• Un cannonier marin sur le front
    Un cannonier marin sur le front
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n UN an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security
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Un grand blessé Un grand blessé

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n un An in- separable prefix, meaning ‘not.’ It is prefixed to adjectives (including participles) and to adverbs, to express simply the negative, as unable, unfair, untrue, unwise, etc., unbending, unyielding, undoubting, unchanging, unthinking, etc., unbent, undoubted, unchanged, etc., ‘not able,’ ‘not fair,’ etc. The adverbs or nouns derived from such adjectives or participles (as unfairly, unfainess, etc.) may be regarded as formed from the adjective in un-, with the adverbial or noun formative (⟨ unfair + -ly, unfair + -ness), or as formed from such derived forms by prefixing the negative (⟨ un- + fairly, un- + fairness, etc.).
    • n un It is prefixed to some nouns to express the absence, incompleteness, or the contrary of what the noun expresses, as in unrest, untruth, unwisdom, undress. Before an adjective in -ing, un- is nearly equivalent to -less after a noun: unresting is nearly equivalent to restless, unchanging to changeless, etc. This negative may be prefixed to any adjective or participle whatever, whether of native or of foreign origin. It is equivalent to its cognate in- of Latin origin, an-, a- of Greek origin, and also to non-, sometimes to dis-, etc., of Latin origin (the Latin forms, in-, etc., being used chiefly before adjectives of Latin origin, but also before other adjectives): thus, uncomplete, incomplete, and potentially non-complete; unelastic, inelastic, non-elastic; unemphatic, non-emphatic, etc.; unreputable, disreputable, etc. As un- may be prefixed to any adjective or participle whatever, it is needless, and it would be impracticable, to include all such formations in the dictionary. In the following pages only such are entered and defined as have had a special development, are used in senses not merely reversing the original adjective, or are in Middle English or Anglo-Saxon use, and so form the basis of all the later compounds, or are for other reasons noteworthy. For the meaning and history of the other forms in un-, see the corresponding simple forms. Of the forms here entered the etymology is usually obvious, and it is therefore not expressly given, except in the older and the exceptional words; the history will be found under the simple form. See also un-.
    • n un An inseparable prefix of verbs (generally transitive), meaning ‘back,’ and denoting the reversal or annulment of the action of the simple verb: as, undo, unlearn, unlock, unmake, etc. It is very common as prefixed to verbs made from nouns, implying privation of the object named by the noun, or the qualities connoted by it: as, unarm, uncowl, unfrock, unhelm, unhorse, etc., to take off or deprive of one's arms, cowl, frock, helm, horse, etc.; unman, unsex, to deprive of the qualities of a man, of sex, etc. When used with verbs denoting utterance (which cannot actually be reversed or undone), it implies retractation: as, to unsay, unspeak, unswear, etc. Words with this prefix are much confused with words having the prefix un- (see etymology). In the following pages words with the prefix un- are generally so marked, while words with the prefix un- are left without etymological note, except in special cases. See remarks under un-.
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  • Grant M. Bright
    Grant M. Bright
    “Most of us die with much of our beautiful music still in us, un-sung, un-played.”
  • French Proverb
    French Proverb
    “Partir, c'est mourir un peu. (To leave is to die a little.)”
  • Erica Jong
    “Solitude is un-American.”
  • Christian Nevell Bovee
    “Mind unemployed is mind un-enjoyed.”
  • Harry S Truman
    “Ive said many a time that I think the Un-American Activities Committee in the House of Representatives was the most un-American thing in America!”


In literature:

Well, young 'un, you tell Trieve, with my compliments, that Scaife can't come.
"The Hill" by Horace Annesley Vachell
Bos'un, bring a light.
"Edward Barry" by Louis Becke
I didn't know none o' you-uns, an' none o' yer customers.
"The Moonshiners At Hoho-Hebee Falls" by Charles Egbert Craddock (AKA Mary Noailles Murfree)
Yes, they're often a bit ugly that lot, but devilish good uns to go.
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
It didn't trouble un to be honest; it troubled un to be rich.
"Harbor Tales Down North" by Norman Duncan
How did un come here?
"The Queen's Scarlet" by George Manville Fenn
Old times again, old un, and we're going to do it yet, eh?
"Diamond Dyke" by George Manville Fenn
And now," he continued, "about you 'uns.
"Turned Adrift" by Harry Collingwood
She says doctors are bad 'uns.
"The Bag of Diamonds" by George Manville Fenn
Well, that is a rum un, and no mistake.
"The Golden Magnet" by George Manville Fenn
Did someone at UN Headquarters know that Harris was going to be captured?
"The Penal Cluster" by Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)
Sha a-ma wi un-don-be a-me dho he.
"Indian Story and Song" by Alice C. Fletcher
Gomez be arter the light girl, an' Hernandez the dark un.
"The Flag of Distress" by Mayne Reid
You youngsters don't think o' thet, ez we old 'uns do.
"The Land of Fire" by Mayne Reid
I thowt as mich as another ud spring up as soon as th' owd un wur cut down.
"That Lass O' Lowrie's" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
And I goes for to say as any un as 'ud serve a yo that way should be crucified.
"'Murphy'" by Major Gambier-Parry
This un is Sishetakushin, an' this un is his son, Mookoomahn.
"The Gaunt Gray Wolf" by Dillon Wallace
Prenez un seat, et un glass de Madeira.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine -- Volume 57, No. 351, January 1845" by Various
Give un the best they is in Newf'un'land.
"The Cruise of the Shining Light" by Norman Duncan
Each house he un-burgles tempts him to un-burgle two.
"Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective" by Ellis Parker Butler

In poetry:

Nuestra pasion fue un tragico sainete
En cuya absurda fabula
Lo comico y lo grave confundidos
Risas y llanto arrancan.
"Rimas XXXI" by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer
Eterno chiudere--gli occhi; il passato
Tutto in un'estasi--ridir fra noi...
Scendere all'Erebo--martirizzato
Dai baci tuoi.
"Notte" by Ferdinando Fontana
Wem mein Singen nicht gefaellt,
Mag es immer Schnadern nennen.
Will uns nur die neidsche Welt
Als versuchte Trinker kennen.
"Die Ente" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Dormida, en el murmullo de tu aliento
Acompasado y tenue,
Escucho yo un poema, que mi alma
Enamorada entiende ...
"Rimas XXVII" by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer
E intorno, intorno, un susurro s'udia
Confuso e fioco, come il suon lontano
D'un'arpa, cui chiedesse un'armonia
Un'aerea mano.
"Circolo" by Ferdinando Fontana
Nein, nein! durchaus ich glaube nicht,
Was Petri falscher Folger spricht;
Dass jene Buecher goettlich waeren,
Die, zu der Juden steten Ehren,
Uns von des Maccabaeus Helden
Und ihren heilgen Schlachten melden.
"Refutatio Papatus" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

In news:

Could be more perfect, call it un-biased because you dont see me everyday.just hear me.
"We don't know" who is responsible, Bulgaria's UN representative says.
UN assembly in New York little more than a sideshow.
Wants troops out, burqa un-banned.
Coast Guard spokesman Paul Webb said the agency started firing its cannons on the 164-foot Ryou-Un Maru around 2:30 p.m.
UN Clueless About Iran's Nukes.
Sierra Leone and the UN.
The move, two days after chief of the general staff was fired, is seen as aimed at tightening Kim Jong Un's grip on the military.
UN peacekeepers in Congo who should have been arresting Ntaganda were forced to work with soldiers under his command.
Powell described the UK dossier as a "fine paper" in his UN speech.
Military planners from Africa, Europe and the UN prep to take back northern Mali from rebels linked to al Qaeda.
Kim Jong-un's 6 super- duper titles.
Kim Jong-un leads North Korea, but not as president.
So what happened at the UN climate talks in Durban , South Africa, on Sunday.
Deal reached at UN climate talks in Durban (VIDEO).

In science:

Thus [φ(un), a] + a = 0 and [φ(un), a] = 0, which is absurd.
Number Operator Algebras
Gn is a nonzero finitely generated abelian group, un ∈ Gn , and ϕn : Gn → Gn+1 is a group homomorphism such that ϕn (un ) = un+1 .
$K_0$ of purely infinite simple regular rings
Let Wn and Un be random variables with uniform distribution on Wn and Un .
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
E (n) , V (n) ), and a random uniform embedded tree Un ∈ ¯Un .
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
Now we can choose at random a well labelled tree Wn in the conjugacy class of Un in such a way that Theorem 3 holds for (Wn , Un ).
Random Planar Lattices and Integrated SuperBrownian Excursion
We will show that the limit joint distribution of the matrices UN (β1 ) and UN (β2 ) is the Haar measure on the group SU (2) × SU (2).
Random groups in the optical waveguides theory
Thus, by Theorem 2.1, the limit distribution of the matrix pair (UN (β1 ), UN (β2 )) as N → ∞ is the Haar measure on G.
Random groups in the optical waveguides theory
We can then find a (sub)sequence (un) in B1(A), with hf , uni ≥ yn , and IA (un ) < L for sufficiently large n. B1(A) being weakly compact, there exists u ∈ B1(A) such that un converges weakly to u.
Large deviations for Brownian motion in a random scenery
Let Un be an ob ject of Fn , and Un−1 its image by the pro jection map pn : Fn → Fn−1 .
Non abelian cohomology: the point of view of gerbed tower
Suppose that u = δn (un ) and that πj (un ) ≥ 4, where πj : Gn → Z is the pro jection to the j th coordinate.
Classification of simple C*-algebras and higher dimensional noncommutative tori
Suppose that {un} ∈ U (MK (Qn Bn )) such that [{un}] is in the kernel and k [{un}] = 0.
Simple nuclear $C^*$-algebras of tracial topological rank one
Write U = {un}, where un ∈ MN +1 (Bn ) are unitaries.
Simple nuclear $C^*$-algebras of tracial topological rank one
W (f ⊗n) = Un (ω (f )/2), where the {Un}n are the Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind.
Second Order Freeness and Fluctuations of Random Matrices: I. Gaussian and Wishart matrices and Cyclic Fock spaces
Indeed, as ψ ′n (un ) = ψ ′n (un ) = 0 and un ∈ D , uniqueness implies un = un .
Failure of the Raikov theorem for free random variables
Most of the results of this section have been achieved by reducing the summation from Bn to Un (see also [2, §7]), and calculating the generating function over Un by recursion to Un−1 .
Statistics on Wreath Products