• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Watch-tower a tower on which a sentinel is placed to watch or keep guard against the approach of an enemy
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  • Daniel Webster
    “We have been taught to regard a representative of the people as a sentinel on the watch-tower of liberty.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. wæccewacan, wake.


In literature:

The Commandant stepped down from his watch tower by the railway tracks.
"Young Hilda at the Wars" by Arthur Gleason
A beacon light set on a watch-tower.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
Old watch-towers in the vicinity indicate its ancient extent.
"Shepp's Photographs of the World" by James W. Shepp
She sits watching that crazy old tower of yours by day and your light by night.
"The Light of Scarthey" by Egerton Castle
As the scouts climbed up the rugged bank of the Creek, the towering trees were not the only things that watched silently.
"Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
Figure 48 shows one of the watch-towers on the walls of Tuloom.
"Ancient America, in Notes on American Archaeology" by John D. Baldwin
Could it be possible that she had gone up the watch tower, and fallen from the battlements.
"Peak's Island" by Ford Paul
Finally a swift runner reached the watch-tower, whence the old king looked forth, awaiting news of the day.
"Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 3 of 8" by Various
In the cases of Dover, Breamore, Stow, and Norton, we have watched the gradual evolution of the cruciform plan with central tower.
"The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church" by A. Hamilton Thompson
One squirrel adopted the fence as his regular highway, and the high post of the farm gate as his watch-tower.
"Little Brothers of the Air" by Olive Thorne Miller
But methinks none of us is out of his place upon the watch-tower.
"Robin Tremayne" by Emily Sarah Holt
If any one of the enemy moved, he was seen from the watch-towers and immediately overwhelmed.
"The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus" by Ammianus Marcellinus
The twelfth century, in the shape of a crumbling Moorish watch-tower, alone greeted us.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 122, December, 1867" by Various
They had seen our peril from one of the watch-towers, and had hurried to our rescue.
"In the High Valley" by Susan Coolidge
A tremendous shout had gone up as the ball left his toe, but then followed a deadly silence as they watched its towering flight.
"Bert Wilson on the Gridiron" by J. W. Duffield
I went back through the hotel and down the street to watch them from the tower above the snow.
"Track's End" by Hayden Carruth
Having found the place good, and resolved to stay, the man had built a refuge for himself and his family in this tall watch-tower of a tree.
"In the Morning of Time" by Charles G. D. Roberts
Tettenhall was possibly Tetta's hall; or, more probably, "Spy hall," otherwise a watch tower.
"The Annals of Willenhall" by Frederick William Hackwood
None saw the fond embracing, save, shining from afar, The Golden Goose that watched them from the tower of Valdemar.
"Vocal Expression" by Katherine Jewell Everts
It spans the river on fourteen arches, and dates from 1344, save that its watch-tower was built at a later day.
"The Cathedrals and Churches of the Rhine" by Francis Miltoun

In poetry:

Ben Boyd’s Tower is watching—
Watching o’er the foam;
Ben Boyd’s Tower is waiting
Till the “Wanderer” comes home.
"Ben Boyd's Tower" by Henry Lawson
In armor strong the fearless knight
    At daybreak rode away,
And from her window in the tower
    The lady watched all day.
"Two Mornings" by Sarah Orne Jewett
The maiden stood on her highest tower,
And watch'd her knight depart;
She dash'd the tear aside, but her hand
Might not still her beating heart.
"The Troubadour. Canto 1" by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
"But hear me now!...till the morning light,
Thro' the dreary, midnight hour ;
I must watch alone, at the altar's stone,
In the aisle of the eastern tower:
"The Perjured Nun" by Anne Bannerman
Nor, when anew from town—girt tower
Or fen—swept spire the Yule—bells peal,
Are those who watch o'er England's power
Too wise to pray, too proud to kneel.
"A Christmas Carol" by Alfred Austin
Deep stillness was on hill and glen, When she heard a bugle blow;
A trump from the watch-tower answered then,
And the tramp of steeds, and the voice of men,
Were heard in the court below.
"The Harp Of Hoel" by William Lisle Bowles

In news:

It features the silhouette of a man’s profile looking down, a watch tower with guard on patrol and a strand of barb-wire.
It's time for a new clock-minder to watch Roxbury church tower .
Barnes County Chief Deputy Don Fiebiger watches a cornfield Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011, in rural Tower City, N.D. For escaped sex offender Joseph Megna, 29, of Washington State.
Mount Penn fire tower best spot to watch birds.
I was worried that the weather would wash out the Baird Ornithological Club's hawk watch atop the William Penn Memorial Fire Tower on Skyline Drive last Saturday.
There is something so breath takingly amazing about standing on the photo tower there and watching 43 cars go roaring by at 200 mph in a huge pack.
It's time for a new clock- minder to watch Roxbury church tower.
OGDEN — Maybe you were interested in seeing the slow-motion demolition of Weber State's Promontory Tower, but you didn't have the weeks required to stand nearby and watch.
Dig making way for watch tower.
The City of Palmview has purchased their first police sky watch tower and they are putting it to use at a H.E.B.
After two weeks, the NYPD pulled its Sky Watch tower out of low-crime DUMBO.
The Louvre can wait for another day when there are waffles to eat on a park bench on the edge of the Seine, or street artists to watch in front of an illuminated Eiffel Tower several hours past bedtime.
Guards jeer from watch towers.
Regarding that responsibility, Broncos running backs must feel like guards at the Tower of London keeping watch over the Crown Jewels.
In this Tuesday, Sept 11, 2001 file photo, pedestrians in lower Manhattan watch smoke rise from the World Trade Tower after an early morning terrorist attack on the New York landmark.