• WordNet 3.6
    • v abet assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Abet Act of abetting; aid.
    • Abet (Law) To contribute, as an assistant or instigator, to the commission of an offense.
    • Abet To instigate or encourage by aid or countenance; -- used in a bad sense of persons and acts; as, to abet an ill-doer; to abet one in his wicked courses; to abet vice; to abet an insurrection. "The whole tribe abets the villany.""Would not the fool abet the stealth,
      Who rashly thus exposed his wealth?"
    • Abet To support, uphold, or aid; to maintain; -- in a good sense. "Our duty is urged, and our confidence abetted ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • abet To encourage by aid or approval: used with a personal object, and chiefly in a bad sense.
    • abet To maintain; support; uphold.
    • abet In law, to encourage, counsel, incite, or assist in a criminal act — implying, in the case of felony, personal presence. Thus, in military law, it is a grave crime to aid or abet a mutiny or sedition, or excite resistance against lawful orders. In Scots law, a person is said to be abetting though he may only protect a criminal, conceal him from justice, or aid him in making his escape.
    • abet Hence To lead to or encourage the commission of.
    • abet Synonyms To support, encourage, second, countenance, aid, assist, back, connive at, stand by, further.
    • n abet The act of aiding or encouraging, especially in a crime.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Abet a-bet′ to incite by encouragement or aid (used chiefly in a bad sense)
    • pr.p Abet abet′ting; pa.p. abet′ted
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. abeter,; a,L. ad,) + beter, to bait (as a bear), fr. Icel. beita, to set dogs on, to feed, originally, to cause to bite, fr. Icel. bīta, to bite, hence to bait, to incite. See Bait Bet


In literature:

It seemed to comfort her and she abetted it.
"The Van Dwellers" by Albert Bigelow Paine
He came up to London and offered me a chance of new amusement in abetting his plans.
"Christopher Hibbault, Roadmaker" by Marguerite Bryant
In this, of course, they unwittingly aided and abetted the cereal fakers.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
The Sheriff doubled and trebled the reward offered for his head, mentioning him above all others who were known to aid and abet him.
"Robin Hood" by Paul Creswick
"English Synonyms and Antonyms" by James Champlin Fernald
That would be aiding and abetting one whom they strongly believed to be Monica's enemy.
"The Manor House School" by Angela Brazil
But Moore did not abet him in that informality.
"The Prisoner" by Alice Brown
Lucy smiled at the bare-faced fraud and hastened to abet it.
"Hidden Water" by Dane Coolidge
This was loud thunder; nor, when abetted by Irish massacres and English treasons, was it altogether impotent.
"History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth. Vol. II." by James Anthony Froude
And yet you and those who have abetted you think it odd that I haven't received you with open arms.
"Is He Popenjoy?" by Anthony Trollope
Am I to ruin myself, by aiding and abetting you?
"Angelot" by Eleanor Price
They were sticktights all right, and," he added morosely, "she seemed covertly to aid and abet them.
"Our Next-Door Neighbors" by Belle Kanaris Maniates
And this Movement seeks to aid and abet them.
"The Skull" by Philip K. Dick
Quebec, which had fomented and abetted their treason, now declined to share the burden of their misfortune.
"Old Quebec" by Sir Gilbert Parker and Claude Glennon Bryan
In the same spirit, the Sultan has been abetted, first against England and next against Russia.
"The International Spy" by Allen Upward
Mr. Yorke, instead of opposing, aided and abetted him.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
His appearance was due largely to the notion of Captain Morton, supported and abetted by George Brotherton.
"In the Heart of a Fool" by William Allen White
Use all the society that will abet you.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 3 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Alfie came home in the summer before her seventeenth birthday and abetted cordially her declarations of independence.
"Carnival" by Compton Mackenzie
His parents were not only willing, but aiding and abetting.
"The Women of Tomorrow" by William Hard

In poetry:

Le due comari, del bottino liete,
Facevan l'una all'altra i complimenti,
Quando, piombando dal vicino abete
Il capinero, li muto` in lamenti.
"Mors Tua, Vita Mea" by Ferdinando Fontana
"In the matter of Treason the pig would appear
To have aided, but scarcely abetted:
While the charge of Insolvency fails, it is clear,
If you grant the plea 'never indebted.'
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll

In news:

So that's kind of aiding and abetting of a serious crime.
If a girl is raped, becomes pregnant, then dies during labor, did God abet her murder.
Elva Luz Garcia-Gomez, a Dodge City mother accused of aiding and abetting felony murder, was arrested Wednesday for failing to comply with her court ordered bond conditions.
Charles Anthony Jones, 48, of Dallas, pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the trafficking of counterfeit goods, authorities said.
Yang is one of five men and four boys charged with aiding and abetting first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the rape of the girl .
The former Liberian dictator abetted the atrocities of a proxy army.
"Mr. Speciale's propulsive staging, abetted by appealing choreography by George De La Peña, is so clear that you could probably follow Shakespeare's story even if you weren't listening to the text.".
Former Denver Man Sentenced For Sex Trafficking Of A Child And Aiding And Abetting.
Aiding and abetting a sugarholic Evidence: Feeding Child marshmallow cereal for breakfast and refilling her bowl twice.
Davis likes Abet Laminati's yellow number, which he speced for this kitchen.
The department abetted wrongdoers and abandoned law-abiding citizens victimized by the New Black Panthers .
Abet Laminati offers almost 700 decorative high pressure laminate surfaces including metallics, woodgrains, solid colors, digitally printed or silk-screened design and Tefor, a recycled surfacing material.
So it's no surprise she manages to make her fourth album both her Joni Mitchell-influenced maturity binge and her Max Martin-abetted pop move – and have it seem not just inevitable but natural.
On Day 1 of its term, the US Supreme Court heard a case involving allegations by 12 Nigerians that a foreign oil firm abetted human rights abuses in Nigeria 20 years ago.
Courts for human rights violations allegedly aided and abetted the human rights violations committed in 1789 called the Alien Tort Statute ( ATS ) allows the courts several courts allowed human rights cases to be brought.

In science:

Meeting the needs of other departments: introductory physics in the ABET 2000 Era.
Lessons From the Physics-Education Reform Effort
Particle porosity abets sticking by allowing for greater dissipation of kinetic energy (Dominik & Tielens 1997).
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
Gas drag on particles, abetted by arbitrarily weak self-gravity, collects particles into overdense axisymmetric rings (§5).
Forming Planetesimals in Solar and Extrasolar Nebulae
The infected hepatocytes in turn abetted the growth of HCV.
Analysis of Hepatitis C Viral Dynamics Using Latin Hypercube Sampling
This connection abets the interpretation of ˜ρβ (ω) as an effective environmental DOS set forth in the Introduction (cf.
Intrinsic dissipation in nanomechanical resonators due to phonon tunneling