• Furniture hardware and accessories found. Much of the furniture used in the Jamestown houses was made in Virginia
    Furniture hardware and accessories found. Much of the furniture used in the Jamestown houses was made in Virginia
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj accessory furnishing added support "an ancillary pump","an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism","The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other"
    • adj accessory aiding and abetting in a crime "he was charged with being accessory to the crime"
    • n accessory a supplementary component that improves capability
    • n accessory clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing
    • n accessory someone who helps another person commit a crime
    • ***

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A few kitchen utensils and accessories excavated at Jamestown: a ladle, brass pan, knife blades, fork, kettle fragments, spout, colander fragments, and pot hooks A few kitchen utensils and accessories excavated at Jamestown: a ladle, brass pan, knife blades, fork, kettle...

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Accessory Accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a secondary way; additional; connected as an incident or subordinate to a principal; contributing or contributory; said of persons and things, and, when of persons, usually in a bad sense; as, he was accessory to the riot; accessory sounds in music. ☞ Ash accents the antepenult; and this is not only more regular, but preferable, on account of easiness of pronunciation. Most orhoëpists place the accent on the first syllable.
    • Accessory (Fine Arts) Anything that enters into a work of art without being indispensably necessary, as mere ornamental parts.
    • Accessory (Law) Same as Accessary n.
    • Accessory That which belongs to something else deemed the principal; something additional and subordinate. "The aspect and accessories of a den of banditti."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • accessory (Of persons.) Acceding; contributing; aiding in producing some effect, or acting in subordination to the principal agent: usually in a bad sense: as, accessory to a felony. Technically, in law, it implies aiding without being present at the act.
    • accessory (Of things.) Contributing to a general effect; aiding in certain acts or effects in a secondary manner; belonging to something else as principal; accompanying: as, accessory sounds in music; accessory muscles. Additional, or of the nature of an appendage: as, accessory buds are developed by the side of or above the normal axillary bud.
    • n accessory In law, one who is guilty of a felony, not by committing the offense in person or as a principal, nor by being present at its commission, but by being in some other way concerned therein, as by advising or inciting another to commit the crime, or by concealing the offender or in any way helping him to escape punishment. An accessory before the fact is one who counsels or incites another to commit a felony, and who is not present when the act is done; after the fact, one who receives and conceals, or in any way assists, the offender, knowing him to have committed a felony. In high treason and misdemeanor, by English law, there are no accessories, all implicated being treated as principals. See abetter.
    • n accessory That which accedes or belongs to something else as its principal; a subordinate part or object; an accompaniment.
    • n accessory In the fine arts, an object represented which is not a main motive or center of interest, but is introduced to balance the composition or in some way enhance its artistic effectiveness. In a portrait, for example, everything but the figure is an accessory.
    • n accessory Synonyms Abetter, accomplice. See the definitions of these words.
    • accessory In the logical system of Lotze, adding (as thought) to the coherence of the matter of thought a notion of the ground of its coherence. See the extract.
    • accessory In geology, noting those minerals which are present in relatively small quantities in a rock and are not mentioned in its definition, such as zircon, apatite, and magnetite in granite: contrasted with essential.
    • n accessory In organ-building, same as accessory stop.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Accessory ak′ses-sor-i additional: contributing to: aiding:
    • n Accessory anything additional: one who aids or gives countenance to a crime
    • adj Accessory ak′ses-sor-i (law) participating in a crime, as in reset of theft, and the like
    • ***


  • Marguerite Yourcenar
    Marguerite Yourcenar
    “Men who care passionately for women attach themselves at least as much to the temple and to the accessories of the cult as to their goddess herself.”
  • Melanie Clark
    Melanie Clark
    “You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. accessorius,. See Access, and cf. Accessary


In literature:

It was thus that her highness was stolen; it was thus that I became accessory before the fact, as the lawyers say.
"The Goose Girl" by Harold MacGrath
You see, even if you made out your innocence, which you couldn't do, you rendered yourself an accessory by not denouncing me long ago.
"Winston of the Prairie" by Harold Bindloss
I did not want to suggest that she was an accessory after the crime.
"The Stowmarket Mystery" by Louis Tracy
Anjou, who was at first suspected of being accessory to the crime, was thus exculpated.
"History of Holland" by George Edmundson
Still, all these spiritual degrees clothed in human figures are but the accessories of this picture.
"The Cathedral" by Joris-Karl Huysmans
I have spoken only of her accessories; but now for Bertie herself.
"Sea and Shore" by Mrs. Catharine A. Warfield
As the accessory work seems easy, its hindering influence on other functions is practically overlooked.
"Psychology and Industrial Efficiency" by Hugo Münsterberg
Christ unquestionably meant His followers to think but little of the accessories of life.
"Outspoken Essays" by William Ralph Inge
Then you were an accessory to the crime, and never spoke, never told!
"Bessie's Fortune" by Mary J. Holmes
Who are accessories to crime?
"The Government Class Book" by Andrew W. Young
And, if so, was she not guilty as an accessory, at least in trying to shield another?
"Tracy Park" by Mary Jane Holmes
Bring us as quickly as possible all the accessories for my reception!
"Madame Chrysantheme" by Pierre Loti
Liszt's "St. Elizabeth" has been found more effective when provided with pictorial accessories than without.
"How to Listen to Music, 7th ed." by Henry Edward Krehbiel
The old building on the right, it must be understood, is not a mere accessory, but is an essential part of the picture.
"Pen Drawing" by Charles Maginnis
It is painted with more accessory detail and on a larger canvas than any other single figure.
"An Introduction to the Study of Browning" by Arthur Symons
Many millions of other lighting accessories were made, but unfortunately they are not classified.
"Artificial Light" by M. Luckiesh
He had not as yet been in many houses in New York, and he had never before seen so many accessories.
"The Bostonians, Vol. I (of II)" by Henry James
Therefore, we were without the accessories needful for the rapid supply of naval vessels.
"The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2)" by Jefferson Davis
The supraoccipital is an accessory bone developed in relation to bigger brains.
"Form and Function" by E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell
A man tires of only being an accessory.
"Much Darker Days" by Andrew Lang (AKA A. Huge Longway)

In poetry:

As no one point, nor dash,
Which are but accessories to this name,
The showers and tempests can outwash
So shall all times find me the same ;
You this entireness better may fulfill,
Who have the pattern with you still.
"A Valediction of my Name in the Window" by John Donne

In news:

Finely crafted acoustical accessories treatments designed for home theaters.
TK Living presents a collection of finely crafted architectural accessories and elements designed for home theater and other home-entertainment environments.
Ladies, it is time to step up your accessory game with your lovely fingers.
Tucker Rocky Distributing has acquired the FirstGear brand of apparel and accessories from Fairchild Sports, and began handling all inquiries regarding FirstGear sales and distribution as of August 19.
A roundup of cutting-edge tackle and accessories.
A case of congenital fistula from an accessory parotid gland: Diagnosis and treatment.
The author reports a case of congenital fistula from an accessory parotid gland and describes its diagnosis and treatment.
New York — Diversified home textiles supplier JLA Home has been named the exclusive distributor of patented Coral Fleece blankets and accessories by Veken Group.
Designers have fun with bold accessories that capture your eye immediately upon entering a room.
Residents can drop off computers and computer accessories at the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off at 1105 Prairie Drive SW in Bondurant.
ATLANTA — Pure LatexBliss, a producer of latex mattresses and sleep accessories, has named 20-year industry veteran Todd Freer to lead its Midwest sales region.
Don't forget to have a ball with accessories and add quirky accents.
This week, however, the 106-year-old company unveiled a 101-item collection of gifts and accessories to transform the Italian fine linens company into a total lifestyle brand.
In addition to selling hoops , fitness videos and other accessories, Hoopnotica certifies 300 instructors a year to teach what it calls hoop dance.
I recently discovered a really cool little boutique that specializes in the resale of designer and trendy clothing/accessories that are either new or almost new.

In science:

One sequence of 1,000,000 bits (von Neumann de-skewed; approximately 1.1 Mb in size) used in this work will be presented in the accessory materials available from PASA online.
Random Numbers from Astronomical Imaging
So our results may be an accessorial tool to catch on the affine Weyl group.
Abelian ideals with given dimension in Borel subalgebras
Accessories with AxialGen There are three accessories namely MedialAxesGen, IsovistExplorer, and BucketExplorer. MedialAxesGen is used for generating the medial axes of a complex polygon with holes, and it is an essential part for generating the axial lines.
AxialGen: A Research Prototype for Automatically Generating the Axial Map
Furthermore should manufacturers be more sub ject to use standardized connectors and interfaces, such that, for example, consumers can continue to use the accessories of their old cell phone once they replace it with a new one, which avoids rendering the old accessories useless and eventually electronic waste.
Modern consumerism and the waste problem
It is interesting that such zB coincide with the positions of the accessory singularities which will appear in the uniformization problem.
Hamiltonian structure of 2+1 dimensional gravity
These accessory parameters summarize all the gravitational interaction.
Hamiltonian structure of 2+1 dimensional gravity
Moreover, the turnover rate of the whole cycle is highly regulated by neuronal activity, phosphorylation, and scaffold and accessory proteins [reviewed in (4, 5)].
Multiple Routes for Glutamate Receptor Trafficking: Surface Diffusion and Membrane Traffic Cooperate to Bring Receptors to Synapses
In particular most of those results rely on the accessory assumption that the events observed, due to the finite efficiency of real detection apparatuses, are a faithful statistical sample of the whole ensemble (this is often called detection loophole or fair sampling assumption) [3, 5].
Experimental test of nonclassicality for a single particle
Most of the accessory operations are performed by the Diamond Server that is a host program that controls the execution of any Diamond application in the DSP network.
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS
Some preliminary tests involved mounting the PC Embedded, its accessory components and the complete Sundance acquisition system in the half box of the detector that is dedicated to host the digital electronics (see Figure 5.3).
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS
This makes detailed knowledge of the inflaton’s interactions an accessory detail rather than a necessity.
Primordial Fluctuations in String Cosmology
System Controls : all of primary and advanced settings for users has been defined in this tab. Users can be able to use it for entrance, exit and option accessories.
Graphically E-Learning introduction and its benefits in Virtual Learning
Parking accessory logic is not the focus of the current paper, and since that logic may change in TRANSIMS in the near future and we also expect no influence on the results presented here, we omit further technical details.
TRANSIMS traffic flow characteristics
The incoming vehicles are removed at x = 900 via a parking accessory.
TRANSIMS traffic flow characteristics
Accessory results about (supersymmetric) theories at finite temperature and gravitino couplings might have some interest.
Thermal production of gravitinos