• The author doing a little washing on his own account
    The author doing a little washing on his own account
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n accounting the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business
    • n accounting a system that provides quantitative information about finances
    • n accounting a convincing explanation that reveals basic causes "he was unable to give a clear accounting for his actions"
    • n accounting a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance "they send me an accounting every month"
    • n accounting a bookkeeper's chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Baskin Robbins plain vanilla ice cream is the number one selling flavour and accounts for a quarter of their sales
    • n accounting Reckoning; computation; counting.
    • n accounting An examination, reckoning, rendering, or balancing of accounts so as to arrive at the true state of any transaction or course of transactions: as, the court ordered an accounting; the parties came to an accounting.
    • n accounting The art or science of keeping accounts; the principles or methods of account-keeping; accountancy: as, manufacturing accounting; mercantile accounting.
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  • Mangnu Hirschfield
    Mangnu Hirschfield
    “Love is only the game that is not called on account of darkness.”
  • James Thurber
    “Love is the strange bewilderment that overtakes one person on account of another person.”
  • Irwin Cory
    Irwin Cory
    “Marriage is like a bank account. You put it in, you take it out, you lose interest.”
  • Doris Day
    Doris Day
    “If it's true that men are such beasts, this must account for the fact that most women are animal lovers.”
  • Glenda Jackson
    Glenda Jackson
    “My money goes to my agent, then to my accountant and from him to the tax man.”
  • Archibald Alexander
    Archibald Alexander
    “Men are more accountable for their motives, than for anything else; and primarily, morality consists in the motives, that is in the affections.”


In literature:

How do you account for the serious character of Anglo-Saxon poetry?
"English Literature" by William J. Long
Is the sense of smell sufficient to account for this display of instinct in them?
"Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon" by J. Emerson Tennent
The chamberlain was a financial officer of the household; his work was rather that of auditor or accountant.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
The account of this voyage was published at Paris in 1783.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 14" by Robert Kerr
On these accounts, Mr. Jackson's work is valuable and important; the same remarks apply to his Account of Morocco, 1809.
"Robert Kerr's General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 18" by William Stevenson
Since my return to America I have read the account of a curious discovery on an island of the North Pacific.
"Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life" by Thomas Wallace Knox
I wouldn't have mentioned it, except to account for my stupidity.
"The Divine Fire" by May Sinclair
An Account of Lieutenant Cook's Voyage, in 1768, 1769, and 1770, in his Majesty's Bark the Endeavour.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 12" by Robert Kerr
An Account of their Persons, Dress, and Canoes.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 15 (of 18)" by Robert Kerr
Greek Accounts of Zoroaster.
"Ten Great Religions" by James Freeman Clarke
The first question, then, for the historian should be, What accounts does this nation give of its early history?
"An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800" by Mary Frances Cusack
The accounts from London are most disastrous.
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
The first accounts we have of mankind are but so many accounts of their butcheries.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
Give us an account of him, my friend.
"The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I." by Euripides
On the conclusion of this business of the Spanish trade, the news of the troubles on account of the Stamp Act arrived in England.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. II. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
For an account of the manuscript of this 'Apology,' and details on other points, see Preface in the present volume.
"The Prose Works of William Wordsworth" by William Wordsworth
He remained but a few minutes in this perilous position, as I supposed on account of the wind, which was now very strong.
"Crusoe's Island: A Ramble in the Footsteps of Alexander Selkirk" by John Ross Browne
It is impossible, upon this theory, to account for the omission by Mark of so much of the material that stood before him in Matthew and Luke.
"Sources of the Synoptic Gospels" by Carl S. Patton
The colours sometimes vary, especially in the wings and tail, but the species will not be the less easily known on that account.
"The Natural History of Cage Birds" by J. M. Bechstein
M. Thiers gives a curious account of the whole transaction.
"The Catholic World. Volume II; Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12." by E. Rameur

In poetry:

Thro' faith in the Blood of our Saviour, thus good,
Our crimes shall be wash'd quite away,
When we must give in an account of each sin,
Before our Creator, one day.
"An Exhortation To Worship Our Lord Jesus Christ" by Rees Prichard
"Thrice happy pauper he whose last account
Shows on the debtor side the least amount!
The more thy gifts, the more thou needs must pay
On life's dread reckoning day."
"But One Talent" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
We come into the world, one way alone,
And always, at our entrance to it, weep;
But, by a thousand ways, men hence have gone,
And no account we, of their going, keep.
"A Memento Mori -- Or Remember Death" by Rees Prichard
Make me reflect, whene'er I am alone,
On that exact account, which all that live,
Must for each petty fault which they have done,
Nay, e'en for ev'ry idle story, give.
"A Morning Prayer, To Be Us'd After A Person Is Up, Wash'd, And Dress'd" by Rees Prichard
On which account, I come, this night, to thee,
My guardian, and my God, whom I adore!
With contrite heart, and with a bended knee,
Thy mercy and assistance to implore.
"A Prayer At Going To Bed" by Rees Prichard
Light thou thy lamp, the wedding-garment wear,
And ev'ry proper ornament put on,
For God's inspection thy account prepare,
Ere thou art call'd before his aweful throne.
"A Memento Mori -- Or Remember Death" by Rees Prichard

In news:

EEI- AGA Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Utility Professionals.
Facebook recently broke out how many fake accounts it has in a regulatory finding.
Calculations seem off on tax deferred account.
Readers who set out to read "South with the Sun," by the renowned cold-water distance swimmer Lynne Cox, will doubtlessly gear themselves up for an account of one of the greatest polar explorers ever.
WASHINGTON – Republican senators' angry criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice over her initial account of the deadly Sept 11 attack in Libya smacks of sexism and racism, a dozen female members of the House said Friday.
The User Account Control in Windows Vista improves security by reducing application privileges from administrative to standard levels, but UAC has been widely criticized for the nagging alerts it generates.
Make Vista's User Account Control Work for You.
Without any question, the most annoying feature in Windows Vista--and that's saying something--is User Account Control (UAC).
New York Magazine has a long account of John McCain's reelection battle from the view of friends and former staffers.
Downside of having a technology company once completely beloved but now that everyone's more than ready to delete their account from.
An Inside Account of L.A. Connect with Us.
Here is his account taken directly from his e-mail regarding the incident.
In their efforts to vet job applicants , some companies and government agencies have been asking to log in to a prospective employee's accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter to have a look around.
If you are, or have previously been, an ASPRS Member with an online account, or have a Bookstore login, or an online account, please login using the username / password form at top of this window.
The profile page on the Twitter account of Manti Te'o doesn't say he's a Notre Dame linebacker, that he's being mentioned as a Heisman Trophy candidate or that he's a Sports Illustrated cover boy.

In science:

The flux from these sources is predominantly in the soft band and accounts for the fact that although the φ = 1.009, 1.015, and 1.023 spectra from η Car shown in Fig. 15 clearly have higher hard band flux than soft band, the softening in the RXTE data may be due to imperfect accounting for the soft X-ray background.
3D modelling of the colliding winds in Eta Carinae - evidence for radiative inhibition
Mn accounts for the fluctuations due to the randomness of the walk in a fixed environment, and Zn (ω) accounts for the fluctuations due to randomness of the environment.
Current fluctuations of a system of one-dimensional random walks in random environment
While this does not account for the possibility of a complex star-formation history, the failure to account for that effect would mean that α is over-estimated (at least for NGC 4261 and NGC 4649, which provide crucial highM/LJ leverage).
Hydrostatic Gas Constraints on Supermassive Black Hole Masses: Implications for Hydrostatic Equilibrium and Dynamical Modelling in a Sample of Early-Type Galaxies
If κµ (β ) = 3 and p(cid:48) Regarding the product over all vertices β ∈ Eg that takes into account all p- and q -edges together with their orientations, and taking into account the fact that simple open ν -intersections give factors 3, we get formula (3.5).
High Moments of Large Wigner Random Matrices and Asymptotic Properties of the Spectral Norm
The first item was changed from “having an account protection” to “not having an account protection”, in order to align its direct ion with the others (i.e., more means Oregon faring worse).
Is There Statistical Evidence that the Oregon Payday-Loan Rate Cap Hurts Consumers?
Rule of Accountability: Accountability is a key security goal which is very vital with regards to internal systems of security and reveals what a subject actually did.
Software Security Rules, SDLC Perspective
Complications that may arise in random systems can be easily accounted for by various simple modifications that take into account possible oscillations in the e-pdf and expected sample-to-sample fluctuations of individual disorder realizations.
Multicritical Points and Crossover Mediating the Strong Violation of Universality: Wang-Landau Determinations in the Random-Bond $d=2$ Blume-Capel model
Moreover, they take into account the underlying potential of the stars (that was not accounted for by Marconi et al. (2001)) and model the [FeII] kinematics in the joint potential of the stars and an additional point mass, assumed to be the black hole.
The Supermassive Black Hole at the Heart of Centaurus A: Revealed by Gas- and Stellar Kinematics
The first term of the RHS accounts fo r the flux freezing between the ionized gas and the magnetic field li nes and the second one accounts for the magnetic diffusion.
Cosmic Magnetic Fields: from Stars and Galaxies to the Primordial Universe
The intuition behind the definition of positive capital processes is that the initial capital is split into infinitely many accounts and the trader runs a separate simple trading strategy on each of these accounts.
Rough paths in idealized financial markets
The user cancels the update by selecting the Cancel button from the Update Account Information page: a. The system displays the View Account Information page; and b. The system does not store any updated information; 2. A database error is encountered: b. The system displays an error message.
Software Requirements Specification of the IUfA's UUIS -- a Team 3 COMP5541-W10 Project Approach
We might be interested in seeking the subset of customers and suppliers such that each customer accounts for a sizable revenue with selected suppliers and the suppliers each account for a sizable revenue on those customers.
Diamond Dicing
Clearly such an approach does not take into account the different behavior between radial and transverse modes and this should be taken into account in a more refined analysis.
Testing the Void against Cosmological data: fitting CMB, BAO, SN and H0
In what follows we do not take this into account explicitly, and assume that its effect can be entirely accounted for by allowing for correlation between cycles and a modification of eopt that becomes negligible close to statistical convergence.
Optimum and efficient sampling for variational quantum Monte Carlo
Note that accounting for the reversal of directions does mainly account for different constants and for a slightly different definition of unaffectedness (see below).
Direction-Reversing Quasi-Random Rumor Spreading with Restarts