• WordNet 3.6
    • adj anticipatory in anticipation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Anticipatory Forecasting; of the nature of anticipation. "Here is an anticipatory glance of what was to be."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • anticipatory Pertaining to, manifesting, or expressing anticipation; anticipative.
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In literature:

We opened this book, therefore, with a sort of anticipatory relish.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847" by Various
The plainclothesmen looked at each other with anticipatory glee.
"The Pirates of Ersatz" by Murray Leinster
Finally she came in, her face wreathed with anticipatory smiles.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Preference of place is given to the horse, and his method of treatment is curiously anticipatory of modern lines.
"The World's Greatest Books - Volume 15 - Science" by Various
Of all the anticipatory mourners, the most demonstrative was the sympathetic widow.
"The Prodigal Father" by J. Storer Clouston
Now a choice involves the anticipatory idea of several possible actions.
"Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson
Can we gain no anticipatory assurance that what is to come will have no strangeness?
"The Will to Believe" by William James
The rest of the group trailed behind with anticipatory grins.
"The Wind Before the Dawn" by Dell H. Munger
"Notes and Queries, Number 214, December 3, 1853" by Various
But although Jane faced him defiantly, and Mary and Eliza with anticipatory timidity, no one of the three spoke.
"The Wall Between" by Sara Ware Bassett
At last he turned decidedly in the direction in which he had been so frequently glancing, and this time his movement was anticipatory.
"The Watchers of the Plains" by Ridgewell Cullum
There had, indeed, been anticipatory ideas.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
I have found my little anticipatory notes generally fulfilled.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 121, November, 1867" by Various
No, there was no love without suffering, he thought; even happy love had its thrills and tremors of doubt, its hours of anticipatory fears.
"Wee Wifie" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
He smiled in anticipatory pleasure at Tim's discomfiture and surprise.
"The Flockmaster of Poison Creek" by George W. Ogden
There was anticipatory pleasure in their hang-dog faces.
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum
The sun had vanished, and a strange, anticipatory stillness enveloped them, broken only by that hollow muttering.
"Anything Once" by Douglas Grant
They stared at him in anticipatory silence.
"Ham Sandwich" by James H. Schmitz
The room was silent for a moment, a tense, anticipatory silence.
"Bear Trap" by Alan Edward Nourse
The town they found had been rechristened Viljoensdorp by the Boers, whose labours there had also been anticipatory.
"South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. V (of VI)" by Louis Creswicke

In news:

LONDON —A week-long spree of London theatergoing inevitably results in a case of anticipatory déjà vu: Something tells you that you'll be seeing the same productions next season in New York.
A little-known section criminalizes the anticipatory obstruction of justice.
One could almost hear the floorboards groan with anticipatory pleasure.
Anticipatory excitement, dude-bro hugs and shots (lots of shots) were abounding as soon as we arrived at Mercy Lounge Saturday night.
James Nocito, Anticipatory Language LearningBurlington, MA.
How to Cope with Anticipatory Grief.
That was Gene Russianoff's anticipatory take on the line of questions I posed to him and other congestion pricing advocates for a story in this week's Observer.

In science:

Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems.
Curiosity and Pleasure
The structure of Bohr’s response to EPR is in no way anticipatory of Bell-nonlocality.
Quantum discord is Bohr's notion of non-mechanical disturbance introduced in his answer to EPR
This can be modeled using Rosen’s (1985) theory of anticipatory systems. Although Rosen’s model was developed within theoretical biology, the model can be made more general by mathematization in terms of incursive routines (Dubois, 1998; Leydesdorff, 2005).
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Two anticipatory mechanisms at a systems level can co-evolve hyper-incursively into a strongly anticipatory system (Leydesdorff, forthcoming).
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
The feedbacks operate in an anticipatory mode.
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Furthermore, the algorithms for the study of anticipatory systems in terms of incursive and hyperincursive routines, enable us increasingly to specify expectations about the non-linear dynamics of expectations (Dubois, 1998, 2000; Leydesdorff & Dubois, 2004; Leydesdorff, 2005 and forthcoming).
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Computing Anticipatory Systems with Incursion and Hyperincursion.
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Review of Incursive, Hyperincursive and Anticipatory Systems—Foundation of Anticipation in Electromagnetism.
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Anticipatory Systems and the Processing of Meaning: A Simulation Inspired by Luhmann's Theory of Social Systems.
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Anticipatory Systems: Philosophical, Mathematical and Methodological Foundations.
Luhmann's Communication-Theoretical Specification of the 'Genomena' of Husserl's Phenomenology
Generation of consistent anticipatory route guidance.
The dynamics of iterated transportation simulations
Anticipatory responses in the presence of stochastic effects have been observed in models of excitable media , as well as in experiments of coupled semi-conductor lasers in a transmitter-receiver configuration .
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
Given that both lag and anticipatory dynamics may be observed in delay-coupled systems, it is natural to ask whether the isochronal, or zero lag, state, in which there is no phase difference in the synchronized time series, may be stabilized in coupled systems.
Isochronal synchronization of delay-coupled systems
It is simple to see that ¯π is an admissible non-anticipatory policy.
Stochastic Depletion Problems: Effective Myopic Policies for a class of Dynamic Optimization Problems
For phoneme recognition, where both anticipatory and carry-over coarticulatory effects are important, a bi-directional neural network is suitable.
Phoneme recognition in TIMIT with BLSTM-CTC