• WordNet 3.6
    • v actuate put in motion or move to act "trigger a reaction","actuate the circuits"
    • v actuate give an incentive for action "This moved me to sacrifice my career"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Actuate Put in action; actuated.
    • Actuate To carry out in practice; to perform. "To actuate what you command."
    • Actuate To put into action or motion; to move or incite to action; to influence actively; to move as motives do; -- more commonly used of persons. "Wings, which others were contriving to actuate by the perpetual motion.""Men of the greatest abilities are most fired with ambition; and, on the contrary, mean and narrow minds are the least actuated by it."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • actuate To put into action; move or incite to action: as, men are actuated by motives or passions.
    • actuate To make actual or real; carry out; execute; perform.
    • actuate Synonyms Actuate, Impel, Induce, Incite, Prompt, Instigate. (See impel.) To actuate is merely to call into action, without regard to the nature of the actuating force; but it is very commonly used of motives: as, the murderer was actuated by revenge.
    • actuate Impel, to drive toward, is expressive of more passion, haste, urgency, necessity; hence it is coupled with words of corresponding kind, and when used with quieter words it gives them force: as, youth impelled him.
    • actuate Induce, to lead toward, is gentler by as much as leading is gentler than driving; it implies the effort to persuade by presenting motives, but is also used where the persuasion is only figurative: as, I was at last induced to go; he was induced by my example.
    • actuate Incite, prompt, instigate are used only when motives irrespective of physical force are the actuating power. Incite is weaker than impel and stronger than prompt; it expresses more eagerness than impel; it implies the urging of men toward the objects of kindled feelings and generally of strong desire. Prompt is more general in its meaning, depending upon its connection for force and limitation; it is often preferred for its brevity and breadth of application.
    • actuate Instigate, to goad on, is sometimes, but erroneously, used of incitement to good; it should be used only where the urging is toward evil. It generally implies that such urging is underhand, although that fact is sometimes explicitly stated: he was (secretly) instigated to his perfidy.
    • actuate Put into action. South.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Actuate akt′ū-āt to put into or incite to action: to influence
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  • Mme. Roland
    Mme. Roland
    “Selfishness, not love, is the actuating motive of the gallant.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. actuatus, p. p. of actuare, fr. L. actus, act
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. actus, action. See Act.


In literature:

Then, as if actuated by one spirit, they all set to work to force the door in.
"Varney the Vampire" by Thomas Preskett Prest
The old gentleman laboured through many pages to explain the reasons which actuated this decision, but Brett skipped all of them.
"The Stowmarket Mystery" by Louis Tracy
It is the true spirit that should actuate a Wau-Wau Girl.
"The Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas" by Janet Aldridge
Probably he was actuated by both motives, coupled with the pious wish of making a pilgrimage to the land of his fathers.
"The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela" by Benjamin of Tudela
The friends of peace were actuated by various motives.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I., No. IV., April, 1862" by Various
Such a response we must believe to be itself divinely actuated.
"The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day" by Evelyn Underhill
Just at this time the new poets came forth, in his own style, and actuated by his example and success.
"English Literature, Considered as an Interpreter of English History" by Henry Coppee
They were charged with being actuated by an extravagant spirit of independency.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. II. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
In her positive refusal to speak the word which would criminate a woman, Miss Anthony was actuated by the highest sense of honor.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
The gentler Hindus were actuated by two motives.
"Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3)" by Charles Eliot

In poetry:

Should ardent love impel
And actuate my soul,
Still may celestial fires prevail,
And every thought control.
"Hymn II" by William Duke
He'd wear a mask and muffling cloak,
Not, you will understand, in joke,
As some assume disguises;
He did it, actuated by
A simple love of mystery
And fondness for surprises.
"The Sensation Captain" by William Schwenck Gilbert

In news:

Industrial Magnetics, Inc, Boyne City, MI, has expanded its line of cylinder-actuated material-handling magnets, for use in place of vacuum cups or grippers when lifting and moving stamped and hydroformed parts, tubes and assemblies.
Patten Applications Manager, Plastics Stapla Ultrasonics Corp. Actuator shown is used for semiautomatic or fully automated CNC plastic-welding applications and includes a converter and booster horn.
Nov 21, 2005–The NTSB attributed the accident to the failure of the right main landing gear door uplock linkage actuator due to corrosion, which resulted in the jamming .
Allowing the use of third-party motors, Exlar K90 linear actuators can directly replace pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
The proper use of internal cushions and external shock absorbers is crucial for maximum actuator life.
The University of Notre Dame has received a $1 million National Science Foundation grant that will fund campus researchers as they seek to develop resilient wireless sensor-actuator network technologies.
No need for electrical energy to actuate.
The complete setup comes with the paddle shifter, the wireless receiver, keypad, computer, actuator, wiring harness, and various hardware and bracketry.
( P rocess A utomation S ystem) A process control system that uses a network to interconnect sensors, controllers, operator terminals and actuators.
An actuated tail gives UC Berkeley's Tailbot the agility of a lizard (or a velociraptor).
Specific products include plastic pipe and fittings, valves, actuators, rotameters, fabrications, fusion joining technology (machines), heat exchangers, secondary containment, flow monitoring and process control instrumentation.
Oct 3, 2012 Mary C. AV03 pneumatic spool valve is half the size of standard valves, so it can be put closer to the actuator, thus shortening the flow path volume between the two.
Lee Teschler looks at a 24-string guitar tree built to demonstrate electronic actuation of pneumatic systems built by Rob Clippard from Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc 6:52.
Content tagged with " pneumatic actuators".
What's the most popular type of linear actuator.

In science:

Decentralized control is a useful approach to this problem especially when the robot has a the large number of modules, each of which is a self-contained unit with its own processing, sensing and actuation.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
With the tight physical interactions due to contact between neighboring modules and constraints arising from actuator geometry and power limitations, modular metamorphic robots pose an interesting challenge for multiagent control.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
For a target module size in the centimeter scale, current actuator technologies result in large weight to power ratios and high cost per module. A manually actuated version of Proteo has been built and is shown in Figure 1.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
In addition to actuators, the modules can communicate directly with their neighbors.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
Scaling down the size of individual modules using micromachines (MEMS) [5, 3] or molecular assemblies could benefit actuation.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots