• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Wait-a-while One of the Australian wattle trees (Acacia colletioides), so called from the impenetrability of the thicket which it makes.
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  • Baltasar Gracian
    “It is a great piece of skill to know how to guide your luck even while waiting for it.”
  • French Proverb
    French Proverb
    “The while we keep a man waiting, he reflects on our shortcomings.”


In literature:

And while they waited for tea, Evelyn lay back in a wicker chair thinking.
"Evelyn Innes" by George Moore
A most prolific poet knocked off poems "while you wait," and we soon had plenty of "copy.
"In the Ranks of the C.I.V." by Erskine Childers
He wrote a deal of it during this month of waiting, and a long while afterwards sent an extract to Dr.
"Clementina" by A.E.W. Mason
But as to Midhir and Angus, they waited a while for Fuamach to come and join them.
"Gods and Fighting Men" by Lady I. A. Gregory
I have waited six months, and now the lady must wait a while, other six if needs be.
"The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay" by Maurice Hewlett
Wait a little while for your good star to rise.
"Lazarre" by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
For a long weary while I have been waiting for such a messenger as you.
"Young Folks Treasury, Volume 2 (of 12)" by Various
I waited a long while.
"Tramping on Life" by Harry Kemp
It certainly would be wiser to wait a while.
"The Lookout Man" by B. M. Bower
Moreover, Claude did not hurry over any of the formalities, and they had to wait a long while for the necessary papers.
"His Masterpiece" by Emile Zola
Len, are you hungry, or shall we wait a while for lunch?
"Red Pepper's Patients" by Grace S. Richmond
Why cannot you wait a while?
"The Bread-winners" by John Hay
I guess you won't starve if you wait a little while.
"Jerome, A Poor Man" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Wait a little while, and let me do somethin' for you.
"The Portion of Labor" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
While I waited, a couple of men were attended to so near me that I heard their business.
"Russian Rambles" by Isabel F. Hapgood
While thus waiting, a happy thought came into Harry's head.
"What Might Have Been Expected" by Frank R. Stockton
She was silent for a little while, and they all waited for her to speak.
"Fairies and Folk of Ireland" by William Henry Frost
He waited a while in expectation that his uncle was about to confide in him.
"Aunt Rachel" by David Christie Murray
Tell him to wait a while, and then come and show himself.
"Peak and Prairie" by Anna Fuller
Would ye eat a meal with appetite while the Diarmaids wait in the way?
"John Splendid" by Neil Munro

In poetry:

Thus let me serve Thee from my heart,
Whate'er may be my written fate:
Whether thus early to depart,
Or yet a while to wait.
""I hoped, that with the brave and strong..."" by Anne Bronte
Striking a plaintive string,
Like some poor harper at a palace portal,
I wait without and sing,
While those I love glide in and dwell immortal.
""Still In Thy Love I Trust."" by Annie Adams Fields
And one there was, she walked less fast,
Behind the rest, perhaps beguiled
By his lithe form, who, as she passed,
Waited a little while, and smiled.
"His Rubies: Told" by Laurence Hope
Each step's a hope, that doth ascend
Stairwise to expectation's height;
A weary way it is to wend
While noonday suns are burning bright.
But rest waits at the evening's end.
"The Gardens" by Emile Verhaeren
Ring thoughtfully, bells, a prayer would ascend
To Father of love, this soul to befriend.
While waiting, a voice is waft o'er the sea--
"Hast heard of a Christ? He speaks--I am He."
"Hope Beyond" by Mary Alice Walton
His words heard a knight In the garden while roaming.
"Ah! watchman," he said,
"Is the daylight fast coming, And may I not see her,
And wilt thou not aid me?"
"Go wait in thy covert Lest the cock crow reveillie,
And the dawn should betray thee."
"Watchsong" by Anonymous European

In news:

It's nice, but I think I'll wait a while.
The San Francisco Giants waited quite a while for this kind of performance from Barry Zito.
Democrat Jay Inslee said this morning he is moving ahead with forming a transition team while waiting for the counting of perhaps 1.2 million votes in the Washington governor's race.
The first to arrive, I was led into one of the several softly lit, small dining rooms and given a menu while I waited -- and waited.
Elizabeth Allen, of Boulder, wears a "No Friggin' Frackin'" sign while waiting for the commissioners' meeting to begin, Thursday, Dec 13, 2012, at the Boulder County Courthouse.
A 16-year-old girl is in critical condition after being struck by a car while waiting for her - 8:24 am.
A paramedic has been placed on leave and an investigation is underway after an 87-year-old woman died while allegedly waiting for treatment at a local hospital.
Sam Finley (second from left), leading cheers for Corona Centennial last season as a junior while waiting to regain his eligibility, has signed with UCR.
Ever wonder, while stuck waiting for a delayed flight, what it's like in those first- and business-class lounges .
We found Mango 's Wood Fired Pizza restaurant while wandering through Olde Mistick Village, waiting for a movie to start.
While you're waiting for NBC's "Smash" to return early next year, you can get your Marilyn Monroe fix from M.A.C.
To make a long post short, what can I do to improve his behavior while we wait on the Dr's appt.
Crestview's boys basketball had been waiting a while to enjoy a victory over East Palestine .
Zanesville police said a woman was shot with a pellet gun while waiting at a bus stop.
I have had the idea for the tattoo for a while now, and had just been waiting for the right time, and the right artist.

In science:

Not unexpectedly the correspondence defines the waiting time distribution uniquely up to a constant while the structure function is related to the Fourier transform of the transition rates.
On Fractional Diffusion and its Relation with Continuous Time Random Walks
No particular effort was made in the simulation to optimize where the spacecraft was pointed while waiting for a GRB.
Swift's Ability to Detect Gamma-Ray Bursts
While in the present discussion we have made the assumption of considering flows in homogeneous porous media, which amounts to drawing waiting times from a Poisson pdf, the CTRW framework straightforwardly allows taking into account spatial heterogeneities, due, e.g., to different grain sizes or variable saturation.
A nonlinear random walk approach to concentration-dependent contaminant transport in porous media
While waiting for such a theory, it is interesting to study further structures.
Poset limits and exchangeable random posets
While the exact solution of Eq. (2.4) was obtained for a special case of jump and waiting-time densities , the long-time behavior of P (x, t) was analyzed for a much wider class of these densities.
Continuous-time random walk with a superheavy-tailed distribution of waiting times
While the final data from BaBar and Belle will lower the expari mental error on Br(B+ → t+n), the full clarification of a possible discrepancy between the SM and the data will have to wait for the data from Belle II and SFF in Rome.
Flavour Visions
While in many cases this is a convenient assumption, there are also examples in which correlations between consecutive step sizes and/or waiting times must be compulsorily considered.
Parrondo-like behavior in continuous-time random walks with memory
While waiting for a response and being aided by the newly acquired belief that conjecture (2) is false, I quickly happened to find a counterexample to the conjecture, using the following heuristics, which may be of interest to readers.
On the supremum of the tails of normalized sums of independent Rademacher random variables
While at x ∈ AN the process waits a mean W N x /vℓ (x) exponential time at the end of which it jumps to y ∈ AN with probability ρN (y ).
Universality of trap models in the ergodic time scale
Thus, informally, a process i is in state S! or D! (resp. S or D ) when i is in state S or D while holding its right (resp. left) resource; process i is in state W! (resp. W ) when i is waiting for its right (resp. left) resource to become free; process i is in state ES! (resp.
Proving time bounds for randomized distributed algorithms
The application can choose to wait for a confirmation that the operation has completed, or can continue host processing while the message is being processed.
Cluster Computing White Paper
This enabled us to keep a large number of atoms trapped while waiting for the vapor pressure to decrease before extinguishing the trapping light.
Loading a vapor cell magneto-optic trap using light-induced atom desorption
This allows the physicists involved with the detector to do other physics while waiting for a rare supernova.
Nuclear Physics Neutrino PreTown Meeting: Summary and Recommendations
Detection of any outside the Galaxy may have to wait a while.
Astrophysics in 2006
With the currently available data and searches, we have indeed been able to probe only a small portion of the vast MSSM parameter space, while many regions are still waiting to be explored.
SUSY status after one year of LHC