• WordNet 3.6
    • n WATS a telephone line; long distance service at fixed rates for fixed zones; an acronym for wide area telephone service
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In literature:

Besides Bart, he saw Harvey Dare, George Harris, Wat Snell and Sam Winslow.
"Frank Merriwell's Chums" by Burt L. Standish
Under the accredited leadership of Wat Tyler the revolt at once took form.
"The Rise of the Democracy" by Joseph Clayton
A WAT U I. Cushing in Fourth Report Bureau of Ethnology, 493, 1886 (or Aguatobi).
"Archeological Expedition to Arizona in 1895" by Jesse Walter Fewkes
Does you know wat de Scripture tells us of de wrathful woman?
"At Fault" by Kate Chopin
She mew'd to ev'ry wat'ry god Some speedy aid to send.
"Old Valentines" by Munson Aldrich Havens
Are is for us to brethe, Wat signifies who preeches if i cant brethe?
"The Book of Humorous Verse" by Various
With 45 illustrations by Wat.
"Children's Rhymes, Children's Games, Children's Songs, Children's Stories" by Robert Ford
Watson is the son of Wat, i.e.
"The Romance of Names" by Ernest Weekley
B'er Wolf say 'e mek 'e y-eye come wat'ry fer yeddy da talk lak dat.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
Munn, mad for the want of sleep and wat to the bane, swure back at him; and than Gourlay wadna let him near his wife!
"The House with the Green Shutters" by George Douglas Brown

In poetry:

"Alas for wae!" quo' William's Wat,
"Alack, for thee my heart is sair!
I never cam by the fair Dodhead,
That ever I fand thy basket bare."
"Jamie Telfer" by Andrew Lang
"Warn Wat o' Harden, and his sons,
Wi' them will Borthwick water ride;
Warn Gaudilands, and Allanhaugh,
And Gilmanscleugh, and Commonside.
"Jamie Telfer" by Andrew Lang
There is a stream, whose gentle flow
Supplies the city of our God;
Life, love, and joy still gliding through,
And wat'ring our divine abode.
"Psalm 46 part 1" by Isaac Watts
The night, tho wat, they didna mind,
But hied them on fu mirrilie,
Until they cam to Cholerford brae,
Where the water ran like mountains hie.
"Jock O The Side" by Andrew Lang
Ye wat'ry Mountains of the Sky,
And you so far above our Eye,
Vast ever-moving Orbs, Exalt his Name,
Who gave its Being to your Glorious Frame:
"A Paraphrase On The CXLVIIIth Psalm" by Wentworth Dillon
Then up and spake the Laird's saft Wat,
The greatest coward in the company;
"Now halt, now halt, we needna try't;
The day is comd we a' maun die!"
"Jock O The Side" by Andrew Lang

In news:

Feedback from sessions at NBAA and WATS.
Clearly voters know wat's up when it comes to great Ethiopian cuisine: Wat is.
Hangs with a Buddhist monk at Wat Pho in Bangkok.
Every afternoon at Wat Sambuor Meas, a once glorious temple a few miles south of here, a silent drama begins.
I would wat some of this.
Mystery of Angkor Wat temple's huge stones solved.
A Cambodian boy cools off by jumping into the waters on the grounds of the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
View full size Photo by Mike Greenlar A tourist photographs the Sunrise at Angkor Wat .
A tourist photographs sunrise at Angkor Wat , Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Angkor Wat is a world heritage site in Cambodia.
Atakilt Wat and Doro Tibs.
Globe Trekker Ian Wright visits Angkor Wat , Cambodia PBS.
Spins & KinG Wat Could Be Better.
Having just been a tourist in Cambodia, and in the Angkor Wat -Angkor Thom complex, I take exception to Barbara Crossette's report (Travel Advisory, Dec 8).
The following excerpt from My Century is made up of taped sections and a separate sketch found in Wat 's papers.

In science:

Hardcastle & Sakelliou (2004) studied jet termination in WAT radio sources.
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
Seven WATs in their sample are in our sample.
Every BCG with a strong radio AGN has an X-ray cool core: is the cool core - noncool core dichotomy too simple?
Ik ga wat dieper in op de bijzondere eigenschappen van radio pulsars en beschr ijf ten slotte wat ik in mijn eigen onderzoek voor nieuws heb gevonden.
Radio Pulsars
Veel andere onderzoekers probeerden nu ook te bepalen wat de vreemde knipperster dan w `el was.
Radio Pulsars
Al het mater iaal op aarde is gemaakt uit atomen en op zijn beurt is ieder atoom weer opgebouwd uit protonen en neutronen in een atoomkern, met ver daarbuiten wat elektronen.
Radio Pulsars