• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Vermeil A liquid composition applied to a gilded surface to give luster to the gold.
    • Vermeil Silver gilt or gilt bronze.
    • Vermeil Vermilion; also, the color of vermilion, a bright, beautiful red. "In her cheeks the vermeill red did show
      Like roses in a bed of lilies shed."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n vermeil A bright red; vermilion; the color of vermilion. Also used adjeetively, and frequently as the first element of a compound.
    • n vermeil Silver gilt.
    • n vermeil In gilding, a liquid composed of arnotto, gamboge, vermilion, dragon's-blood, salt of tartar, and saffron, boiled in water and applied to a surface that is to be gilded, to give luster to the gold.
    • n vermeil A crimson-red garnet inclining slightly to orange: a jewelers' name.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Vermeil ver′mil (Spens.) same as Vermilion: silver-gilt
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., vermilion, fr. LL. vermiculus, fr. L. vermiculus, a little worm, the coccus Indicus, from vermis, a worm. See Worm, and cf. Vermicule


In literature:

This arrangement ought to be both rich and tender, she thought, and would form a splendid background to her blonde vermeil-tinted skin.
"Nana, The Miller's Daughter, Captain Burle, Death of Olivier Becaille" by Emile Zola
What need a vermeil-tinctured lip for that Love-darting eyes, or tresses like the Morn?
"The Poetical Works of John Milton" by John Milton
Within the mouth of the maiden, she set a flower that was more vermeil still.
"French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France" by Marie de France
He rose and pensively opened a little box of vermeil with a lid of aventurine.
"Against The Grain" by Joris-Karl Huysmans
What need of vermeil-tinctured lip for that, Love-darting eyes, or tresses like the morn?
"Milton's Comus" by John Milton
Where were the vermeil blooms, the liquid expressive eyes, the harmonious limbs of Animula?
"Masterpieces of Mystery In Four Volumes" by Various
And the pure snow, with goodly vermeil stain, Like crimson died in grain!
"The Romance of Biography (Vol 1 of 2)" by Anna Jameson
Blue, vermeil, gold, they dance upon the green.
"Aucassin & Nicolette"
The once sweet lips had lost their softness of curve with their vermeil tincture and had fallen into hard repose.
"Yellowstone Nights" by Herbert Quick

In poetry:

Not groves, nor any vermeil walks,
Nor flowery pastures pied,
But the great sweep of sky and land
And the hills at eventide.
"A Connaught Man (For Hugh Maguire)" by Katharine Tynan
Across the sulphur-colored sands
With bales of silk the camels fare,
Harnessed with vermeil and with vair,
Into the blue and burning lands.
"Beyond the Great Wall" by Clark Ashton Smith
There the young green glistening leaflets
Hush'd with love their breezy peal;
There the little opening flowerets
Blush'd beneath her vermeil heel!
"Daphne" by George Meredith
But lovelier than corn-fields all waving
In emerald, and vermeil, and gold,
Are the heights where the north-wind is raving,
And the crags where I wandered of old.
"Loud without the wind was roaring" by Emily Jane Bronte
Her sledgy car, with sparkling frost-work bright,
O'er the pellucid ice her snow-birds drew,
And on her fleecy robe's refracted light
The full-blown rose's vermeil colours threw.
"The Complaint Of The Goddess Of The Glaciers To Doctor Darwin" by Helen Maria Williams
"And thou shalt see her standing straight and pale,
High pedestalled on some rook-haunted tower:
She has two earrings, silver and vermeil,
And eyes like stars that shine in sunset hour.
"Hialmar speaks to the Raven: From Leconte de Lisle" by James Elroy Flecker

In news:

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