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    • n Trigonella Old World genus of frequently aromatic herbs
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n trigonella A genus of leguminous plants, of the tribe Trifolicæ, characterized by obtuse keel-petals, numerous ovules, and a pod which is straight, falcate, or arcuate, but not spiral. There are about 60 species, natives of Europe, Asia, and North Africa, with a few in South Africa, and one, T. suavissima,. in the interior of Australia. They are usually strong-smelling herbs, having pinnately trifoliate leaves with adnate stipules. Most of the species bear yellow or white flowers in a head or short raceme. The pod is linear, its veins being reticulated in the section Buceras; in Falcatula it is broad and compressed, and its veins are straight. In a few similar species, the section Pocockia, the pod bears winged or fringed sutures. In three smaller sections with beaked pods, the flowers in Uncinella are usually pendulous. In Fænum-græcum solitary, in Grammocarpus blue. Several of the species, especially T. Fænum-græcum, are known as fenugreek (which see). T. cærulea is the Swiss melilot, T. ornithopodioides is the bird's-foot fenugreek, a reddish-flowered prostrate species growing on British heaths. T. ornithorhynchus is the bird's-bill fenugreek, a yellow Russian species with fleshy leaves, spiny peduncles, and pods with a recurving beak. T. suavissima has been found valuable for pasturage in Australia.
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In literature:

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