• WordNet 3.6
    • n appetency a feeling of craving something "an appetite for life","the object of life is to satisfy as many appetencies as possible"- Granville Hicks"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Appetency Fixed and strong desire; esp. natural desire; a craving; an eager appetite. "They had a strong appetency for reading."
    • Appetency Natural tendency; affinity; attraction; -- used of inanimate objects.
    • Appetency Specifically: An instinctive inclination or propensity in animals to perform certain actions, as in the young to suck, in aquatic fowls to enter into water and to swim; the tendency of an organized body to seek what satisfies the wants of its organism. "These lacteals have mouths, and by animal selection or appetency the absorb such part of the fluid as is agreeable to their palate."
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Appetency ap′pet-ens-i a seeking after: craving or appetite: desire, especially sensual desire—also Ap′petence
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. appetentia, fr. appetere, to strive after, long for. See Appetite
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. appetent-em, appetĕread, to, petĕre, to seek.


In literature:

The surroundings are more appetizing.
"The Snowshoe Trail" by Edison Marshall
The salt or lye so strictly prohibited is really a tonic and appetizer, and in many diseases acts with curative effect.
"The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees" by James Mooney
In a short time the kitchen was full of bubbling and hissings and appetizing odours.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1909 to 1922" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
That orange juice was just the appetizer I needed this morning.
"Molly Brown's Senior Days" by Nell Speed
Walk round the deck with us once, as an appetizer?
"The Cricket" by Marjorie Cooke
Here he yields nothing, as he owes nothing, to that appetency which binds him to the natural world.
"The Approach to Philosophy" by Ralph Barton Perry
He killed some chickens and a young pig, and in a very short time the odor of cooking was very appetizing.
"The Hero of Ticonderoga" by John de Morgan
I told him it might not be such an appetizing meal but I imagine he's set on it.
"On the Edge of the Arctic" by Harry Lincoln Sayler
The food was well cooked and appetizing.
"Boy Scouts in the North Sea" by G. Harvey Ralphson
It keeps indefinitely, and is very appetizing.
"The Khaki Kook Book" by Mary Kennedy Core
They began the broiling or scorching operation at once, and the smell of the burning meat was of the most appetizing nature.
"Camp-fire and Wigwam" by Edward Sylvester Ellis
Canned apricot juice, jellied with spices and grated orange rind, makes an appetizing relish for meat or fish.
"American Cookery" by Various
For a time the gentle simmering of the appetizing dish was the only sound to be heard.
"The Gentle Art of Cooking Wives" by Elizabeth Strong Worthington
During all the time he had been living in the country the son-in-law had never yet seen such an appetizing dish.
"The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
Potted bloater is one of the least expensive and appetizing of all potted meats.
"Culture and Cooking" by Catherine Owen
The spread looked quite appetizing and formidable.
"Mlle. Fouchette" by Charles Theodore Murray
Yet he had to admit the meal looked more appetizing than anything he had ever seen.
"The House from Nowhere" by Arthur G. Stangland
She really looked quite appetizing!
"Eyes Like the Sea" by Mór Jókai
The coarse fare became viands of rare appetency.
"Si Klegg, Book 5 (of 6) The Deacon's Adventures At Chattanooga In Caring For The Boys" by John McElroy
When we went back to the house, he again fished out the demijohn from under the bed, and we took a good one for an appetizer.
"In and Out of Rebel Prisons" by Lieut. A. [Alonzo] Cooper

In news:

Appetizers average about $11.95, pastas $14.95, entrees up to $29.95.
This is a textbook example of the "work early, relax later" school of appetizers.
The peach harvest in Palisade may have ended, but Denver restaurants are putting the fruit to good use in drink, appetizer, and main-course specials.
Sous chef Alejandro Loyola prepares an appetizer of prawns at the Turkish-influenced Lokanta restaurant in Pleasanton.
I suppose there aren't that many customers who order two appetizers, three or four entrees, salads and dessert for a noon repast, but my dining companion and I are really hungry, I tell him, not without some embarrassment.
The way to make the best appetizer is to take a good olive and stuff it with the real thing.
If you're looking for an appetizer you can make to take to a friend's house to watch a game, movie or even a meteor shower, I've got a party pleaser for you.
These shrimp appetizers are simple yet full of flavor.
Being a sucker for those succulent layers of meat and fat—typically packaged in appetizer-size cubes—I've tried almost too many to count.
Anthony Gray at High Cotton creates a sublime bacon and eggs appetizer: fresh pork belly topped with a fried farmer's egg accompanied by a bed of red peas with pepper relish.
For this $9 appetizer, chef Benjamin Lambert draws inspiration from the congee, or rice porridge , that he ate when he lived in New York City.
The menu features "tastes" such as the warm crispy package of asparagus, roasted tomato and fontina, and appetizers such as crabcake beignet, and crawfish pie.
An easy Easter appetizer with fresh, spring flavors.
The Texarkana Animal League is making it easy and appetizing for Texarkana residents to give back to their community TAL with Carino's CARES is hosting a fundraiser Carino's Italian from 11:00AM until close on Tuesday, February 7.
I've been so taken by ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro (it made our just-released list of Best New Restaurants) that I dine there as often as possible for lunch, dinner, or just a couple rounds of appetizers.

In science:

As an example (and an appetizer for what is to come), consider the following situation.
Stochastic domination and weak convergence of conditioned Bernoulli random vectors
This section is more an appetizer and encouragement for future works than a complete treatment.
Theory of Zipf's Law and of General Power Law Distributions with Gibrat's law of Proportional Growth
The studies of Bose condensed hydrogen presented here constitute simply the appetizer in the feast of experiments to be carried out.
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atomic Hydrogen