• WordNet 3.6
    • adj approximate located close together "with heads close together","approximate leaves grow together but are not united"
    • adj approximate very close in resemblance "sketched in an approximate likeness","a near likeness"
    • adj approximate not quite exact or correct "the approximate time was 10 o'clock","a rough guess","a ballpark estimate"
    • v approximate judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time) "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"
    • v approximate be close or similar "Her results approximate my own"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The sun is approximately 149 million kilometres from the earth
    • Approximate Approaching; proximate; nearly resembling.
    • Approximate Near correctness; nearly exact; not perfectly accurate; as, approximate results or values.
    • Approximate To carry or advance near; to cause to approach. "To approximate the inequality of riches to the level of nature."
    • Approximate To come near to; to approach. "The telescope approximates perfection."
    • v. i Approximate To draw; to approach.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The long fibres that are found in bananas are excellent in making paper. The long fibres that are found in the banana plant can make the banana fibre paper approximately 3000 times stronger than regular paper
    • approximate To carry or bring near; advance closely upon; cause to approach in position, quality, character, condition, etc.
    • approximate To come near; approach closely; figuratively, to stand in intimate relation; be remarkably similar.
    • approximate Near in position; near to; close together. Specifically — In anatomy, applied to teeth so arranged in the jaw that there is no vacancy between them, as the teeth of man.
    • approximate In botany, said of leaves or other organs that stand near together.
    • approximate Near in character; very similar: as, a statement closely approximate to a falsehood.
    • approximate Nearly approaching accuracy or correctness; nearly precise, perfect, or complete: as, an approximate result; approximate values.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It would take approximately twenty-four trees that are on average six to eight inches in diameter to produce one ton of newsprint for the Sunday edition of the New York Times
    • adj Approximate ap-proks′im-āt nearest or next: approaching correctness
    • v.t Approximate to bring near
    • v.i Approximate to come near, to approach
    • ***


  • Christian Nevell Bovee
    “Example has more followers than reason. We unconsciously imitate what pleases us, and approximate to the characters we most admire.”
  • Sigmund Freud
    “Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. approximatus, p. p. of approximare, to approach; ad, + proximare, to come near. See Proximate


In literature:

It certainly approximates the truth.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
These four commandos had an approximate strength of 2,500 burghers.
"History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902 v. 1 (of 4)" by Frederick Maurice
The total amount of wire used in any one circuit is equal to a resistance of approximately 92 ohms.
"Respiration Calorimeters for Studying the Respiratory Exchange and Energy Transformations of Man" by Francis Gano Benedict
Her capacity was approximately 700,000 cubic feet.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh
Naevius' dates can only be given approximately as B.C.
"The Student's Companion to Latin Authors" by George Middleton
The broadening of the trochanteric region is greater, and the great trochanter is approximated to the acetabulum.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
These conditions must be approximated when the tree is grown in other countries.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
In this respect it approximates to our Christmas.
"The Empire of the East" by H. B. Montgomery
I need not say that any approximation to such achievements is almost indefinitely distant.
"Social Rights and Duties, Volume I (of 2)" by Sir Leslie Stephen
The acreage devoted to the cultivation of the cotton crop in the United States is approximately 34,000,000.
"The Fabric of Civilization" by Anonymous
The flame could be thrown approximately forty yards.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII)" by Various
From Binche to Conde the line assigned to the British was approximately twenty-five miles.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of VIII)" by Various
The conferees' report further enhanced them to yield approximately $2,500,000,000.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume VI (of VIII)" by Various
The Moon-gravity is normally approximately one-sixth the gravity of Earth.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various
The total enrollment has been approximately eleven hundred each term for several years.
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
On the shores of this lake there are, approximately, 15,000 acres of grapes.
"Manual of American Grape-Growing" by U. P. Hedrick
In a woodland area of approximately 21 acres 33 cottontails were living together in September, 1955.
"Home Range and Movements of the Eastern Cottontail in Kansas" by Donald W. Janes
The heat required is approximately 150 deg.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
Renewals cost approximately $12 per cylinder of gas.
"A Living from the Land" by William B. Duryee
I have endeavoured to show in this chapter how we can determine approximately the original home of an animal.
"The History of the European Fauna" by R. F. Scharff

In poetry:

No charges can approximate
The worth of sympathy with woe; -
Although I think I ought to state
He did his best to make them so.
"Baines Carew, Gentleman" by William Schwenck Gilbert
After the cessation
I might be a soul in bliss, an angel, approximating to the
But that is another matter;
I am Matthew, the man,
And I am not that other angelic matter.
"St. Matthew" by D H Lawrence

In news:

Doon , Iowa — On Thursday, October 4th, at approximately 9:45 PM the Lyon County Sheriff's Office investigated a car/deer accident at the intersection of US 75 and 240th Street, three miles northeast of Doon .
It has happened approximately 12 times in 40,000 miles.
There were probably 100 dragonflies flying approximately 1 foot off the ground in our back yard this evening.
Louis Dreyfus Commodities LLC, Wilton, Conn. On May 1 announced it will acquire Imperial Sugar Co. Sugarland, Texas, for approximately $203 million, including the assumption of debt and pension liabilities.
According to the Macon County Sheriff Robert Dawson, at approximately 6 pm his office was notified that a white Dodge pickup with a black flatbed left without paying for approximately $100 worth of gasoline.
In addition, the facility has 52 vehicle simulators and 24 marine simulators FLETC conducts driving training using approximately 355 vehicles of all sizes and shapes.
The free show runs twice per hour and is approximately 8½ minutes.
Monticello announced today that approximately 1,000 free tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to its July 4 celebration and Naturalization Ceremony beginning Wednesday, July 2.
A superhero athlete (you know who you are) should eventually have the goal of completing all 20 rounds in 20 minutes with dumbbells weighing approximately 45% of his or weight (when added together).
Reunion Island is a French-controlled territory off the coast of South Africa situated in the Indian Ocean approximately 500 miles east of Madagascar, about 120 miles southeast of Mauritius, the nearest island.
Along with approximately 30,000 other children and adults, Arie was invited to share in The 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll .
On November 9, 2011 at approximately 2:00 PM, FEMA and the FCC will test the Emergency Alert System using the Presidential Emergency Activation Notification.
The test will last approximately thirty seconds.
Approximately $440,000 in reductions have been implemented in fiscal year 2012 with the remaining reductions set to be enacted , if approved, in fiscal year 2013.
Encompass Digital Media recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire the global content distribution business of Ascent Media Corp. For total consideration of approximately $120 million.

In science:

In the first rough approximation the PT can be approximated as a nonrelativistic string with Cooper electrons at the ends.
A String Approximation for Cooper Pair in High-T$_{\bf c}$ superconductivity
Paraxial approximation: conditions of applicability The paraxial theory is based on the approximation E (p) − 2m (δp|| )2 is neglected.
Paraxial propagation of a quantum charge in a random magnetic field
The diffraction length xdiff is the typical distance for the paraxial approximation while region x ≪ xdiff is described by the eikonal approximation.
Paraxial propagation of a quantum charge in a random magnetic field
This approximation is a kind of mean field approximation done in statistical mechanics.
Random spread on the family of small-world networks
OPn (l) by Symdl (W ∗) ⊗ Φ∗O(l) in much the via an approximation of π∗e∗ same way that the graph space is approximated by P(Hom(Symd(W ), V )).
Some applications of localization to enumerative problems
Consider now a black hole in a de Sitter universe, with the black hole horizon at approximately rS ≡ 2GM and cosmological de Sitter horizon at approximately rdS ≡ p3/Λ.
Black Holes Must Die
At the level of k-point approximation the corresponding set of equations is solved by using the Bayesian relations (pk+1 s are approximated by the product of pk terms) .
Branching annihilating random walk on random regular graphs
If, due to gluon exchange in the hadronization process, it were a good approximation to neglect both the requirements of spin and momentum match, then we obtain approximately the results shown in Table 2.
Like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry in the decay of B B-bar pairs
Thus the variables of the quasi-spherical approximation are directly related to the observable strain; no further far-zone approximation is required.
Gravitational radiation, energy and reaction on quasi-spherical black holes
Mathematically, the difference between first and second approximations is that in the first approximation, the equations for (ϑ± , ν± , Ω, f ), the variables which survive in spherical symmetry, decouple from the equations for (ς± , k), which constitute a wave equation for k .
Gravitational radiation, energy and reaction on quasi-spherical black holes
The radiation is superimposed on a background in the first approximation, but reacts back on the spacetime in the second approximation.
Gravitational radiation, energy and reaction on quasi-spherical black holes
Gravitational-wave theory has progressed since the review of Thorne by higher-order post-Newtonian approximations and close-limit approximations , which can be used to describe, respectively, the precoalescence and post-coalescence phases of a binary black-hole inspiral.
Gravitational radiation, energy and reaction on quasi-spherical black holes
Gravitational radiation reaction is an essential physical ingredient in the post-Newtonian and quasi-equilibrium approximations, but is not included in the close-limit approximation, or indeed any other perturbative approach with a fixed background.
Gravitational radiation, energy and reaction on quasi-spherical black holes
Under this approximation, we have the same effective action as that obtained by usual random-phase approximation (RPA) (see below).
Influence of gauge fluctuations on fermion pairing order parameter
The long-dashed line (top) indicates the approximate density 0.954 at which the dynamical transition occurs, the longdashed line (bottom) indicates the approximate density 0.835 at which the fast dynamics stops, the single-particle relaxation threshold.
On random graphs and the statistical mechanics of granular matter