• WordNet 3.6
    • n apparition an act of appearing or becoming visible unexpectedly "natives were amazed at the apparition of this white stranger"
    • n apparition something existing in perception only "a ghostly apparition at midnight"
    • n apparition the appearance of a ghostlike figure "I was recalled to the present by the apparition of a frightening specter"
    • n apparition a ghostly appearing figure "we were unprepared for the apparition that confronted us"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Apparition An unexpected, wonderful, or preternatural appearance; a ghost; a specter; a phantom. "The heavenly bands . . . a glorious apparition .""I think it is the weakness of mine eyes
      That shapes this monstrous apparition ."
    • Apparition The act of becoming visible; appearance; visibility. "The sudden apparition of the Spaniards.""The apparition of Lawyer Clippurse occasioned much speculation in that portion of the world."
    • Apparition (Astron) The first appearance of a star or other luminary after having been invisible or obscured; -- opposed to occultation.
    • Apparition The thing appearing; a visible object; a form. "Which apparition , it seems, was you."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n apparition The act of appearing or coming into sight; appearance; the state of being visible; visibility.
    • n apparition That which appears or becomes visible; an appearance, especially of a remarkable or phenomenal kind.
    • n apparition Specifically A ghostly appearance; a specter or phantom: now the usual sense of the word.
    • n apparition In astronomy, the first appearance of a star or other luminary after having been obscured: opposed to occultation.
    • apparition To cause to to appear in phantom form.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Apparition ap-par-ish′un an appearance—of a visitor, a comet, the appearance in history: an immaterial appearance—of a spirit of the departed, as of a real being, a ghost:
    • n Apparition ap-par-ish′un (astron.) the first appearance of a celestial body after occultation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. apparition, L. apparitio, fr. apparere,. See Appear
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
See Appear.


In literature:

They were, virtually, embalmed apparitions, their inevitable decay delayed, rather than prevented.
"Humorous Ghost Stories" by Dorothy Scarborough
So was the belief of ghosts, apparitions, and spectres.
"Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather" by Charles W. Upham
It was but an apparition of land.
"Waiting for Daylight" by Henry Major Tomlinson
He stands now upon the rock, a vivid, charming, disquieting apparition, with his wild red hair and fluttering scarlet cloak.
"The Wagnerian Romances" by Gertrude Hall
D'Harmental used this precaution for fear the apparition of the captain might frighten Madame Denis if she happened to meet him.
"The Conspirators" by Alexandre Dumas (Pere)
Instinctively I checked my horse, and halted in front of this singular apparition.
"The Wild Huntress" by Mayne Reid
The apparition of the great comet of 1843 gave an additional fillip to the movement.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
There was something startling in such an apparition.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
The two young bulls stared in stupid astonishment at this tremendous apparition.
"Kings in Exile" by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
Mr. Tozer was almost as much taken aback by this apparition as Phoebe herself had been.
"Phoebe, Junior" by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant
When he revived, the apparition had disappeared.
"Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters" by H. Addington Bruce
As Katherine crossed the porch and went down the steps she saw, entering the yard, a tall, square-hatted apparition.
"Counsel for the Defense" by Leroy Scott
For some minutes this hideous apparition eyed the unconscious colossus by the waterside.
"In the Morning of Time" by Charles G. D. Roberts
The grim figure of the one-eyed boatswain rose before him and leered upon him and swept the other apparitions away.
"Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer" by Cyrus Townsend Brady
She sat up in bed and looked steadfastly on the apparition.
"Clairvoyance" by Charles Webster Leadbeater
Even more like a ghost than a man was that apparition of the lightning flare.
"The Valley of Silent Men" by James Oliver Curwood
I never had any idea of treating profoundly the matter of apparitions; I have treated of it, as it were, by chance, and occasionally.
"The Phantom World" by Augustin Calmet
From past experience we have learned that your apparition means mischief.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
The audience sat in utter silence, wondering what could be the reason for this sudden apparition.
"The Film of Fear" by Arnold Fredericks
This apparition surprised the young warrior.
"Tales from the German" by Various

In poetry:

'Before I'd have him not remove,
Now would not have him near;
With sacrifice I called on Love,
And the apparition's Fear.'
"A Girl's Sin - In Her Eyes" by Francis Thompson
Clear the way there, Jonathan!
Way for the President's marshal! Way for the government cannon!
Way for the Federal foot and dragoons—and the apparitions copiously
"A Boston Ballad" by Walt Whitman
Shepherd. They say that on your barren mountain ridge
You have measured out the road that the soul treads
When it has vanished from our natural eyes;
That you have talked with apparitions.
"Shepherd And Goatherd" by William Butler Yeats
From the holes where fraud, falsehood, and hate slink away--
From the crypt in which error lies buried in chains--
This foul apparition stalks forth to the day,
And would ravage the land which his presence profanes.
"Coercion: A Poem For Then And Now" by John Reuben Thompson
Is it some operation that is taking place?
It is the surgeon my neighbors are waiting for,
This apparition in a green helmet,
Shining gloves and white suit.
Is it the butcher, the grocer, the postman, someone I know?
"The Bee Meeting" by Sylvia Plath
Naked to the earth-beam we shall be,
who have arrived to map an apparition,
who walk upon the forehead of a myth.
Can flesh rub with symbol? If our ball
be iron, and not light, our earliest wish
eclipses. Dare we land upon a dream?
"Landing on the Moon" by May Swenson

In news:

At Sears, in Glendale, Calif And Americans -- college students, Hispanic moms with toddlers, old people -- are gawking at a striking apparition poised on the stairway to the women's fitting room.
The Pots Along the Freeway were like a divine apparition to a suffering saint.
'Premium Rush,' 'Hit & Run,' 'The Apparition,' '2016: Obama's America,' 'Thunderstruck'.
From a distance, it looks like an apparition, or some imagining from master surrealist Salvador Dalí.
DaCosta, in her first picture book, seems nonetheless experienced with such nighttime apparitions.
'Apparition' hasn't a ghost of a chance of being good.
Ashley Green stars in "The Apparition".
'Premium Rush,' 'Apparition' to Battle Late-Summer Doldrums .
Visitors will follow a trail marked by signature ghosts during a guided Ghost Walk to discover tales of apparitions and ghosts that inhabit local buildings.
'Twilight's Ashley Greene Goes Glam in Donna Karan Couture at 'The Apparition' Premiere.
Post-"Twilight" Ashley Greene an "Apparition".
"Twilight" co-star Ashley Greene takes the spotlight in new thriller "The Apparition".
In the title role, Todd Thomas was direct and angst-filled, particularly in the apparition scene.
Apparitions of Our Lady .
Pontiff journeys to site of Fátima apparitions.

In science:

Each shift of the reading map provokes the apparition of a minus sign.
Coassociativity breaking and oriented graphs
As a consequence, in the model with higher luminosity, during the first dredge–up, the outer convective zone proceeds much more deeply in mass, preventing the He–core to grow too much during the further evolutionary phases and enabling the apparition of a blue loop.
Stellar evolution with rotation X: Wolf-Rayet star populations at solar metallicity
Let r be the rank of apparition of p in the sequence {un}∞ n=0 , i.e., r be the least positive integer such that p | ur .
A generalization of Wolstenholme's harmonic series congruence
This tends to delay the apparition of an outer convective zone and to reduce its extension.
SPINSTARS at low metallicities
Based on a much smaller sample, observed from the end of 1996 until the end of 1998, Sekanina (2003) gives a similar estimate for the apparition rate: 0.6 per day.
Are the sungrazing comets the inner source of pickup ions and energetic neutral atoms?
On the other hand, the average apparition rate for the Kreutz group is one every other day (and of the secondary groups one per month) and the apparition times show a Poisson distribution.
Are the sungrazing comets the inner source of pickup ions and energetic neutral atoms?
However, the finite resolution used in this procedure generates a numerical artifact commonly known as the “aliasing” effect (apparition of non physical waves near the Nyquist Frequency).
Impact of dimensionless numbers on the efficiency of MRI-induced turbulent transport
If ω(m) exists, ω(m) is called the rank of apparition of m .
A LLT-like test for proving the primality of Fermat numbers
Since 2001, image coverage during Saturn’s apparition has increased drastically: The spot positions from images of more than 180 observers have been measured yielding 780 large white spots positions detected in Saturn’s atmosphere at all latitudes.
Contribution of amateur observations to Saturn storm studies
Over time mutations have introduced some variations in their apparition frequency.
Chaos in DNA inversions (Draft paper)
Moreover, even if the continuous problem is well set, numerical issues still put up some resistance, as considering noisy data, algorithmic complexity or apparition of spurious high-frequency oscillations during numerical implementations (the paper surveys this point).
Iterative reconstruction methods for wave equations
Grammont and Riehle and Grün et al. ): the presence of a spike on one of the two spike trains can affect the apparition of a spike, with a delay, on the second spike train.
A model of Poissonian interactions and detection of dependence
Finally, we could consider a more sophisticated model that takes into account the phenomenons of spontaneous apparition and self-excitation (as for the complete Hawkes model).
A model of Poissonian interactions and detection of dependence
After the symmetry breaking, this extra degree translates into the apparition in the spectrum of an extra massive scalar particle , the Higgs boson particle H .
Introduction To The Symmetry Breaking Sector
The first apparition of this problem in a concrete situation seems to be a talk of H.
Determinantal resultant