• WordNet 3.6
    • adj Aeolian of or relating to Aeolis or its ancient Greek people
    • adj Aeolian of or pertaining to Aeolus, the Greek god of the winds; relating to or caused by the wind
    • n Aeolian the ancient Greek inhabitants of Aeolia
    • n Aeolian a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj AEolian ē-ō′li-an pertaining to or acted on by the wind: aerial: of Æolis or Æolia, a district of Asia Minor colonised by the Greeks
    • AEolian Also Æ′ōlic
    • ***


In literature:

Patriotism is an AEolian harp.
"The Ghost in the White House" by Gerald Stanley Lee
The truth is, that Junkie possessed a nature that was tightly strung and vibrated like an Aeolian harp to the lightest breath of influence.
"The Eagle Cliff" by R.M. Ballantyne
One day a man, who came to tune the pianoforte, extolled the merits of an AEolian harp.
"Jack" by Alphonse Daudet
In silence Sylvia walked to the AEolian pine tree, and they seated themselves on the rustic seat.
"The Opened Shutters" by Clara Louise Burnham
An ingenious, painstaking boy can construct a very neat aeolian harp by following out the directions given in No.
"Golden Days for Boys and Girls" by Various
There came a burst of low sweet music, as if the south wind were murmuring through the strings of many Aeolian harps.
"Little Folks (October 1884)" by Various
He interpreted the legend of David's AEolian harp as a beautiful allegory.
"Jewish Literature and Other Essays" by Gustav Karpeles
Mrs. Browning is unapproachable by any woman who has ever touched lyre or blown through reed since the days of the great AEolian poetess.
"A Critic in Pall Mall" by Oscar Wilde
To my mind, the young women are like AEolian harps in the night.
"Friars and Filipinos" by Jose Rizal
The day was clear and cold, with just enough wind to wake the aeolian harp of the forest into sound.
"The Side Of The Angels" by Basil King

In poetry:

But hark! low, in the world within,
One sad aeolian tone:
"Ah! shall we ever, ever win
A summer of our own?"
"Songs of the Summer Days" by George MacDonald
Or in low murmurs they began,
Rising and rising momently,
As o'er a harp AEolian
A fitful breeze, until they ran
Up to a sudden ecstasy.
"Remembered Music" by James Russell Lowell
Here let us linger at will and delightsomely hearken
Music aeolian of wind in the boughs of pine,
Timbrel of falling waters, sounds all soft and sonorous,
Worshipful litanies sung at a bannered shrine.
"Among the Pines" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Then, maybe, dangling from thy gloomy gallows boughs,
A human corpse swings, mournful, rattling bones and chains--
His eighteenth century flesh hath fattened nineteenth century cows--
Ghastly Aeolian harp fingered of winds and rains.
"Tree-Worship" by Richard Le Gallienne

In news:

Some say that the sirens sang to Ulysses from the Aeolian Islands, a small archipelago not far from my Sicilian home, yet for almost 40 years I resisted their call.
Elsevier announced today the launch of a new journal, Aeolian Research.
Sir, if I may say, poetry flows through you like the desultory breeze doth caress the aeolian harp strings in yon window.
She instead sways in response to Aeolian and seismic forces while keeping her watch on New York Harbor.
That's why last year he set up the nonprofit Aeolian Manor Foundation ( "to promote and encourage pipe-organ performance".

In science:

Image 88 focuses on a cluster of aeolian or watereroded features.
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah
For this purpose, we make use of the fact that, for aeolian sediment transport, the dominant mechanism which brings grains of the sediment bed into motion is the ejection of bed grains due to impacts of already transported grains, a mechanism known as “splash” (see e.g.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
Since the dependence of Vs on u∗ is rather weak for aeolian sediment transport , the saturation length Ls will not change much with u∗ .
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
The saturated particle velocity Vs for transport in the aeolian regime can be obtained by iteratively solving Eq. (80) for Vs and using the expressions for Vt and Fγ (x) given by Eqs. (81) and (82), respectively.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport
We note that the ratio between ut (which is the threshold for sustained transport) and the fluid threshold uft required to initiate transport in the aeolian regime depends strongly on the environmental conditions.
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transport