• WordNet 3.6
    • n Trilling United States literary critic (1905-1975)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Trilling (Crystallog) A compound crystal, consisting of three individuals.
    • Trilling One of tree children born at the same birth.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n Trilling One of three children born at the same birth.
    • n Trilling A twin crystal composed of three individuals. Also threeling.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Trilling tril′ing a compound threefold crystal: any one child of a triplet.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. G. drilling,


In literature:

One of her songs was the Nightingale's Trill or Queen of the Night.
"Sixty Years of California Song" by Margaret Blake-Alverson
No one has made of the piano-trill, for instance, more luminous and quivering a thing.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
It was very still and hot and the cheep and trill of the gophers, and the chatter of the kingbirds alone broke the silence.
"The Arena" by Various
At a trilled order two of the warriors came up and laid out the corpse.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton
There were looks of surprise and whispered comments, and even some trills of laughter.
"The Eternal City" by Hall Caine
How can you expect to play runs and trills and such things unless you learn to do it properly?
"Mary's Rainbow" by Mary Edward Feehan
A sudden trill from Kathleen caused them to quicken their steps.
"Grace Harlowe's Problem" by Jessie Graham Flower
A third trill settled the dog's doubts, and with an abandon that age could not overcome he ran and jumped to the unseen friend.
"A Son of the Hills" by Harriet T. Comstock
For an hour the scales and trills sounded and wound up with a grand march for good measure.
"Rosemary" by Josephine Lawrence
But, say, I never knew how much snap and go there was to it until I heard Miss Hampton trill it out.
"Torchy, Private Sec." by Sewell Ford
It was very still and hot, and the cheep and trill of the gophers and the chatter of the kingbirds alone broke the silence.
"Prairie Folks" by Hamlin Garland
It was very still and hot, and the cheep and trill of the gophers and the chatter of the kingbirds alone broke the silence.
"Other Main-Travelled Roads" by Hamlin Garland
Between the words he interjected a number of strange trills and turns.
"Rabbi and Priest" by Milton Goldsmith
A whistle trilled shrilly.
"The Submarine Hunters" by Percy F. Westerman
Scarcely had she trilled out two lines before she saw Guy coming towards the house.
"Jessie Carlton" by Francis Forrester
There was the trill of a canary with the sun on its cage.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930" by Various
I don't think anything in the world could have kept her from practicing those runs and trills.
"The Lonely Way--Intermezzo--Countess Mizzie" by Arthur Schnitzler
If she had been a singing-bird she would have trilled to the piano; but she had not a note of music.
"Love and Lucy" by Maurice Henry Hewlett
The nightingales trilled into silence.
"The Gorgeous Isle" by Gertrude Atherton
Such long, trilling, deferring, accelerating preludes!
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 15, No. 91, May, 1865" by Various

In poetry:

These annual bills! these annual bills!
How many a song their discord trills
Of "truck" consumed, enjoyed, forgot,
Since I was skinned by last year's lot!
"Those Annual Bills" by Mark Twain
"And as I grew up, again and again
She'd tell, after trilling that air,
Of her youth, and the battles on Leipzig plain
And of all that was suffered there!…
"Leipzig" by Thomas Hardy
In midnight black, when all men sleep,
My singer wakes,
And pipes his lovely melodies,
And trills and shakes.
The dark sky bends to listen, but
No answer makes.
"A Blind Singer" by Susan Coolidge
For the moors, where the linnet was trilling
Its song on the old granite stone;
Where the lark, the wild sky-lark, was filling
Every breast with delight like its own!
"Loud without the wind was roaring" by Emily Jane Bronte
At the grey dawn, amongst the falling leaves,
A little bird outside my window swung,
High on a topmost branch he trilled his song,
And " Ireland! Ireland! Ireland!" ever sung.
"A Bird From The West" by Dora Sigerson Shorter
The wiree sang that Christmas Day,
A rippling, limpid, liquid lay
In clump and cover trilling;
On ripened grain and gleaming road
The molten, golden sunlight glowed,
The lone land's rapture stifling.
"The Wiree's Song" by John O Brien

In news:

David Trilling is EurasiaNet's Central Asia editor.
Maybe it's the sinister guitar melody provided by producer DJ Trill Will.
Lionel Trilling (1905-1975) was an American literary critic, author, and University Professor at Columbia University.
The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent: Selected Essays by Lionel Trilling, edited and with an introduction by Leon Wieseltier Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 572 pp.
Whistleblower's Trill on Iraq The Nation.
Natalia Yefimova- Trilling is a freelance journalist and researcher based in Istanbul.
Lionel Trilling 's Life of the Mind.
Trilling and Newman, on the same page.
New York Review Books recently published a new edition of Lionel Trilling 's great 1950 collection, The Liberal Imagination.
Trilling 's Sandbags: Lionel Trilling 's Critical Essays The Nation.
Across the mountains, And over the dreary, The call that trills, Brings Home the weary.
The Bell & Anchor 's food peals, chimes, trills and rings, heralding this year's catch of East End restaurants.
Toads began to trill each evening, and the nightly chorus of crickets and katydids began.

In science:

According to previous analytical analysis and numerical nonlinear studies (Lin & Papaloizou 1986; Trilling et al. 1998; Nelson et al. 2000), a Jupiter mass planet is capable of clearing most of the materials around its orbit and opening a fairly wide and deep gap in a viscous/inviscid disk.
Disk-Planet Interaction Simulations: (I) Baroclinic Generation of Vortensity and Non-Axisymmetric Rossby-Wave-Instability
Trilling (2000): the neglect of tides raised on the star.
Tidal Evolution of Close-in Extra-Solar Planets
In particular, our model assumes host stars rotate much more slowly than their close-in companion planet revolves, an assumption largely corroborated by observation (Trilling (2000); Barnes (2001)).
Tidal Evolution of Close-in Extra-Solar Planets
Trilling et al. (2002) and Armitage et al. (2002) were able to qualitatively reproduce the observed semi-ma jor axis distribution of giant planets, for a > 0.1 AU.
Astrometric Methods and Instrumentation to Identify and Characterize Extrasolar Planets: A Review
Note that Trilling et al. (1998) pointed out that the numerical coefficient in this equation is only true for bodies of uniform density, and should be corrected for the actual stellar mass profiles.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
Another stopping mechanism (e.g., Trilling et al. 1998) is based on the assumption that the short-period planets got so close to their parent stars that their Roche Lobe became smaller than their planetary radii.
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
Unfortunately, as was already noted in the previous subsection, the theoretical estimate of the ratios Qp/kp or Q∗/k∗ varies over one or two orders of magnitude (e.g., Lin et al. 1996; Trilling et al. 1998; Trilling 2000).
Observational Evidence for Tidal Interaction in Close Binary Systems
Such a precarious mechanism to halt inward planet migration, as first suggested by Trilling et al. (1998), requires a large initial mass (Mi > 3 MJup ) and sufficiently prompt disappearance of the remaining disk (≤ 106 yrs).
The New Transiting Planet OGLE-TR-56b: Orbit and Atmosphere
It is an obvious candidate for the class II planet model suggested by Trilling et al. (1998) and elaborated further by Lin et al. (2000) − planets that migrate inwards in a protoplanetary disk, lose some (but not all) of their mass via Roche-lobe overflow, and survive in very small orbits.
The New Transiting Planet OGLE-TR-56b: Orbit and Atmosphere
A paper that is particularly relevant in the context of jets from BDs is the one of Quillen & Trilling (1998), who showed that even protoJupiters might be expected to produce jets.
Looking for outflows from brown dwarfs
Disks in systems with binary companions close to the disk radius are probably disrupted quickly, although binaries with wider separations should have little effect, and very close separations may actually enhance infrared excesses (Bouwman et al. 2006; Trilling et al. 2007).
The Rise and Fall of Debris Disks: MIPS Observations of h and chi Persei and the Evolution of Mid-IR Emission from Planet Formation