• Assyrian Archer
    Assyrian Archer
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Archer the ninth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about November 22 to December 21
    • n Archer (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Sagittarius
    • n archer a person who is expert in the use of a bow and arrow
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Egyptian Archer Egyptian Archer

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Anne Archer are members of the Church of Scientology
    • n Archer A bowman, one skilled in the use of the bow and arrow.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n archer One who uses a bow; a bowman; specifically, in medieval Europe, one who shot with the longbow (which see) and shaft, as distinguished from an arbalister or crossbowman. In Greek art the archer is generally represented in Oriental dress and armor, and the use of the bow by a native Greek in war is rarely mentioned; but one of the two bowmen of the Ægina temple is dressed and armed as a Greek, and on a Basilicatan vase at Naples (Heydemann, No. 922), of good Greek work, a painting represents three youths, evidently Greeks, shooting with bows and arrows at a cock on a column. Among the Romans archers are rarely mentioned. Throughout the middle ages the archers formed an important part of the armies of Europe; but, as they were drawn wholly from the peasants and townspeople, the nobility and their retainers were often suspicious of them, and the free use of the bow among the common people was often discouraged. In some countries, too, the arbalist was so much preferred that the longbow came little into use. In England large bodies of archers were furnished by towns and counties to the royal armies, and were armed with some degree of uniformity with the steel cap, the gambeson or hauberk, and a short double-edged sword, besides bow and quiver. There is no record of mounted archers in the English armies, but they were common on the continent; the dukes of Burgundy maintained large bodies of them, and King Charles VII. of France had a body-guard of mounted men armed with brigantine or gambeson, and carrying a longbow. From this last organization the name archers came to be applied to the body-guard of one of the later kings of France, whose weapon was the harquebuse, which replaced the bow and shafts, and (until the Revolution) to the watchmen or guards of the French cities.
    • n archer Same as archer-fish.
    • n archer The constellation Sagittarius.
    • n archer A Persian gold coin, the daric, bearing the figure of an archer.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Archer ärch′ėr one who shoots with a bow and arrows
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  • Oliver Goldsmith
    “The heart of every man lies open to the shafts of correction if the archer can take proper aim.”
  • Buddha
    “As irrigators lead water where they want, as archers make their arrows straight, as carpenters carve wood, the wise shape their minds.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
archier, F. archer, LL. arcarius, fr. L. arcus, bow. See Arc Arch (n.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. archier—L. arcari-um, arcus, a bow.


In literature:

The excitement was contagious, and Lionel, spite of the caution of his friend the archer, could not restrain himself.
"Historic Boys" by Elbridge Streeter Brooks
Mrs. Archer agrees with me.
"Shoe-Bar Stratton" by Joseph Bushnell Ames
The French had nine battalions or divisions, their archers or light troops being Lombards or Navarrese and Provencals.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07" by Various
Here he was met by Fred Archer and the Dead Man, who had been waiting for him.
"City Crimes" by Greenhorn
The King sat at his breakfast table, a company of archers drawn up in front of him.
"Once on a Time" by A. A. Milne
We are going to school early because Mary will have to see Miss Archer.
"Marjorie Dean" by Pauline Lester
But Archer, despite all his gloomy manner, was really a sentimentalist, who practised what he felt.
"The Children's Book of Christmas Stories" by Various
This made the whole body of archers waver and begin to fall back.
"Richard II" by Jacob Abbott
Behind the knights stood a lance of archers, forty men in four rows.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
Then came a hundred mounted archers, their conical helmets gleaming dully under the overcast sky.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea

In poetry:

So like arrow swift he flew,
Shot by an archer strong?
So did he fly – which brings me to
The middle of my song.
"The Diverting History Of John Gilpin, Showing How He Went Farther Than He Intended, And Came Safe Ho" by William Cowper
And past the English archers all
Without all dread or fear,
And through Earl Piercy's body then
He thrust his hateful spear.
"Chevy Chase" by Henry Morley
And past the English archers all,
Without all dread or feare,
And through Erle Percyes body then
He thrust his hatefull spere
"The More Modern Ballad of Chevy Chace" by Anonymous British
So thus did both those nobles die,
Whose courage none could stain.
An English archer then perceived
The noble Earl was slain;
"Chevy Chase" by Henry Morley
So thus did both these nobles dye,
Whose courage none could staine;
An English archer then perceiv'd
The noble erle was slaine.
"The More Modern Ballad of Chevy Chace" by Anonymous British
The first good shoot that Robin ledd
Did not shoote an inch the pricke froe;
Guy was an archer good enoughe,
But he cold neere shoote soe.
"Robin Hood And Guy Of Gisborne" by Anonymous British

In news:

Peterson's score was the highest out of 460 student archers from 24 elementary, middle and high schools.
That tournament is the largest archery tournament in the world, with more than 6,000 archers expected to compete.
Cooper Keane at Victory Archers on Staten Island.
Cooper Keane, left, and Leah Miabarome, center, at Victory Archers on Staten Island.
Brady Ellison, who entered the Olympics as the top archer in the world, sits in tenth position.
Brady Ellison, who entered the Olympics as the top archer in the world, sits in tenth position after Friday's preliminary ranking round.
Hunter Jackson, 17, said she has been watching the Olympic archers compete on television and hopes that she will soon shoot for an Olympic medal.
"I know all of the US archers ," she said.
Funding came by way of a $15,000 grant from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, a $16,000 donation from the Pusch Ridge Archers and various in?
In case archers want a chance to get a jump by practicing on their own, the team will compete at 10-meter and 15-meter distances as far as structured competitions.
The archers are scored on three mandatory shoots that happen over the course of the summer.
Tuchel, who currently oversees fly rod production at Sage Manufacturing, has been an archer since he was 8. Archers Helping Archers The world's largest archery community.
At that time the title for young archers was the "Pee Wee" division.
I went around the outdoor course with a group of archers not really knowing how I was doing.

In science:

Dumur, C., Nasim, S., Best, A., Archer, K., Ladd, A., Mas, V., Wilkinson, D., Garrett, C., and Ferreira-Gonzalez, A. (2004), “Evaluation of quality-control criteria for microarray gene expression analysis,” Clin Chem, 50, 1994–2002.
Quality assessment for short oligonucleotide microarray data
This outcome tells you nothing about the capability of the archer.
An Algorithmic Information Theory Critique of Statistical Arguments for Intelligent Design
The ideas and constructions borrow freely from the CLT of Ball, Li, Timotin, and Trent and Archer for the polydisc, and Ambrozie and Eschmeier for the ball in Cn , as well as generalizations of the de Branges-Rovnyak construction like found in Agler and Ambrozie, Englis, and M¨uller .
Agler-Commutant Lifting on an Annulus
Significant refinements of both the statements and proofs of this result appear in the work of Archer .
Agler-Commutant Lifting on an Annulus
Archer, 1989] and [Davis, 1996] observed that cell relationships can be represented as a directed graph, which Archer called a cell relationship diagram.
New Guidelines For Spreadsheets