• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Unforeseeing not looking forward or provident
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In literature:

He was astonished to think how planless, instinctive and unforeseeing his treatment of Miss Grammont had been.
"The Secret Places of the Heart" by H. G. Wells
A situation charged with all kinds of unforeseeable results.
"Children of the Whirlwind" by Leroy Scott
We were thankful, for a time, to go back to that kind, unconscious, unforeseeing world.
"A Writer's Recollections (In Two Volumes), Volume II" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
The unforeseeable had now occurred, something which reduced all else to mere triviality.
"The Price of Love" by Arnold Bennett
The unforeseeing simpleton had actually come on the excursion without a box of matches!
"The Lion's Share" by E. Arnold Bennett
Of course there's always a big margin for the unforeseeable.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster
How could I, young, innocent, and inexperienced, foresee the unforeseeable?
"The Blunders of a Bashful Man" by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor
That had been the unforeseeable part of the trap.
"Gold in the Sky" by Alan Edward Nourse
We may go further: it is not only something new, but something unforeseeable.
"Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson
I speak it in your ear, unforeseeing one, that with easy heart you may return to your eternal sleep.
"The Wagnerian Romances" by Gertrude Hall

In news:

But it is when Horace undergoes an altogether unforeseeable change of heart that the real difficulties begin.
Negligence – Causation – Unforeseeable Injury.

In science:

This mechanism, figuratively speaking, churns out a succession of events, each individual ly unpredictable, or it conspires to produce an unforeseeable outcome each time a large ensemble of possibilities is sampled.
Incompleteness, Complexity, Randomness and Beyond
Envision a scenario where mobile or static sensor nodes are deployed in a large spatially-extended region and the environment is unknown, possibly hostile, the tasks are unforeseeable, and the sensor nodes have no prior classification scheme/language to communicate regarding detecting and sensing ob jects.
Naming Games in Two-Dimensional and Small-World-Connected Random Geometric Networks
However, for someone who is not familiar in detail with that procedure, the numeric value of any digit of the binary string is absolutely unforeseeable, regardless of the amount of preceding digits whose value has already been known.
A Mathematical Random Number Generator (MRNG)
First, I would like to thank the organizers for organizing such a pleasant meeting, and for dealing so well with the unforeseeable circumstances. I would also like to thank Zoltan Ligeti and Michael Luke for collaborations on some of the work presented here, and Thomas Mannel for comments on the manuscript.
Present and Future in Semileptonic B Decays
This is a remarkable achievement that was almost unforeseeable 10 years ago.
Lorentz Violation: Motivation and new constraints