• WordNet 3.6
    • n anarchism a political theory favoring the abolition of governments
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Anarchism The doctrine or practice of anarchists.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n anarchism Confusion; disorder; anarchy.
    • n anarchism The doctrines of the anarchists; the anarchic and socialistic scheme of society proposed by Proudhon. See anarchy, 2.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Anarchism anarchy: the negation of government—the name adopted by a phase of revolutionary socialism associated with the names of Proudhon and Bakunin. Their ideal of society was of one without government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself
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  • Alexander Pope
    “Lo! thy dread empire, Chaos! is restored; dies before thy uncreating word: thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall; and universal darkness buries all.”
  • George Orwell
    “The atmosphere of orthodoxy is always damaging to prose, and above all it is completely ruinous to the novel, the most anarchical of all forms of literature.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. anarchisme,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. a, an, neg., archē, government.


In literature:

Such philosophy had always seemed to him to savor dangerously of anarchism.
"The Freelands" by John Galsworthy
He discussed all sorts of things with Ferrand; on one occasion Shelton overheard them arguing on anarchism.
"The Island Pharisees" by John Galsworthy
The Chicago outbreak and its result stopped the open spread of anarchism.
"The Cleveland Era" by Henry Jones Ford
But I draw the line at Anarchism and Free Love and that sort of thing.
"Man And Superman" by George Bernard Shaw
We have before us a state of society in which the anarchical element is predominant.
"Landholding In England" by Joseph Fisher
His dress is anarchic.
"Candida" by George Bernard Shaw
But what could you expect from an anarchical Turk like Gedge?
"The Red Planet" by William J. Locke
Those were anarchic broadcasts with no discernible regularity.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
The medical code regarding it is simply criminal anarchism at its very worst.
"The Doctor's Dilemma: Preface on Doctors" by George Bernard Shaw
Here, I thought, there is at any rate something anarchic and violent and vile.
"Tremendous Trifles" by G. K. Chesterton
Next he flagellated Anarchism and its partisans.
"Paris From the "Three Cities"" by Emile Zola
Their moral and social world is in a chaotic and anarchical state.
"Cannibals all!" by George Fitzhugh
It is the most effective outbreak of Anarchism since the days of Bakunin.
"Socialism and Democracy in Europe" by Samuel P. Orth
The Jewish republic, reduced to slavery so often, was anarchical rather than theocratical.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 10 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
An anarchical shoemaker, possibly!
"That Unfortunate Marriage, Vol. 3(of 3)" by Frances Eleanor Trollope
This is true only where "anarchy" is not being created by anarchic actions.
"Our Revolution" by Leon Trotzky
What Anarchism is in the body Politic, that Influenza is in the body Physical.
"A Book of Ghosts" by Sabine Baring-Gould
Not cruel, relentless, impotently anarchic, chaotically potent, this Mater Genetrix.
"The Divine Adventure Volume IV" by Fiona Macleod
Melbourne anarchism, however, has no harm in it: it is a mere spark of eccentric speculation.
"Contemporary Socialism" by John Rae
It's Anarchism and bombs, of course.
"Chronicles of Martin Hewitt" by Arthur Morrison

In poetry:

There's Shelley, Byron, arm in arm,
With Schiller, Uhland, near:
While cheek by jowl with anarch "crank"
See young Camille appear.
"May Day" by Bernard O Dowd
One rational voice is dumb. Over his grave
the household of Impulse mourns one dearly loved:
sad is Eros, builder of cities,
and weeping anarchic Aphrodite.
"In Memory of Sigmund Freud " by W H Auden
Then waxed I like the wind because of this,
And ran, like gospel and apocalypse,
From door to door, with new anarchic lips,
Crying the very blasphemy of bliss.
"Good News" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Can Freedom breathe if ignorance reign?
Shall Commerce thrive where anarchs rule?
Will Faith her half-fledged brood retain
If darkening counsels cloud the school?
"For The Dedication Of The New City Library, Boston" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
What though your light
In time's first dawn compelled the flight
Of Chaos' startled clan,
Shall never all your darted spears
Disperse worse Anarchs, frauds and fears,
Sprung from these weeds to man?
"The New Zealot To The Sun" by Herman Melville
I preached, but fruitlessly; the powerful from their stations
Rebuked me as an anarch, envious and bad,
And they that served them with lean hands and bitter patience
Smiled only out of hollow orbs, and deemed me mad.
"The Land Of Pallas" by Archibald Lampman

In news:

Kropotkin published a series of books and long pamphlets, including Mutual Aid, The Great French Revolution, Modern Science and Anarchism , and Ethics.
While the game feels repetitive in long stretches, de Blob is a fast-paced, cheerfully anarchic diversion with some real challenges under its cute hood.
Their anarchic, slapstick humor turned dignified settings into playhouses for Groucho's outrageous puns and wisecracks, Harpo 's horn honking and girl chasing and Chico's distorted logic.
Talk to Her is a major tonal and thematic departure for Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, creator of such uniquely anarchic comedies as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.
Anarchic, arbitrary sexual urges -- there's not a man or woman who doesn't love and has not been disturbed by them.
New Ghost combines complex Zappa-esque instrumentals and spoken-word vocals with an off-kilter funkiness and anarchic punk expressionism.
Gross-out horror is never far from comedy and The Host, Bong Joon-ho's giddy creature feature, has the anarchic mess factor worthy of a pile of old Mad magazines.
Not long ago I read with pious misgivings a book on Anarchism, by Emma Goldman.
Director Simon McBurney Turns His Anarchic Talents to a Classic Opera.
But the clash raises the specter of Syria turning into an anarchic battleground for competing ethnic and sectarian militias , as the civil war grinds on.
"The most distinguishing character of anarchism for me is prefigurative politics — creating the new within the shell of the old," Adrej Grubacic, the new department head, told us.
His classes come at a time when anarchism is being more widely discussed in the US than it has been for generations.
National Geographics is reporting museums throughout Egypt are being looted by thieves taking advantage of the present anarchism in the country.
Neorealism, or Structural Realism, considers the actions of states to be conditioned by the structure of the international system, which is fundamentally anarchic.
Subtitled "Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967," this exhibit often captures the cultural force of the music's delirious, anarchic promises.

In science:

X ) is equal to one. A regular sequence such that there is no countably additive measure with respect to which it is uniformly distributed will be called anarchical.
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
The above examples show that in discrete metric spaces, anarchical sequences are simply sequences consisting of all points of the space. A much more surprising example is given by the Urysohn space.
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
Almost every matrix with respect to this measure determines an anarchical sequence in the Urysohn space.
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
We now explore the possibility of reproducing these data in the model described above, with anarchic Yukawa couplings 2 .
The Lepton Sector of a Fourth Generation
Had we considered anarchic 5D masses, we would have obtained hierarchical mixing, in contradiction with observation.
The Lepton Sector of a Fourth Generation
The points in the plot correspond to different sets of anarchic 5D Yukawas that reproduce the observed spectrum and mixings and also satisfy the µ− → e−γ bounds of (47).
The Lepton Sector of a Fourth Generation
This amounts to extend the SM by heavy vectorlike fermions with fla vour-anarchical Yukawa couplings that mix with chiral fermions such that small SM Yukawa couplings arise from small mixing angles.
Flavour Visions
The main difference between the RS-A4 setup and an anarchic RS flavor scheme lies in the degeneracy of fermionic LH bulk mass parameters, which implies the universality of LH zero mode profiles and hence forbids gauge mediated FCNC processes at tree level, including the KK gluon exchange contribution to K .
Proceedings of the first workshop on Flavor Symmetries and consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology (FLASY2011)
The latter provides the most stringent constraint on flavor anarchic models, together with the neutron EDM [13,14].
Proceedings of the first workshop on Flavor Symmetries and consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology (FLASY2011)
Curiously, the anarchical hypothesis is not without predictions: it requires that the unobserved magnitude of the Ue3 element of the leptonic mixing matrix is |Ue3 |2 > 0.01 at the 95% confidence level (see [106] for details and a proper definition of this bound).
Theory of Neutrinos: A White Paper
It may prove difficult to distinguish between case A and the anarchical texture via neutrino oscillation measurements alone.
Theory of Neutrinos: A White Paper
Sokal and his friends are right to denounce the anarchic migration of concepts from the hard sciences to the humanities which can only lead to a semblance of rigor and validity.
The Latest on the Sokal Affair: Beyond Three Extremisms
Polyadic control code refers to plurality of control codes that may together fulfill the role of controlling a box. 22This latter requirement goes beyond the specification of an AnARCH (analytic execution architecture) in .
Informal Control code logic
Opposed to a synthetic architecture proposes the notion of an analytic execution architecture (AnARCH).
Informal Control code logic
Instead of an AnARCH a generalized version of it AnARCHg has just been outlined.28 The components of an AnARCH are abstractions of what one expects to find as components of a box in practice.
Informal Control code logic