gilbert

In poetry:

When thy mistress wakes,
Array her richly, that she be prepared
To come before the Prince.
"The Spagnoletto. Act III" by Emma Lazarus
His sprites sending forth
In their glittering array,
To seize in the night
Each fantastical spray;
"The Dew-Drop: A Metrical Fantasy" by Samuel Lover
I am glad when men of genius
Array a common thought,
In imperishable beauty
That it cannot be forgot.
"Thoughts" by Nora Pembroke
Principalities and powers,
Mustering their unseen array,
Wait for thy unguarded hours:
Watch and pray.
"Christian, seek not yet repose," by Charlotte Elliott
Then why do patches please me,
Fantastic, wild array?
Why have I vagrant fancies
For lads from far away.
"The Cross-Current" by Abbie Farwell Brown

Love, pluck your flowers:
To-morrow they may fade,
And, faded, who shall tell
How once they were arrayed?
"A Song Of Delay" by Ethel Clifford

In news:

A full array of American and Chinese dishes makes this a perfect spot for the player on the go.
This hands-on lab review, from openBench Labs, tests a Xiotech Emprise 5000 SAN array in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment with Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop Enterprise Edition.
Freshening up the garden proves easy this season with a delightful array of outdoor treasures.
The Astros have an almost unlimited array of options as to how to proceed with struggling lefthander J.A.
The ingredients were fresh, the cooking skillful and the array of flavors nicely realized.
Since its publication more than a century ago, Lewis Carroll 's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" has produced a mind-boggling array of interpretations.
The Portico 5043 limiter -compressor from Rupert Neve Designs is designed to be integrated into flexible arrays, or configured to function as a cue feed, solo buss, or secondary output.
Bethesda's Skyrim displays a suspiciously Elven attention to detail with a near- limitless array of catacombs to explore, even months after its release.
The government has promised subsidies on an array of fuels, lasting until at least 2030.
If you are expecting an endless array and parade of hot babes in Van Halen's 'She's the Woman' video, given the title, then you're going to be disappointed.
This year's CLEO conference features such a wide array of interesting scientific findings and technological applications that it's hard to know where to begin this blog post.
As information technology brings us a mind-numbing array of options for mobile learning experiences and communications, an age-old tension between two different visions of learning--content delivery versus discovery learning--intensifies.
The W8L Longbow line array from Martin Audio incorporates a 15-inch, horn-loaded low-frequency driver, dual 8-inch mid-frequency drivers, and four 1-inch high-frequency drivers.
"We can't count the full array of housing we build, including supportive housing with wraparound services that may not meet the standard unit".
Meyer Sound announced the MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker , the latest addition to the MILO family of loudspeakers .

In science:

Briefly, a continuum is fit to the spectrum, the flux spectrum and error arrays are normalized by the fit, then convolved with a normalized line-spread-function profile to produce an “equivalent-width” array.
QSOs and Absorption Line Systems Surrounding the Hubble Deep Field
When this experiment was begun the CASA array had been reconfigured to remove the 4 westernmost “ribs” of the array.
Extensive Air Shower Radio Detection: Recent Results and Outlook
The above procedure associating each walker configuration with a two line array is reversible in that starting with a two line array of the type specified a unique sequence of oscillating tableaux and thus walker configuration can be constructed.
Random walks and random fixed-point free involutions
The size of the array was chosen such that the random walks did not reach the array boundaries.
Area distribution of the planar random loop boundary
Then for each t ≥ 0 the joint distribution of the m × (n − 1)-dimensional random array (I →ij (t, y)) coincides with that of the m × (n − 1)dimensional random array (I ←ij (t, x)).
Balls-in-boxes duality for coalescing random walks and coalescing Brownian motions
Eventually the array will be expanded to include the full array of seven telescopes on a filled hexagonal grid of side 80 m. A prototype VERITAS telescope with a reduced number of mirrors and signal channels has been built.
An Overview of The VERITAS Prototype Telescope And Camera
This essentially allows us to create the desired array, but we need to index the array correctly.
Random Variables with Completely Independent Subcollections
Each array has exponential size, but the number of arrays is polynomial in N .
Capacity and Random-Coding Exponents for Channel Coding with Side Information
It consists of an array of well-type phoswich detector units, each made of a fast plastic scintillator, a slow plastic scintillator tube, a thin high-Z metal foil and a bottom BGO. A set of side anti-coincidence detectors made of BGO surrounds the array of phoswich units.
Beam Test of a Prototype Detector Array for the PoGO Astronomical Hard X-Ray/Soft Gamma-Ray Polarimeter
Their result has a bigger sample complexity q = Ω(ε−4 log(1/ε)) and an extra assumption n = eΩ(ε−2 ) , but it works for multidimensional arrays rather than for matrices (=2-dimensional arrays).
Sampling from large matrices: an approach through geometric functional analysis
Until recently, array feeds in radio astronomy have been impractical because suitable array elements were either not available or were too expensive.
The Large Adaptive Reflector concept
A three-fold development process phased-array feed design for the LAR is planned: 1) Build a 200-element Vivaldi array equipped with a simple, low cost, narrow band receiver system from off-the-shelf components (Fig. 3).
The Large Adaptive Reflector concept
In spite of the incomplete coverage of the array during the data taking period considered here (which means many events were poorly contained), for about half of the selected events a standard array reconstruction can be performed.
An upper limit to the photon fraction in cosmic rays above 10^19 eV from the Pierre Auger Observatory
We did not include ground array observables for the limit derived in this analysis since we wanted to independently check previous ground array results.
An upper limit to the photon fraction in cosmic rays above 10^19 eV from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Note that τg does not equal τd ; the time required for a tangle to grow from a rectilinear array is shorter than the time required for an existing tangle to decay back to a rectilinear array, provided that t < 8.0ttan (and longer otherwise).
Transitions between turbulent and laminar superfluid vorticity states in the outer core of a neutron star