• WordNet 3.6
    • n ade a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • ade A suffix of nouns of French or other Romance origin, as accolade, ambuscade, brigade, cannonade, lemonade, etc., or of (a few) English nouns formed on the same model, as blockade, orangeade.
    • ade A suffix of nouns of Spanish or Italian origin (originally masculine form of preceding), as brocade, renegade, etc. It also appears in the Spanish form -ado, as in renegado, desperado.
    • ade A suffix of Greek origin, now usually -ad, as in decade (sometimes decad), nomade (usually nomad, like monad, triad, etc.).
    • n ade A drink of the lemonade or orangeade class.
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In literature:

My name's Lyon, Jethro Lyon, of Salina Township, an' these is my two sons, Ade and Burt.
"Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout" by Victor Appleton
The whole thing began like Mr. George Ade's fable of the Author.
"Love Among the Chickens" by P. G. Wodehouse
ALCIBI'ADES' TABLES represented a god or goddess outwardly, and a Sile'nus, or deformed piper, within.
"Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol 1" by The Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D.
George Ade, the best of them all, has shown us how the wise ones of Chicago think and speak.
"American Sketches" by Charles Whibley
The Sultan of Sulu (not the hero of George Ade's comic opera) enjoys a sojourn in Singapore.
"East of Suez" by Frederic Courtland Penfield
C. Ade King, 12 Ohio.
"In and Out of Rebel Prisons" by Lieut. A. [Alonzo] Cooper
Ade suddenly became sad and pensive as she never had been in times past.
"Witch Stories" by E. Lynn (Elizabeth Lynn) Linton
The fruit may be used in making ade, but is inferior to the lemon or lime.
"The Philippine Agricultural Review" by Various
Ade mein schoenes Vaterland, Mein Schiff, das segelt schnelle!
"Old Kensington" by Miss Thackeray
The Adelies dive very beautifully.
"Antarctic Penguins" by George Murray Levick
The Ore'ades were mountain nymphs, and others presided over groves and even single trees.
"The Student's Mythology" by Catherine Ann White
In dot house leef an oldt lady all mit herself and ade sairvans.
"Puppets at Large" by F. Anstey
Troian A?neas, bravest and gentlest-hearted, Hath left earth to behold his father in out-lying Ades.
"The Poetical Works of Robert Bridges" by Robert Bridges
The four faASec.ades were built with stone of different colours, white, black, green, and red.
"A Literary History of the Arabs" by Reynold Nicholson
Hymen O Hymenaee, Hymen ades O Hymenaee!
"The Oxford Book of Latin Verse" by Various
Ade, he's yer cousin, ye know, wanted me t' bring him 'long, but I calalated there'd be trouble ef I did, so I left him hum.
"The White Crystals" by Howard R. Garis
They were Ade Bryant, the young man who smoked cigarettes, and Tim Walsh and Bill Case.
"Two Boy Gold Miners" by Frank V. Webster
Adee, Alvey A., 48, 91, 98.
"Under Four Administrations" by Oscar S. Straus
Ade, nu halt dich wol!
"Medieval English Nunneries c. 1275 to 1535" by Eileen Edna Power
The faASec.ade of the Castle des Anbiez which looked north, and the surrounding land, were very picturesque.
"The Knight of Malta" by Eugene Sue

In poetry:

I have great curiosity
Regarding George Ade’s new boot tree.
Has Carolyn Wells of late employed
Hairpins of wire or celluliod?
"Reasonable Interest" by Ellis Parker Butler
Midons sui om et amics e servire,
e no.lh en quer mais autras amistatz
mas c'a celat los seus bels olhs me vire,
que gran be.m fan ades can sui iratz;
e ren lor en laus e merces e gratz,
qu'el mon non ai amic que tan me valha.
"Per mels cobrir lo mal pes (Anne)" by Bernard De Ventadorn

In news:

A new Ga­ tor ­ade online spot shows beind-the-scenes footage of Robert Griffin III during the Redskins' win over Minnesota.
RGIII's new Ga­ tor ­ade commercial.
RGIII's Santa socks at the Ga­ tor ­ade awards.
Kristina Akra gets doused with Ga­ tor ­ade again.
Mr Turpin was born in Surry County on Jan 22, 1924, to the late Benjamin Ade and Edna Vaughn Turpin .
The ADE created the new system after the Obama administration granted its request for a waiver that would give it flexibility in holding schools accountable under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
Each school is held accountable for every student, according to the ADE.
With an autumn chill in the air on a gray San Francisco morning, the five-member Ades family rubbed the sleep from their eyes, strapped on their bike helmets and rode right past their two cars to the kids' elementary school about a mile away.
Yale's varsity crew team practiced out of the historic George Adee Boathouse between 1911 and 1923.
Lisa Adeli, University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Tucson, AZ.
Rather, they are learning more and they are ade...
The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) released letter grades for every school district statewide on Wednesday, with no districts receiving an "F" this year.
In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 15-241 ADE is charged with attributing letter grades to every district and charger school in the state.
Thomas Ades conducts the Metropolitan Opera premiere of his 2004 work, starring baritone Simon Keenlyside as Prospero.
Dali Catalog of the exhibition by Dawn Ades and Michael Taylor An exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, February 16–May 15, 2005 Philadelphia Museum of Art/Rizzoli,607 pp.

In science:

The Y and P intertwiners for SU (2) coupled to ADE matter.
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
The theta symbol for SU (2) coupled to ADE matter.
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
Normalizing coef f icients for SU (2) coupled to ADE matter.
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
In this SU (2) situation, it is known that H can also be constructed as the vector space underlying the Gelfand–Ponomarev prepro jective algebra associated with the corresponding ADE unoriented quiver.
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
Vertical and horizontal dif fusion graphs for SU (2) coupled to ADE matter.
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
SU (2) itself and its subgroups (which are af f ine ADE diagrams because of the McKay correspondence).
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
McKay correspondence and the ADE classification of sl2 conformal field theories.
Subfactors of index less than 5, part 1: the principal graph odometer
For such a model (2.2) is no longer appropriate and we would rather fit a mixture model with unequal populations—or possibly ADE (·).
Nonparametric tests of structure for high angular resolution diffusion imaging in Q-space
The idea of the proof is to consider a function built up using sin as in Section 8.1.3 for which one cannot decide whether it is either everywhere positive, and then to show that its reciprocal satisfies an ADE.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
To avoiding having to use π in the coefficients of P , Denef and Lipschitz observed that tan−1 x is a function satisfying an ADE such that limx→+∞ tan−1 x = π/2.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
ADEs can behave strangely in other ways too. L.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
Rubel [Rub81] constructed a single explicit ADE whose solutions approximate any continuous function: more precisely, for any continuous functions f : R → R and  : R → R>0 , there exists a C ∞ solution g : R → R to the ADE satisfying |g(x) − f (x)| < (x) for all x ∈ R.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
However for an ADE singularity local mirror symmetry induces a map, which does not act on SGU T but only in the fibre, between resolutions and deformations so that we can refer to them interchangeably [250].
Models of Particle Physics from Type IIB String Theory and F-theory: A Review
We may generalize this construction and consider the case when K3 surface degenerates into more general types of ADE sigularities.
$N=2$ Superconformal Field Theories in $4$ Dimensions and A-D-E Classification
Now suppose we have a 7-brane which has pure ADE singularity, without extra singularities.
F-theory, Geometric Engineering and N=1 Dualities