• WordNet 3.6
    • n amplifier electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Amplifier One who or that which amplifies.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n amplifier One who amplifies or enlarges.
    • n amplifier A lens placed in the tube of a microscope between the object-glass and the eyepiece. See microscope.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Amplifier one who amplifies: a lens which enlarges the field of vision
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  • Andre Gide
    “Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding.”
  • Virginia Graham
    Virginia Graham
    “Good shot, bad luck and hell are the five basic words to be used in a game of tennis, though these, of course, can be slightly amplified.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. amplus, large, and fac-ĕre, to make.


In literature:

But as usual he did not amplify his brief statement.
"The Girl Scouts at Sea Crest" by Lillian Garis
Not only must it preserve the body of knowledge, but it must verify, amplify and enrich it.
"The Next Step" by Scott Nearing
Confessors amplify this obligation, and require their penitents to observe both these sacraments frequently.
"Roman Catholicism in Spain" by Anonymous
Hanley's greater power might be able to amplify those murmurs into audible strength.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science September 1930" by Various
He amplified his evidence.
"The Bluff of the Hawk" by Anthony Gilmore
It is designed to operate a receiving set having one detector and two amplifier bulbs for three to five weeks between charges.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
Spud's voice was to be relayed directly to a giant amplifying unit which would project it into space.
"The Second Voice" by Mann Rubin
The human mind does not need an amplifier, as the radio receiving set does.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930" by Various
Impatient to reach a decision, Nelson forebore to amplify the Emperor's assumption that the outside world was all ice and snow.
"Astounding Stories, February, 1931" by Various
The receiver amplifies it for the observer.
"Astounding Stories, March, 1931" by Various

In poetry:

So multitudes together came,
Like wandering magi from the East
With precious gifts unto the King,
With every good and perfect thing
To satisfy a shivering frame
Or amplify a feast.
"Christmas At Church" by Hattie Howard

In news:

Transmitter engineers are used to seeing tube companies at NAB and you may remember the Cray Semiconductor display of amplifiers using silicon-carbide transistors several years ago.
A transistor is a device that can both amplify an electrical signal and effectively switch it on or off.
RenewableUK, the trade associate for wind and tidal power, has initiated an agency hunt to amplify its voice in the national debate about energy policy.
Cary Audio Design has introduced the stunning vacuum tubed , LED backlit Xciter integrated amplifier for $2,750.
Cary Audio Design's Xciter Integrated Amplifier.
Sherbourn Technologies has introduced the TST 200-4 two-channel amplifier, which uses Thermal Shift Technology for driving multiple pairs of speakers without distorting or going into premature thermal shutdown.
The Classic Series CAD 120S power amplifier will make its first appearance at CES.
The "world debut" of the Classic Series CAD 120S stereo vacuum tube power amplifier was just announced by Cary Audio Design.
Blue Aura Starts Selling v30 Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier.
The scientists connected a 600-watt electrical amplifier to a wand -like probe and used it to shoot beams of electricity at a flame more than a foot high.
Model JDM2WK-20202120-15-8P from MITEQ is a narrowband waveguide low-noise amplifier from MITEQ ideal for airborne satellite-communications (satcom) links.
In the Columbus shopping scene family, Wholly Craft is the cute but quirky cousin whose cool quotient is only amplified by those thick tortoise shell, cat-eye glasses she wears all the time.
HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V width power amplifiers.
Extron Electronics introduces the HPA 502 and HPA 1001-70V half-rack width power amplifiers.
A cable that's too light will waste amplifier power because of the series resistance of the cable.

In science:

However, the IRAS sensitivity was not enough to detect galaxies at substantial redshifts, apart from a handful of exceptions (essentially due to gravitational lensing amplifying the flux): the most distant were found at z ≃ 0.2 − 0.3.
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View
Smail et al. (1997, 1999) have undertaken an ingenious program exploiting distant galaxy clusters as cosmic lenses to amplify the flux of background sub-mm sources and to improve the spatial resolution at the source.
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View
Chiao "Causality and negative group delays in a bandpass amplifier", Am. J.
On Superluminal Propagation and Information Velocity
E = ε0 (χ′ (ω ) + iχ′′ (ω ))E to introduce amplifying medium effects.
Localized Random Lasing Modes and a New Path for Observing Localization
We know that magnetic buoyancy is particularly destabilising in the SCZ (Parker 1975; Moreno-Insertis 1983) and therefore, the dynamo may not have enough time to amplify it to the very high values that the toroidal field seems to have.
Characteristics Of A Magnetic Buoyancy Driven Solar Dynamo Model