• WordNet 3.6
    • n VHF 30 to 300 megahertz
    • n VHF a group of illnesses caused by a viral infection (usually restricted to a specific geographic area); fever and gastrointestinal symptoms are followed by capillary hemorrhage
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In news:

I switched to the guard frequency (121.5) on VHF, asked for an airliner's help and when United came back, I asked them to advise San Francisco Oceanic that I was aborting the flight and returning to Santa Barbara.
PCTEL Announces Bluewave Wideband VHF Log Periodic Antenna.
Simrad RS35 & Lowrance Link-8: DSC VHF + AISrx + N2K = YES.
The 5218 VHF antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group has a one-piece design that attaches to magnet-friendly surfaces, rapidly facilitating communication.
The lowly VHF radio remains the most versatile communication device for a boat.
Flower-Corsano Duo on VHF .
Thrane & Thrane Launches Sailor VHF Radio.
Thrane & Thrane now launches its new VHF radio - the SailorRT5022 - that offers users a number of new and attractive features.
The Link-5 VHF features quick access to a variety of functions.
Don't know if Post-Newsweek would be interested in owning 2 more VHF stations in the form of WJAC and WTOV.
The mariner was able to transmit a mayday call on VHF channel 16 which was received by Coast Guard search and rescue coordinators at Coast Guard Sector Honolulu.
Two VHF operators hit the highway to rove around the rare grids of the Pacific Northwest.
VHF offers more than a means to make idle conversation.
When you're on a pile of fish, it's fun to share them with a fishing buddy, unless you have to do it over open VHF channels, where other anglers can hear you.
Check out ICOM's latest VHF, the IC-M24.

In science:

Galactic noise can be the dominant signal in exceptionally radio-quiet environments for frequencies in the low VHF (30–100 MHz) range .
Extensive Air Shower Radio Detection: Recent Results and Outlook
The Hamiltonian H = H0 + VHF is no longer the sum of mutually commuting terms.
Exactly solvable models for 2D correlated fermions
Swartz (1988), Observations of auroral E-region plasma waves and electron heating with EISCAT and a VHF radar interferometer, J.
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Through E-region Turbulence 1: Energy Budget
Tetrode vacuum tubes are well established as high-power r.f. sources in the VHF (30–300 MHz) band. The arrangement of a 150 kW, 30 MHz tetrode is shown in Fig. 3 (from Ref. ).
RF power generation