• WordNet 3.6
    • adj ane used of a single unit or thing; not two or more "`ane' is Scottish"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ane Scotch and northern English form of one.
    • n ane A suffix of Latin origin, the same as -an, as in mundane, ultramontane, etc. In some cases it serves, with a difference of accent, to differentiate words in -ane, as germane, humane, urbane, from doublets in -an, as german, human, urban.
    • n ane In chem., a termination denoting that the hydrocarbon the name of which ends with it belongs to the paraffin series having the general formula CnH2n + 2: as, methane, CH4; ethane, C2H6.
    • ane A suffix applied to the names of classes in the quantitative classification of igneous rocks. See rock.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Ane ān or yin Scotch form of One.
    • Ane ān or yin, Scotch form of One.
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In literature:

A hamer and ane bill and helfe and armes redy placed.
"Highways and Byways in Surrey" by Eric Parker
An' there's this ane ah kin have.
"'Lizbeth of the Dale" by Marian Keith
Jist sparkin' bees, every ane o' them!
"Duncan Polite" by Marian Keith
There is nae secret between yer mother an' me that isna weel-kenned to every ane in the country-side.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume VI" by Various
Ye micht jist sit doon upo' ane o' the Boar's Taes an' tak a play o' yer pipes.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 20, August 1877" by Various
These be trying times, and it is not every ane has your heart.
"Graham of Claverhouse" by Ian Maclaren
Ye are the king of that school, but I'm the king of the mountain and fairy school, which is a far higher ane than yours!
"Essays in English Literature, 1780-1860" by George Saintsbury
But I think naething o' the puir sailor lads; I'm wi' the sea, I'm just like ane o' her ain Merry Men.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XXI" by Robert Louis Stevenson
And I'll be forgotten by ane an' by a'.
"My Schools and Schoolmasters" by Hugh Miller
But naething would satisfy Tam Dale, till ane o' them had startit on aheid to stand sentry on the boat.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 11 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
To go on with his confessions: The Christmas of 1602 arrived, and 'The Laird keepit ane great Yule at Gunnisgreen.
"James VI and the Gowrie Mystery" by Andrew Lang
There is help only in Ane.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume III" by Various
He seing no hope of the Kingis favour towards him, said verrie proudlie, 'I am bot ane fooll to seik grace at ane graceles face.
"Border Raids and Reivers" by Robert Borland
Give me ane, just ane kiss, dearie.
"Christine" by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
I sould tell whether it was ane hill spirit, ane kirk spirit, or ane water spirit that so troubles him.
"Witch Stories" by E. Lynn (Elizabeth Lynn) Linton
Surely ane o' them might be permitted to me.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume I" by Various
I had nae thochts o' meetin wi' ony but ane.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. 9" by Various
Coq-a-l'Ane, 174, 177, 198.
"A Short History of French Literature" by George Saintsbury
Ah on'y wesh Ah could 'a got ane o' the deevils tae me credit afore this!
"The Black Watch" by Scout Joe Cassells
The sta'bo'd gun was twisht oot o' shape, and a' the crew but ane were strechit on the deck.
"Sea-Hounds" by Lewis R. Freeman

In poetry:

"Wha cud be a widow
Wife was never nane?
Noo, gien ye will hae me,
Noo I will be ane!"
"Ower The Hedge" by George MacDonald
Wha wad fash wi' ane anither
Puin' o' the blaeberrie?
Berries whiles will grow thegither,
Heigho the blaeberrie!
"The Sodger's Lassie" by Sydney Thompson Dobell
Four and twanty siller bells
Wer a' tyed till his mane,
And yae tift o the norland wind,
They tinkled ane by ane.
"Lord Thomas And Fair Annet" by Andrew Lang
I've made a vow, I'll keep it true,
I'll never married be;
For the only ane that I think on
Will never think o' me.
"The Maiden's Vow" by Carolina Oliphant
An' abune there's room for mony;
'Twasna made for ane or twa,
But was aye for a' an' ony
Countin love the best ava.
"Greitna, Father" by George MacDonald
Ane is this life prolonged to me?
Are days and seasons giv'n?
O let me, then, prepare to be
A fitter heir of heav'n.
"Hymn 44 part 2" by Isaac Watts

In news:

Norway's Ane Enderud appears to be following that same trajectory.
Norwegian-born and Swedish-based singer-songwriter Ane Brun crafts delicately haunting melodies and counts Peter Gabriel and Ani DiFranco among her fans.
Ane Brun , 'Neighbourhood #1'.
Ane Brun strips down Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" for the May 1st release of It All Starts With One.
Ane Brun strips down Arcade Fire's " Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" for the May 1st release of It All Starts With One.
Ane Ohm has been named president of HarQen, a Milwaukee digital voice technology start-up that is backed by venture capital.
J ane and Joe are eager to get working, so they log on to their Windows NT workstations.
With the arrival of high-definition displays and content, will there still be aneed for line doubles.
Of course, it's not just anes-thesiologists who try to put young patients at ease .
Take a Look, It's in an…E-book.
Pigeons aned larger birds are unable to gain a foothold on the protected surface.
From the intricacies of her moody, throwback pop songs to the nuances of her stripped-down live show—we just saw her with knives out while on tour with Ane Brun— Ray 's music is orchestration in the most organic sense.
Anže Slosar Maps Matter At The Edge Of The Universe.

In science:

Lebowitz. An´e, C., Blach`ere, S., Chafa¨ı, D., Foug`eres, P., Gentil, I., Malrieu, F., Roberto, C., and Scheffer, G.
Combinatorial aspects of matrix models
About the second maximal subgroups of type HA (a–ne case), we reduce to the case where the second maximal subgroup is even and of prime degree.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Suppose that H < G with H primitive and that neither H nor G is of a–ne type.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Suppose that H < G with H primitive of a–ne type and H of degree n = r l , l > 1, r a prime.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
An a–ne primitive group of degree r prime must contain a cycle of length r .
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Provided that r is prime, this is a primitive subgroup of a–ne type of PGL(V).
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Liebeck, The a–ne permutation groups of rank three, Proc.
Second maximal subgroups of the finite alternating and symmetric groups
Sofiane Bouarroudj, Pavel Grozman and Dimitry Leites, Cartan matrices and presentations of Cunha and Elduque Superalgebras, preprint arXiv.math.
Tits construction of the exceptional simple Lie algebras
If e ∈ X , a ∈ G, u ∈ Γ is nontrivial, and a−nuan → 1 as n → ∞, then {Γane : n ≥ 0} ⊂ Γ\X is unbounded.
On presentations of integer polynomial points of simple groups over number fields
The latter option would contradict Lemma 3 since for any e ∈ A, we have Γbne = Γe ∈ Γ\X and yet there is an unbounded a ∈ T such that the ray determined by ane is parallel to the ray determined by bne and yet a−nuan → 1 either for any u ∈ U(OK [t]) or for any u in the OK [t]-points of the unipotent radical of Pop .
On presentations of integer polynomial points of simple groups over number fields
As an additional pair of controls, we also include indicators for respondents’ partisan selfidentification; Democrat and Republican are naturallycoded indicator variables gleaned from an ANES-like measure of party identification.
Some Quantum-Like Features of Mass Politics in Two-Party Systems
The appearance of the Maaß form bF thus results from the combination of the non-compactness of the space (with boundary) and the presence of flux with non-vanishing five-br ane charge, both things being somehow correlated.
Gauge Threshold Corrections for N = 2 Heterotic Local Models with Flux, and Mock Modular Forms
As a result we can obtain the results of this paper for such spaces as AES , ANES , the “comb space”, and admissible in the sense of Klee subsets of topological vector spaces .
Fixed points and selections of multifunctions on spaces with convexity
L] , which are ANE([L]) and admit [L]-invertable and approximately [L]-soft mappings onto n-dimensional sphere (see for necessary definition).
Continuous selections with respect to extension dimension
Indeed, the finite spectrum hypothesis allows to claim that | D ˆAnE | ≤ αn max legitimating relation (16) when γαmax t << 1.
Measuring the mean value of vibrational observables in trapped ion systems