• WordNet 3.6
    • n adobe sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates
    • n adobe the clay from which adobe bricks are made
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Adobe (Geol) Alluvial and playa clays of desert and arid regions, differing from ordinary clays of humid regions in containing carbonates and other soluble minerals.
    • Adobe An unburnt brick dried in the sun; also used as an adjective, as, an adobe house, in Texas or New Mexico.
    • Adobe Earth from which unburnt bricks are made.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n adobe The Mexican-Spanish name of the sun-dried brick in common use in countries of small rainfall and of inferior civilization.
    • n adobe Clay or soil from which sun-dried bricks are made, or which is suitable for making them. In the quicksilver-mines of the Pacific coast, a brick made of the finer ores mixed with clay, for more convenient handling in the furnace.
    • adobe Built or made of adobes or sundried bricks. Suitable for making sundried bricks: as, an adobe soil.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n., adj Adobe a-dō′bā a sun-dried brick, or made of such.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Sp. adobar, to plaster.


In literature:

The jail at Las Plumas was a spreading, one-story adobe building, with a large, high-walled court at the back.
"With Hoops of Steel" by Florence Finch Kelly
Three feet of wretched adobe wall between me and heaven!
"When Dreams Come True" by Ritter Brown
The stunt, liquor-perfumed adobe cabin lay on the gray floor of the desert like an isolated slab of chocolate.
"Red Men and White" by Owen Wister
A little adobe house, halfway up the mesa, with the desert far below and the Indian village far above.
"The Faith Healer" by William Vaughn Moody
It ran off his hair just as the rain ran off the thatched roof of their little adobe hut.
"The Mexican Twins" by Lucy Fitch Perkins
From somewhere in the adobe outskirts of the town came Ellen's serving women, most of them, whom Cleve had sent in early in the day.
"Tharon of Lost Valley" by Vingie E. Roe
This turned out to be a straggling adobe house, shaded by cottonwoods and built around three sides of a square.
"Louisiana Lou" by William West Winter
Below them a few fires burned in the darkness showing through the windows of the adobe huts.
"The Web of the Golden Spider" by Frederick Orin Bartlett
The modern Jericho is an unhappy little adobe village, lying a mile or so farther to the east.
"Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land" by Henry Van Dyke
In many places a soil of the type used for adobe and called "caliche" may be found and this is an excellent binder for sand or gravel.
"American Rural Highways" by T. R. Agg
For the most part it consisted of tents; but there were a few adobe buildings and some marvelous creations from goods-boxes and tin cans.
"When the West Was Young" by Frederick R. Bechdolt
And she passed on into the shadows of the adobe.
"The Treasure Trail" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Occasional haciendas or large farmhouses, built of adobe and stone, are seen; but isolated dwellings are not common.
"Aztec Land" by Maturin M. Ballou
The sharp report of a shot cracked between the adobe walls.
"In the Shadow of the Hills" by George C. Shedd
It's just the stuff to take this paint off, and what drips from you to the old adobe floor won't hurt.
"Jessica, the Heiress" by Evelyn Raymond
The walls of the house were to be of adobe or mud, the internal partitions of sun-baked bricks.
"Out on the Pampas" by G. A. Henty
The adobe floor is hard as cement, and clean.
"Through Our Unknown Southwest" by Agnes C. Laut
The present city chiefly consists of low adobe houses and cane huts, tenanted by Indians.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 7" by Various
At the same time, from one of the adobes, they saw a vaquero emerge.
"The Vision of Elijah Berl" by Frank Lewis Nason
The domelike buildings were constructed of something that looked like adobe.
"The Holes Around Mars" by Jerome Bixby

In poetry:

With clay and ribs of juniper
They built adobe dwellings;
With nuts from mesa conifer,
They drank from lava wellings.
"Casa Grande: Arizona" by Norman MacLeod
to the wind and the sky fills up
before we are out of bed. O infinite
our siestas! adobe effigies in a land
that is sick of us and our tanned flesh.
"Ann Arbor Variations" by Frank O Hara

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Adobe 's strategy is to offer its media player as a common player that can be adopted across the fragmented device market.
The introductions and the integration of products and services helps to tie together Adobe 's Primetime video platform, which includes components for formatting, publishing, and distributing video.
After Apple, Google, Adobe , Intel, Pixar, And Intuit, Antitrust Employment Charges Hit eBay.
Adobe Sees Cyber Monday Online Sales Up 18.
E-retailers and brick-and-mortar stores with online storefronts will rake in $2 billion on Cyber Monday alone, according to Adobe 's holiday buying forecast for 2012.
Launches beta version with new Adobe MediaWeaver and Primetime Media Player components.
Adobe Adds Features to Project Primetime Platform.
Adobe Systems Inc has added new tools to insert advertisements into online video content.
The forum, where customers can discuss Adobe 's Connect online conferencing service, was at the center of the attack, and is currently being investigated, according to Adobe .
This story was updated at 10:45 am Thursday Nov 15 to add Adobe 's confirmation of the data breach.
Adobe Systems is investigating a claim by one or more Egyptian hackers who leaked more than 600 names, email addresses and encrypted passwords that allegedly came from the software firm's database.
Adobe unveils new technology to insert video ads.
On Tuesday, a hacker named "ViruS_HimA" claimed that he hacked into "one of Adobe 's servers" and copied a database containing email addresses, password hashes and other information of over 150,000 Adobe customers, partners and employees.
The Adobe breach was discovered a week after Russian security firm Group-IB said it had uncovered a flaw in Adobe 's.
The revolutionary visual effects package from Noise Industries adds Adobe Premiere Pro support alongside existing host application support of Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects.

In science:

The situation however changes when it comes to online image manipulation since most of those websites are using browser plug-in based solutions like Adobe Flash.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
As being part of the internet generation we immediately thought of using one of the many online photo editing applications to perform the task, however we were unable to proceed since almost all of them required a browser plug-in technology called Adobe Flash .
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
Forced by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which passed the United States Congress in 2001 Adobe has been working hard to get their technology more accessible .
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
It took Adobe systems Inc., the maker of Flash until December 2008 to released version 10 which was the first universal version across all mainstream operating systems.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
In 1998 the W3C asked for submissions of an XML-based web vector graphics language leading Microsoft partnered with MacroMedia (now Adobe Systems Inc) to submit Vector Markup language (VML) [34, 35] to the W3C as the new standard for graphics on the web.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
Nonetheless almost all major browser vendors expect Microsoft support and have implemented Canvas in their products since it is seen by most as a future alternative solution to using Adobe Flash.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
Once you get the hang you of it you will be harvesting the rewards of building on open standards and your web application will no longer be dependent on a proprietary closed standard like Adobe Flash.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
Also, a PDF may contain features that are only supported by Adobe software and that cannot be processed by other PDF viewers.
Open Data: Reverse Engineering and Maintenance Perspective
There are generic tools available that provide functionality for converting PDFs to text such as Adobe Reader and pdftotext (part of Xpdf).
Open Data: Reverse Engineering and Maintenance Perspective
Some products, such as Adobe Writer and Rational’s Purify have a wide following and are held in high regard by their users.
Open source software and peer review
The numbers indicate that own-price elasticity is significantly higher than cross-price elasticities for the Adobe bundle with respect to each of its two components (pcomponent1 and pcomponent2 ).
Evaluating Pricing Strategy Using e-Commerce Data: Evidence and Estimation Challenges
Following image acquisition, the images were analyzed blindly using a commercial image processing software program (Photoshop, version 7.0, Adobe Systems; Mountain View, CA, USA).
Post-ischaemic treatment with the cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor nimesulide reduces blood-brain barrier disruption and leukocyte infiltration following transient focal cerebral ischaemia in rats
In this article we will talk about how Adobe succeeded to bring rich Internet applications to the Desktop and also how easy is for a web developer to transform a web application to a desktop one.
Adobe AIR, Bringing Rich Internet Applications to the Desktop
Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application. AIR, the Adobe integrated runtime from Adobe systems, has been in developments from the last couple of years.
Adobe AIR, Bringing Rich Internet Applications to the Desktop
All of the platforms and languages that can be used in building AIR applications have existed for quite a while and are completely documented and there’s a lot of support out there from Adobe. For instance, if you’re Flex developer you’ll be working with MXML and ActionScript 3.
Adobe AIR, Bringing Rich Internet Applications to the Desktop