Water rate


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Water rate A rate or tax for a supply of water.
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In literature:

The Orion was moving along through the water at the rate of about four knots an hour.
"The Coming Wave" by Oliver Optic
It's a first-rate pasture, plenty of water, an' fair grass.
"Valley of Wild Horses" by Zane Grey
It is claimed by railroad men that transportation by water is a regulator of railway rates which they must respect.
"The Railroad Question" by William Larrabee
Here the current ran at a prodigious rate of swiftness, and the waters rippled and boiled and roared with frightful noise.
"Japanese Fairy World" by William Elliot Griffis
For the turtle hauled us at a terrific rate through the water.
"Tales of Fishes" by Zane Grey
At any rate, the rug held him upright, so that he did not strike the water flat.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl
The sun seemed high when they rose from the water, but as it neared the horizon its rate of descent seemed to increase.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
At any rate, the boat sank by the stern, quite gently, in three feet of water, leaving the captain and myself, facing each other, on our feet.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson" by Robert Louis Stevenson
A close pasture, including a rivulet, or a small stream of water, affords facilities for raising ducks at a cheap rate.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
The highest rate is obtained in shallow water.
"The Industrial Canal and Inner Harbor of New Orleans" by Thomas Ewing Dabney

In news:

Water rate s in Wythe County are officially set to increase in July, but the Board of Supervisors is considering steps to make sure needy residents don't drown in the surge.
In a unanimous 5-0 vote that surprised some city staff, the Sonoma City Council rejected a five-year, 5-percent-a-year water rate hike and said they wanted more information before reconsidering the request.
The Norton Shores City Council has approved a 47 percent water rate increase that will go into effect in April.
Lagoon to pay same water rate as others.
Water rate s may rise 28% this week.
Water rate hike could set new mark.
The Michigan Court of Appeals announced Friday that it has dismissed a lawsuit challenging two City of Flint water rate increases.
Tuesday night, the Midland City Council voted unanimously to raise water rate s from 2.5 to 37.78 percent, depending on usage levels.
The new year may bring a new water rate for Buckhannon residents.
Buckhannon City Council approved an ordinance for a water rate increase proposal at last week's meeting.
If approved by the West Virginia Public Service Commission, the water rate increase will be effective Jan 1.
No water rate hike this year.
The Spokane City Council is discussing water rate increases again, just six months after a new system was put in place.
Flint residents aren't happy with the decision to raise water rate s after September 16, according to The Flint Journal.
Berlin Council Okays Water Rate Hike.

In science:

Assuming that each transmitter maximizes its own data rate by water- fillin g over the available frequency bands, we consider two scenarios.
On the Benefits of Bandwidth Limiting in Decentralized Vector Multiple Access Channels
Water is injected into the droplet while oil is withdrawn at infinity at a constant rate, as is shown schematically in Fig. 2.
Random matrices and Laplacian growth
To understand the shortest path between these vertices, think of water percolating through the network at rate one, started simultaneously from the two vertices.
Universality for first passage percolation on sparse random graphs
Schochet () has recently shown that quasigeostrophy is a valid approximation of the rotating shallow water equations in the limit of zero Rossby number, i.e., at asymptotically high rotation rate.
Time-Periodic Quasigeostrophic Motion under Dissipation and Forcing
The 2700 m water equivalent thickness of rock covering the detector sufficiently reduces cosmic muon flux, resulting in 0.34 Hz of muon event rate.
Geo-neutrinos and Earth's interior