accounting system


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n accounting system a bookkeeper's chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts
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  • Gene Brown
    Gene Brown
    “Foolproof systems do not take into account the ingenuity of fools.”


In literature:

No system-maker or formula-builder can account for Shakspere.
"Stories of Authors, British and American" by Edwin Watts Chubb
We have now given a full, and, as far as we could, a succinct account of the system pursued in the old Singapore jail.
"Prisoners Their Own Warders" by J. F. A. McNair
From this general sketch of their system, you may be enabled to account for many appearances.
"The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. VIII" by Various
The existence of a guarantee does not oblige the banker to any particular system of keeping the account.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
This brief account of the most important adjunct of totemism may serve to clear the way for the consideration of the totemic system.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
Plato came to his system by several lines of thought, and to understand it we ought to take account of all.
"Progress and History" by Various
Proper military discipline and subordination were introduced everywhere and a rigid system of accountability.
"The Struggle for Missouri" by John McElroy
We have a simple yet splendid system of accounts, which has taken years to perfect.
"The Frontiersman" by H. A. Cody
A careful system of accounts was elaborated in the beit el mal showing all revenue and expenditure.
"Ten Years' Captivity in the Mahdi's Camp 1882-1892" by F. R. Wingate
A brief account of the development of the system will be found under NUMERAL.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 5" by Various
Thus our account of the system is complete.
"The Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha" by Madhava Acharya
In a similar manner, account can be taken of the formation of the other bivariant systems.
"The Phase Rule and Its Applications" by Alexander Findlay
This system has its merits on account of its compactness.
"The Village Notary" by József Eötvös
There seems to be a perfect system in accounting for all the stock, yet somehow it gets away from the factory.
"Guilt of the Brass Thieves" by Mildred A. Wirt
But the public takes no account of the fact that our industrial system regularly reduces a population of 4,500,000 to want.
"Twentieth Century Socialism" by Edmond Kelly
Aside from the government account, member banks are to provide the funds for the reserve banking system.
"Readings in Money and Banking" by Chester Arthur Phillips
Such a system was possible because the House of Commons was not really accountable to its constituents.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 5" by Various
The foundation of the system of the Manichaeans, with all its antiquity, was not on that account more reasonable.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 5 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
In September, 1822, he gave an account of his discovery, and of the principles of his system, in a letter to Mons.
"The American Quarterly Review" by Various
Hydrophobia: an Account of M. PASTEUR'S System.
"The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies" by Walter Besant

In news:

"The average heating and cooling system accounts for about 54 percent of the average home's total energy costs ," says Angie Hicks.
The new categories replace the old accountability system, which placed schools into categories, ranging from "exemplary progress" to "academic probation".
Learn how an automated workforce management system can help drive accountability while improving efficiency , productivity, and the bottom line.
The two solar roof systems are expected to account for about 45% of Fond du Lac 's annual electric usage.
Holding the actual government accountable isn't a big priority for Sorkin's Fourth Estate because, after all, the system works when liberals run it.
Jerry Brown and the state Legislature have sent a strong message to local government : Don't cheat the system, and if you do, prepare to be held accountable.
It's under his program leadership that the location tracking system called Geospatial Location Accountability and Navigation System for Emergency Responders, or GLANSER for short, has made significant strides to that elusive goal.
Beer Marketer Plans to "HighJump" Its Efficiency with Updated Accounting System.
In this capacity she directs the daily accounting systems, internal controls and finance functions of the corporation.
The money is coming from an escrow account set up in 1989 for maintenance of the People Mover 's guideway system.
It ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.
Ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.
KeyWatcher® System protects and manages accountability of hospital's master keys.
KeyWatcher system protects and manages accountability of hospital's master keys.
Pate Elementary School received a grade of D for 2012 by the New Mexico A-F School Grading Accountability System, but Principal Therese Rodriguez said she is in the midst of making changes to make sure that doesn't happen again.

In science:

It occurs, however, that the phonon system and the electron–phonon interaction in these metals are too complicated to be well accounted by the applied approximations.
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
One way to take this fact into account is to tightly integrate several solvers in one system (see Prolog IV ).
Component Programming and Interoperability in Constraint Solver Design
This implies that some aspects of the formal description are not taken into account when evaluating the system, e.g. we assume that the value of the INITIAL DIRECTION parameter is less important than the positions of the vehicles relatively to each other.
Generating a 3D Simulation of a Car Accident from a Written Description in Natural Language: the CarSim System
Further improvements could take into account tenses of verbs, temporal adverbs and prepositions, so that the system could determine the real chronological relationships between events. A similar comment can be given with regards to spatial information.
Generating a 3D Simulation of a Car Accident from a Written Description in Natural Language: the CarSim System
We conclude that the value for infinite system size is extremely well reproduced by taking into account the 1/W finite size correction.
High precision simulations of the longest common subsequence problem
Our purpose was not to give a systematic and detailed account of the available theories and experiments, but rather to discuss some relevant features which allow one to build a bridge between the two systems.
Helium nanodroplets and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates as prototypes of finite quantum fluids
In this way a definition of quasilocal internal energy for spatially bounded gravitating systems can be obtained where the reference background is properly taken into account.
The First Law of Isolated Horizons via Noether Theorem
BT p2 S (1) (p → ∞, ω ) As at very high frequencies the one-excitation approximation does not hold, and many-excitations contributions should be taken into account, the reliability of Eq. (14) in describing real systems is a very interesting matter.
Vibrations in glasses and Euclidean Random Matrix theory
It will be very interesting and necessary for the study of realistic systems to take into account absorption [2,14].
Space-Time Evolution of the Oscillator, Rapidly moving in a random media
An adequate extension is necessary to take into account the variation of the initial state both in parton species and their momenta, in order to make the GRACE system applicable to hadron collisions.
GR@PPA_4b: A Four Bottom Quark Production Event Generator for PP/PPbar Collisions
In the present paper we used an extension of a model previously introduced to account for the rheology and aging in pasty systems, in which the steady state local flow curve is non-monotonous so that heterogeneous flows can be generated at steady state.
A simple model for heterogeneous flows of yield stress fluids
To decide about the shape of the lattice one should take into account the expected anisotropic scaling properties of the system, since the scaling functions, as in Eq.(3) depend on the ratio r = Lz /K , where z is an unknown parameter.
Percolation in random environment
For 0 ,a, 1 the susceptibility ~uniform or staggered! of the system diverges in the limit T! 0 ; the system is in the Griffith phase in this case.21 Considering the system to be in the random dimer phase, and accounting for contributions as before we can obtain the results for the dimerized chain.
Bond-randomness-induced Neel order in weakly coupled antiferromagnetic spin chains
Consequently, if the precision guided delivery systems used in Iraq and Yu1According to official accounts, no depleted-uranium ammuni tion was used in the more recent war in Afghanistan.
A comparison of delayed radiobiological effects of depleted-uranium munitions versus fourth-generation nuclear weapons
The number of equations in system NSys here is NPy + 2NQy + 2NYy − 1 = NPy + 2NQy +NXy +NYy and number of independent unknown coefficients NU nc (taking into account possible cancellation of rational function on one nonzero coefficient) is NXy +NYy + 1.
The rational generalized integrating factors for first-order ODEs