• WordNet 3.6
    • n antidepressant any of a class of drugs used to treat depression; often have undesirable side effects
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In news:

Antidepressant drugs may help adults who have an autism spectrum disorder.
People ages 18 to 44 use antidepressants most, and while most use antidepressants to treat depression, they are also used for anxiety disorders and other conditions.
Viibryd, just recently distributed to pharmacies, causes far fewer sexual side effects than most other new-generation antidepressants , but is at least as effective.
The use of antidepressants has been criticized of late, as large-scale scientific trials have raised doubts on whether they are much better than placebos.
A few years ago, a new primary care physician explained to me that among her many services she could also write my prescriptions for any drugs I might need, including, she said, antidepressants .
More people without any documented psychiatric condition are taking antidepressants , according to a study being published Thursday, and some of them are likely receiving little benefit.
WSJ's Shirley Wang details a study showing nearly 75% of all antidepressants in the US were prescribed by non-psychiatrists.
Autism may be linked to antidepressant use.
The trial is intended to enroll 80 subjects with major depressive disorder who have demonstrated inadequate or partial response to other antidepressants .
Antidepressant May Help Quench Hot Flashes.
A new study suggests that a widely prescribed antidepressant may provide at least some relief for women with hot flashes.
Now, those new research tools are putting the spotlight on an extremely persistent, and perhaps equally disruptive, group of contaminants: antidepressants .
Freeman reports having received research support from Forest Laboratories Inc, and other pharmaceutical companies that make antidepressants .
From 2005-2008 -- the last year full data were provided by DOD -- there was a 400 percent increase in the prescription of antidepressants and other drugs used to treat anxiety.
Cymbalta is part of a class of antidepressants that affect both serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain.