• Northcroft kicking the field goal anticipated by the Navy and feared by the Army
    Northcroft kicking the field goal anticipated by the Navy and feared by the Army
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n anticipation the act of predicting (as by reasoning about the future)
    • n anticipation something expected (as on the basis of a norm) "each of them had their own anticipations","an indicator of expectancy in development"
    • n anticipation an expectation
    • n anticipation anticipating with confidence of fulfillment
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The Fifth of November anticipated in Quite Mad-eira The Fifth of November anticipated in Quite Mad-eira

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Anticipation Hasty notion; intuitive preconception. "Many men give themselves up to the first anticipations of their minds."
    • Anticipation Previous view or impression of what is to happen; instinctive prevision; foretaste; antepast; as, the anticipation of the joys of heaven. "The happy anticipation of renewed existence in company with the spirits of the just."
    • Anticipation The act of anticipating, taking up, placing, or considering something beforehand, or before the proper time in natural order. "So shall my anticipation prevent your discovery."
    • Anticipation (Mus) The commencing of one or more tones of a chord with or during the chord preceding, forming a momentary discord.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n anticipation The act of being before another in doing something; the act of taking up, placing, or considering something beforehand, before the proper time, or out of the natural order; prior action.
    • n anticipation Foretaste; realization in advance; previous view or impression of what is to happen afterward; expectation; hope: as, the anticipation of the joys of heaven.
    • n anticipation Previous notion; preconceived opinion, produced in the mind before the truth is known; slight previous impression; forecast.
    • n anticipation In logic, the term used since Cicero (Latin anticipatio) to translate the “prolepsis” (πρόληψις) of the Epicureans and Stoics. It denotes any general notion considered as resulting from the action of memory upon experiences more or less similar. Such a notion is called an anticipation because, once possessed, it is called up in its entirety by a mere suggestion. It thus acquaints us with what has not yet been perceived, by a reference to past perceptions. Hence, with later philosophers, the word denotes knowledge drawn from the mind, independently of experience; the knowledge of axioms or first principles. With Bacon an anticipation of nature is a hasty generalization or hypothesis: opposed to an interpretation of nature. In Kant's philosophy, anticipation is the a priori knowledge that every sensation must have degrees of intensive quantity.
    • n anticipation In medicine, the occurrence in the human body of any phenomenon, morbid or natural, before the usual time.
    • n anticipation In music, the introduction into a chord of one or more of the component notes of the chord which follows, producing a passing discord.
    • n anticipation In rhetoric, prolepsis. Synonyms Antepast, preconception, expectation, prevision, foresight, presentiment.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Anticipation act of anticipating: assignment to too early a time: foretaste: previous notion, or presentiment: expectation
    • ***


  • Harold Wallace Ross
    Harold Wallace Ross
    “Think as you work, for in the final analysis, your worth to your company comes not only in solving problems, but also in anticipating them.”
  • Claude M. Bristol
    “We usually get what we anticipate.”
  • Elbert Hubbard
    “If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble.”
  • Seneca
    “Nothing is so wretched or foolish as to anticipate misfortunes. What madness is it to be expecting evil before it comes.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”
  • Nathan Collins
    Nathan Collins
    “The very best financial presentation is one that's well thought out and anticipates any questions... answering them in advance.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. anticipatio,: cf. F. anticipation,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. anticipāre, -ātumānte, before, cap-ĕre, to take.


In literature:

He felt himself vanquished, and desired, it would almost seem, to die by anticipation.
"History of the Girondists, Volume I" by Alphonse de Lamartine
Some of them, therefore, commenced the task, and the emperor anticipated the others.
"History of the Expedition to Russia" by Count Philip de Segur
The crowd pressed round keenly anticipating some fun.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
We picked twice as many apples as we anticipated.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
Not to anticipate, however, let us place under the bell-glass the hunter and the game.
"Social Life in the Insect World" by J. H. Fabre
From every nook and corner of the house they hunted out chairs and stools, anticipating a real run upon the parsonage.
"Prudence of the Parsonage" by Ethel Hueston
Still she sat there thinking with all the force of her young brain, partly remembering, partly anticipating.
"A Crooked Path" by Mrs. Alexander
Besides, in this instance, his magnificent generosity has anticipated me.
"The President" by Alfred Henry Lewis
The bishop told you that, no doubt, anticipating my own good offices.
"The Mayor of Warwick" by Herbert M. Hopkins
The mere anticipation of the suspense and the strain of those hours was a torture to me.
"The Four Feathers" by A. E. W. Mason
She read amused anticipation in his eyes and grew self-conscious at it.
"Then I'll Come Back to You" by Larry Evans
We have seen the historical results of this mode of procedure in what is denominated the Anticipative or Hypothetical Method.
"Continental Monthly , Vol IV, Issue VI, December 1863" by Various
But we will not anticipate.
"Continental Monthly , Vol I, Issue I, January 1862" by Various
But I must not anticipate.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 3, July, 1851" by Various
The biscuits also turn out better than was anticipated.
"The Land of Fire" by Mayne Reid
The latter she had anticipated with fear and trembling.
"Mlle. Fouchette" by Charles Theodore Murray
This was the first instance of a sale at an anticipated advance.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. 13" by Various
Trembling with dread anticipation, he had hurried back to the bench, only to find his fears realized.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
I did not anticipate that any harm could have happened to him so soon after leaving Petersburg.
"The International Spy" by Allen Upward
The cooling down did not start with the alacrity which her ladyship had anticipated.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan

In poetry:

Why should blessings yet in store,
Hold us still in expectation?
Leading thro' succeeding sorrows,
By some fond anticipation:
"An Effusion" by Elizabeth Bath
With me, your chief, ye then shall know,
Shall feel your sins forgiven;
Anticipate your heaven below,
And own that love is heaven.
"O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" by Charles Wesley
Late the days were mark'd with sorrow,
Late the nights were mark'd with care;
Now the near anticipation,
Rises brighter from despair.
"Expectation" by Elizabeth Bath
Shall we sit still in low-voiced talk
Anticipating lamp and book,
Or once more take a sauntering walk
Hill-ward to catch the sun's last look?
"An Autumn Evening" by William Bell Scott
Oh I must feel your brain prompt mine,
Your heart anticipate my heart,
You must be just before, in fine,
See and make me see, for your part,
New depths of the divine!
"By The Fire-Side" by Robert Browning
Mighty things were done at Casey's; mighty bouts anticipated
Made the Sunday church-door topic for a month ahead at least;
On the cheerless Sundays after, with misguided hope deflated,
We explained away our failures as we waited for the priest.
"St Patricks Day" by John O Brien

In news:

Amazon Deforestation Rates Double as Farmers Anticipate Pardons.
Foothill Music Theatre's summer musical is an anticipated event by musical lovers, as director Jay Manley always manages to assemble a talented team.
Delinquency petition anticipated because of juvenile in custody.
As you read this‚ the Nissan Delta­Wing‚ perhaps the most talked-about race car of this era‚ is undergoing final high-speed testing at several European tracks before its much anticipated appearance at Le Mans.
Does your previous career in dental hygiene cross over with your anticipated degree in radiation protection engineering.
Make plans to head over to Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston this Friday, October 26 for their much anticipated Dazzler Day.
Early returns on Tuesday in what is anticipated to be a dead-even presidential election contained no surprises, as news.
Thousands of New Jersey Families who have children with developmental disabilities are either filled with fear or anticipation as a result of big changes on the state level when it comes to the department now providing their services.
(Mukilteo, WA) – The days are getting shorter and the rains will be returning soon, which means that it is time for Diamond Knot Craft Brewing's much-anticipated release of their Ho.
In anticipation of the forthcoming ITMA Asia and CITME show in Shanghai, and to underline the importance of the Chinese market, the DiloGroup has decided to launch a Chinese version of its website.
One Title Dimmed , Another Anticipated.
SAN FRANCISCO — Evil Eye Pictures ( contributed nearly 200 visual effects shots to Marvel's highly anticipated motion picture, The Avengers.
This is a market where unscrupulous suppliers hoard drugs in anticipation of a shortage, and, when it happens, they jack up the price.
You learn to anticipate what's ahead by looking down current and literally reading the river.
Signs supporting Mississippi State University's football team began popping up across Starkville and campus Thursday in anticipation of MSU's game against No.

In science:

When we increase α we anticipate a more ergodic behavior, in particular in the limit α → 1.
A Random Walk to a Non-Ergodic Equilibrium Concept
Note, however, that f ; (g ; h) = (f ; g); h, so lamination is important.) The canonical embedding GoI(fSetp) ֒→ Lam(GoI(fSetp)) is more interesting than one might have anticipated.
Simple multiplicative proof nets with units
Although, this agrees with the expected scaling behaviour of the individual terms, this observation implies that the sum rule method yields a much larger theoretical error than we had anticipated.
W-exchange/Annihilation amplitudes in LCSR - $B_d^0 \to D_s^-K^+$ as an example
Although we had anticipated that the error in the present case is going to be large, the values in the table are at complete variance with our naive expectations.
W-exchange/Annihilation amplitudes in LCSR - $B_d^0 \to D_s^-K^+$ as an example
We can also learn the value of the proton charge radius by measuring the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen; and we anticipate news from a related PSI experiment.
Precision physics of simple atoms: QED tests, nuclear structure and fundamental constants
Thus, as anticipated, a Monte Carlo code capable of calculate quantum probabilities and using first principle transition matrices can be constructed.
First principles quantum Monte Carlo
The importance of the constraint from Z → b¯b could have been anticipated from the NDA estimate of Ref. , requiring δgLb /|gSM Lb | . 0.25%.
The Minimal Composite Higgs Model and Electroweak Precision Tests
We anticipate that randomization might offer substantial benefits whenever a large number of control time-slots is involved.
Random decoupling schemes for quantum dynamical control and error suppression
The incremental boundedness gives rise to the anticipation that there is a general relation between the amplitude of each excursion and its duration. The relation amplitude ↔ duration determines not only a property of an excursion but the”velocity” of the “motion” on that excursion as well.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
Since the succession of the selections is arbitrary, it is to be anticipated that the global characteristics exhibits permanent irregular variations in time.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
K¯ab′ K¯a ¯b′ ! , KLR = Kab′ Ka ¯b′ K¯ab K¯a¯b ! , KLL = Kab Ka¯b and we have anticipated our identification the generating function K (q , P ) with the action K (XL , XR ) by introducing the labels R, L.
Generalized Kahler manifolds and off-shell supersymmetry
As we anticipated previously we present here a rather straightforward extension of the Lanczos scheme to finite temperature, in which a small number of excited states of the Hamiltonian matrix are computed.
Solving Dynamical Mean-Field Theory at very low temperature using Lanczos Exact Diagonalization
One may naively anticipate that this enhancement will enhance the coefficients of sin δ and cos δ in P (νµ → µe ), thereby facilitate the detection of δ .
A Simple Parameterization of Matter Effects on Neutrino Oscillations
The offset between the blind target values and the actual estimates for this analysis was somewhat larger than anticipated, so the specified offset does not quite match the actual shift.
Measurement of \Omega_m, \Omega_{\Lambda} from a blind analysis of Type Ia supernovae with CMAGIC: Using color information to verify the acceleration of the Universe
The physics therein is rich, revealed by considerably numerous amount of studies, but still many issues arise from extensive experiments which anticipate future investigations.
Theoretical Aspects of Charge Ordering in Molecular Conductors