• WordNet 3.6
    • n antagonist a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug
    • n antagonist a muscle that relaxes while another contracts "when bending the elbow the triceps are the antagonist"
    • n antagonist someone who offers opposition
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Antagonist (Med) A medicine which opposes the action of another medicine or of a poison when absorbed into the blood or tissues.
    • Antagonist (Anat) A muscle which acts in opposition to another; as a flexor, which bends a part, is the antagonist of an extensor, which extends it.
    • a Antagonist Antagonistic; opposing; counteracting; as, antagonist schools of philosophy.
    • Antagonist One who contends with another, especially in combat; an adversary; an opponent. "Antagonist of Heaven's Almigthy King.""Our antagonists in these controversies."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n antagonist One who contends with another in combat or in argument; an opponent; a competitor; an adversary.
    • n antagonist In anatomy, a muscle which acts in opposition to another: as, a flexor, which bends a part, is the antagonist of an extensor, which extends it. Synonyms Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent, etc. (see adversary), opposer, rival, assailant.
    • antagonist Counteracting; opposing; combating: as, antagonist forces; an antagonist muscle. The flexors and extensors of a limit, as also the abductors and adductors, have to each other the relation of antagonist muscles.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Antagonist one who contends or struggles with another: an opponent
    • adjs Antagonist contending against: opposed to
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  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “No wise combatant underestimates their antagonist.”
  • Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    “Remember that when you meet your antagonist, to do everything in a mild agreeable manner. Let your courage be keen, but, at the same time, as polished as your sword.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “No prudent antagonist thinks light of his adversaries.”
  • Plato
    “There must always remain something that is antagonistic to good.”
  • Emile Coue
    Emile Coue
    “When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.”
  • William Mathews
    William Mathews
    “All maxims have their antagonist maxims; proverbs should be sold in pairs, a single one being but a half truth.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. antagonista, Gr. ; against + combatant, champion, fr. : cf. F. antagoniste,. See Antagonism
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. anti, against—agōn, contest. See Agony.


In literature:

Captain Olding fought the corvette bravely, manoeuvring to keep ahead of his antagonist.
"The Missing Ship" by W. H. G. Kingston
There seemed to be no likelihood that my antagonist would give in.
"Snow Shoes and Canoes" by William H. G. Kingston
If so, though much smaller, she might prove a formidable antagonist, or turn out a Tartar.
"The South Sea Whaler" by W.H.G. Kingston
In person this antagonist confronted Descartes in the shape of Gassendi, the restorer of Epicurean materialism.
"Selected Essays" by Karl Marx
The reader must not suppose that, while masters and scholars were ranged against each other as antagonists, they were quiet as statues.
"Rattlin the Reefer" by Edward Howard
The contemporary and the antagonist of BAYLE was LE CLERC.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)" by Isaac D'Israeli
And contradiction demands a "for" and an "against," a protagonist and an antagonist.
"The Complex Vision" by John Cowper Powys
Christianity was both antagonistic to and tolerant of pagan custom and belief.
"Folklore as an Historical Science" by George Laurence Gomme
Secondly, any knight proposing to combat might, if he pleased, select a special antagonist from among the challengers, by touching his shield.
"Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 6" by Charles H. Sylvester
His antagonist, passing a laced handkerchief along a gleaming blade, smiled politely.
"Prisoners of Hope" by Mary Johnston
This condition of muscular stiffness is due to the contraction of antagonist groups of muscles, involving practically the entire body.
"The Psychology of Singing" by David C. Taylor
This same black bear of Canada, after it has hugged its antagonists to death, tears them open with its hind feet.
"Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals" by R. Lee
There are at this moment two complementary and not antagonistic ideals before the country.
"Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose" by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose
With the stealthy motion of a cat he approached his antagonist, and sprang.
"Blazed Trail Stories" by Stewart Edward White
The horrible accident which destroyed the "Randolph" came near being the end of the "Yarmouth," her antagonist.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
It would be madness to provoke such an antagonist.
"Danger! and Other Stories" by Arthur Conan Doyle
There were five shots, the antagonist wounded twice, and fell.
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
Seeing that he must force matters, he made a furious rush for his antagonist.
"The Hunters of the Ozark" by Edward S. Ellis
He was not disposed to yield to his new antagonist.
"The Young Miner" by Horatio Alger, Jr.
At length, however, there appeared a chance of falling in with an antagonist worthy of her.
"The Grateful Indian" by W.H.G. Kingston

In poetry:

In rhetoric its powers are shewn;
The boldest figure ever known.
'Twill your antagonist o'erthrow;
It fells him with a single blow;
Is the most cogent we insist,
Except a blow with double fist.
"The Wager" by William Hutton

In news:

If Mike Richards was Batman, Matt Cooke would his Penguin - the antagonistic supervillian, and one of his oldest, most persistent and most elusive enemies.
Frzb-1 Is a Secreted Antagonist of Wnt Signaling Expressed in the Spemann Organizer.
Frzb-1 Is a Secreted Antagonist of Wnt Signaling Expressed in the Spemann Organizer Cell, Volume 88, Issue 6, 21 March 1997, Pages 747-756 Luc Leyns, Tewis Bouwmeester, Sung-Hyun Kim, Stefano Piccolo and Eddy M De RobertisSummary.
) Instead, Sweatshop 's strategy is to pull you into the antagonist's mindset.
Combinations of aspirin, clopidogrel, and vitamin K antagonists are widely used in patients after myocardial infarction.
Wear of enamel antagonist to ceramic surfaces.
0 Mark Cecil, left, and Alan Blumenfeld star as polarized antagonists coming to terms with a hate crime in David Gow's 'Cherry Docs'.
An incendiary new Spanish-language ad from GOP nominee Mitt Romney links President Obama to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and former Cuban President Fidel Castro , two frequent American antagonists from Latin America.
Braincells, Inc Announces the Successful Completion of a Multiple Ascending Dose Study of BCI-838, a Group II mGluR2/3 Antagonist, and the Company's Plans for a Proof-of-Concept Study in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression.
Braincells, Inc Announces the Successful Completion of a Multiple Ascending Dose Study of BCI-838, a Group II mGluR2/3 Antagonist, and the Company's Plans for a Proof-of- Concept Study in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression.
Tensions have reached a boiling point at Corona 's hospital after physicians held an emergency meeting to ask the top administrator to resign because of what they call antagonistic management practices.
I hate to sound antagonistic, but after three years of law school and student loans that make the US deficit look like a joke, I can't find a job in the legal industry.
King's pleased that, though Lemon appeared at first to be "Hart of Dixie 's" primary antagonist, she was gradually revealed to be a much more vulnerable but relatable character.
Maureen Dowd / Pampered princes fling gorilla dust: Obama and Romney are natural antagonists, but they have some similarities.
They have a success track record of 80% to 90% with respect to positively identifying anonymous antagonists.

In science:

This strategy simulates the fact that a recessive mutation, to be effective, must be inherited from both parents; alternatively, it can be interpreted as antagonistic pleiotropy, the trade-off between fecundity and longevity [8, 3].
Applications and Sexual Version of a Simple Model for Biological Ageing
Let us assume that an integer electric charge e rotating along an orbit of radius r generates two antagonist forces, one centripetal (action) and the other one centrifugal (reaction), that fix its equilibrium state, and let's start with the non relativist formulation.
Nature and Quantization of the Proton Mass: An Electromagnetic Model
The proton, which appears as the only particle with r < 2.8 Fm, is stable despite being at the top of the left part of the curve where the offset between the two antagonist structural energies, compressive and expansive, is maximum.
Nature and Quantization of the Proton Mass: An Electromagnetic Model
These two antagonist effects should in principle induce some massdependent variations in the galaxy-temperature crosscorrelation function.
Constraining neutrino masses with the ISW-galaxy correlation function
Biological control agents often exhibit marked variability in performance (Gibson et al., 1999), failing to provide isotropic control of infection on targeted hosts, for example due to uneven colonization of roots by microbial antagonists deployed as biological control agents.
Complexity and anisotropy in host morphology make populations safer against epidemic outbreaks
It is found that the natural antagonists, the pump strength P and the loss at the surfaces play a severe though in first instance counterintuitive role.
Coherent feedback from dissipation: the lasing mode volume of random lasers
Ansell, J., Hirsh, J., Hylek, E., Jacobson, A., Crowther, M., Palareti, G. (2008). Pharmacology and management of the vitamin K antagonists: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (8th Edition).
The application of a perceptron model to classify an individual's response to a proposed loading dose regimen of Warfarin
Not only does the size of the molecule set the scale of the self-assembled structures, such as the bilayer thickness, but also its “architecture”, the relative volumes of the two antagonistic molecular parts, can be directly correlated with the various morphologies.
Biological and synthetic membranes: What can be learned from a coarse-grained description?
Matsuo Y., Mihara S., Ninomiya M. and Fujimoto M. (2001) Protective effect of endothelin type A receptor antagonist on brain edema and injury after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats.
Post-ischaemic treatment with the cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor nimesulide reduces blood-brain barrier disruption and leukocyte infiltration following transient focal cerebral ischaemia in rats
Mulcahy, J. Ross, N.J. Rothwell, S.A. Loddick, Delayed administration of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protects against transient cerebral ischaemia in the rat, Br. J.
Wide therapeutic time window for nimesulide neuroprotection in a model of transient focal cerebral ischemia in the rat
Clinical experience with excitatory amino acid antagonist drugs.
Neuroprotective efficacy of nimesulide against hippocampal neuronal damage following transient forebrain ischemia
Y. Liu, L. Belayev, W. Zhao, R. Busto, M.D. Ginsberg, MRZ 2/579, a novel uncompetitive N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist, reduces infarct volume and brain swelling and improves neurological deficits after focal cerebral ischemia in rats, Brain Res. 862 (2000) 111-119.
Effects of pyruvate administration on infarct volume and neurological deficits following permanent focal cerebral ischemia in rats
Disruption of p21 activity leads to enhanced p14Arf expression. The p14 proteins are antagonistic to the MDM2 activity so that p53 proteins can accumulate to higher levels.
The p53-MDM2 network: from oscillations to apoptosis
The constraint adds a tangential stress proportional to the multiplier T ab ; tension will be introduced in the surface whenever its action is antagonistic to bending.
How paper folds: bending with local constraints
However, its antagonists believe that knowing the author’s identity makes it easier to compare the new manuscript with previously published papers, and it also encourages the reviewers to disclose conflicts of interest [ 1].
On a Reliable Peer-Review Process