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    • Weighing-machine a machine or apparatus for weighing heavy goods
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wegan, to carry; Ger. wiegen; L. vehĕre, to carry.


In literature:

On the weighing machine a truck trundled slowly.
"Sons and Lovers" by David Herbert Lawrence
Moy anchored his machine to a pole running on a prepared circular track; his engine weighed 80 lbs.
"A History of Aeronautics" by E. Charles Vivian
The machine weighed, in all, 1,600 lbs.
"Wonderful Balloon Ascents" by Fulgence Marion
The Voisin machine, with aviator, weighs about 1,370 pounds, and is operated with a so-horsepower motor.
"Flying Machines" by W.J. Jackman and Thos. H. Russell
SOCRATES: And we end a controversy about heavy and light by resorting to a weighing machine?
"Euthyphro" by Plato
Faintness threatened her; she clung to the handle of a weighing machine for support.
"Sparrows" by Horace W. C. Newte
Bank governor's machine weighs sovereigns, light ones go to the right, and heavy ones to the left.
"The Attache" by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
Bank governor's machine weighs sovereigns, light ones go to the right, and heavy ones to the left.
"The Attache" by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
The machine is 29 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and weighs about 13 pounds.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 344, August 5, 1882" by Various
Each of the revolving parts of these machines will weigh 141,000 pounds.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume XIV" by John Lord
There is no chance to measure or weigh or still less assay the qualities of the machine.
"Crime: Its Cause and Treatment" by Clarence Darrow
From 1741, weighing machines were kept at toll gates.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
At the entrance, in the centre, was the weighing machine.
"The History of the Great Irish Famine of 1847 (3rd ed.) (1902)" by John O'Rourke
We illustrate herewith a novel type of weighing machine.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 829, November 21, 1891" by Various
She turns the scale at eighteen stone, and has pretty well broke every weighing machine in the place.
"The Silent House" by Fergus Hume
What I have said of clocks is largely true of the weighing-machine.
"The Patient Observer" by Simeon Strunsky
The machine is six feet wide and five feet high, and weighs 380 lb.
"Scientific American, Volume XLIII., No. 25, December 18, 1880" by Various
The machine weighs a couple of tons.
"The Buttoned Sky" by Geoff St. Reynard
So saying, Flathootly got a little weighing machine on deck, and, standing thereon, a sailor piled on the weights on the opposite side.
"The Goddess of Atvatabar" by William R. Bradshaw
The machine used in merchant vessels to weigh the anchor by.
"The Seaman's Friend" by Richard Henry Dana

In news:

Previous artificial-heart patients often had to wait a year or more in the hospital because the machine's driver weighed more than 400 pounds.
Your New Years' resolution may have you weighing whether to get an exercise machine.
Your New Year's resolution may have you weighing whether to get an exercise machine.
Ranging from $1,000 to nearly $50,000 and weighing in at close to 6,000 pounds, these machines can eat up electricity much like a large industrial oven used in a pizza shop.
In "Predators" (2010), Arnold was replaced by the slender Adrien Brody, who appeared to weigh less than his machine gun.
Readers who weighed in on the Mint floor- cleaning robot had mixed experiences with the machine.
All in all, load weights should be determined for each individual plant per machine by weighing soiled loads and comparing the soiled weight to the clean weight for the same load after processing.
AP Pills move through a precision weighing machine.
Waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive at the dock that Wednesday morning, Arias noticed an 8-foot-long wooden plank leaning against the ice machine, not far from where the scallops are weighed and packed for shipment.
The supersleek machine is less than three-quarters of an inch thick and weighs 2.8 pounds.

In science:

Resummation of such terms can turn out to be phenomenologically important when the quark is very heavy with respect to the hadronic collision energy: top production at the Tevatron, with the top weighing 175 GeV and the machine delivering 1800 GeV, could be such a case.
Hadronic Production of Heavy Quarks