• WordNet 3.6
    • adj Turkmen of or relating to or characteristic of Turkmenistan or its people or culture
    • n Turkmen the Turkic language spoken by the Turkoman
    • n Turkmen a republic in Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea and to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of Iran; an Asian soviet from 1925 to 1991
    • n Turkmen a member of a Turkic people living in Turkmenistan and neighboring areas
    • ***


In literature:

In Kirkuk, the struggle is between Kurds, Arabs, and Turkmen.
"The Iraq Study Group Report" by United States Institute for Peace

In news:

Oregon's 3rd of the 116th patrolled in and around Kirkuk , which is a fascinating seam in Iraqi society where Kurds, Turkmen, Arabs and, surely, some Christians and Persians live together, or in proximity to one another.
Tensions are rising between Kurdish, Arab, and Turkmen factions over power and populations in the province, the heart of northern Iraq's oil industry.
Oscar and Aysun Turkmen have owned Saba 's for the past six years.
All the summoned church members were found guilty of violating Turkmen law for refusing to register a religious community or participating in one that is not registered.
Christians have not been the only targets of oppression by Turkmen authorities.
Rachel Denber, deputy director of the rights group's Europe and Central Asia division, says the Turkmen government implements a policy of fear and harassment that ensures no room for political dissent.
A bad father of the Turkmen .
FEW people will mourn the death of Turkmenistan 's President Saparmurat Niyazov, the 66-year-old dictator who called himself Turkmenbashi, or "Father of the Turkmen ".
This week the European Union and Turkmenistan held their first "human-rights dialogue" in the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat.
"In this era of great achievements, the Turkmen people, every single citizen of our country, fully endorses all the transformations taking place," reads one line.
Are some of the routine questions that one student from Turkmenistan , who asked not to be identified to protect herself, is peppered with by Turkmen KBG officers every time she returns home from the AUCA in neighboring Kyrgyzstan.
The official language of Turkmenistan is Turkmen , though Russian is the "language of inter-ethnic communication.".
It means our Turkmen guests should have felt right at home with St Louis' corrupt senators, representatives and police.
Here's the latest news from Turkmenistan : The Turkmen dictator, who is coming to the US in about a week, is panicked at the idea of Turkmen kids going to college.
In downtown Ashgabat, at the Grand Turkmen Hotel, a double room costs $95 a night.