• Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Tri-weekly trī′-wēk′li once every three weeks: three times a week.
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  • Nancy Sproat
    Nancy Sproat
    “How pleasant is Saturday night when I've tried all the week to be good, and not spoke a word that was bad, and obliged everyone that I could.”


In literature:

Try as they would, they could not enter into the fun as they would have done a few weeks before.
"The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point" by Laura Lee Hope
One Saturday afternoon, two weeks from the day that he had last seen Genevieve, he sat in his room trying to read.
"The Spinner's Book of Fiction" by Various
I might try at it straightforwardly for a week together, and not do it.
"Proserpina, Volume 1" by John Ruskin
About a week later he returned, and tried to make a report to me.
"The Plum Tree" by David Graham Phillips
One day, about a week before you came, I thought I'd try my damaged leg to see if I could use it.
"Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer" by Jessie Graham Flower
He had not tried it for weeks before.
"The Hand in the Dark" by Arthur J. Rees
It will be at least three weeks after they are hatched before they will try to wade out into these flat sea-marshes.
"Stories of Birds" by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets
You couldn't scare me if you tried for a week!
"Young Wild West at "Forbidden Pass"" by An Old Scout
He tried for weeks to find a suitable match, but without success.
"The Kentucky Ranger" by Edward T. Curnick
And say, if you think you can learn to be a regular winter resort person in a few weeks just try it once.
"Torchy and Vee" by Sewell Ford
We've been here more than two weeks now, trying to repair these groundcars.
"Rebels of the Red Planet" by Charles Louis Fontenay
I would stay around about a week and help 'em, and dey would try to git me to take something but I never would.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
Tri-weekly examinations of the urine should be made, while eliminating baths should be promptly instituted.
"The Mother and Her Child" by William S. Sadler
It won't be well for a week, and I can't try for the play.
"Betty Wales Senior" by Margaret Warde
Eight weeks alone with Aunt Maria would try anybody's nerves.
"A College Girl" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
I should be glad if you would make a point of going to see her some afternoon this week, and trying to amuse her for an hour or two.
"Betty Trevor" by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey
Try as she might, she could not control her excitement, as she crossed the roadway and entered Hellier Crescent after a week's absence.
"The Mystics" by Katherine Cecil Thurston
I spent a whole week in Paris, trying to find something really awful.
"A Book of Burlesques" by H. L. Mencken
But the next few weeks were very trying ones.
"Dwell Deep" by Amy Le Feuvre
But they particularly hate cops, and I had been trying for some weeks to decide how I could break the news to them.
"The Day of the Boomer Dukes" by Frederik Pohl

In poetry:

Louis try hard to tak' hees tam
But w'en he see de fall
Comin' along in a week or so,
All aroun' heem de rain an' snow
An' pork on de bar'l runnin' low,
He don't feel good at all.
"The Devil" by William Henry Drummond
We were like children last week, in the Strand;
That was the day you laughed at me
Because I tried to make you understand
The cheap, stale chap I used to be
Before I saw the things you made me see.
"In Nunhead Cemetery" by Charlotte Mary Mew
And on August week ends the cold of a personal ice age
Comes up through my bare feet
Which are trying to walk like a boy's again
So that nothing on earth can have changed
On the ground where I was raised.
"Pursuit From Under" by James Dickey
Special Jurymen of England! who admire your country's laws,
And proclaim a British Jury worthy of the realm's applause;
Gayly compliment each other at the issue of a cause
Which was tried at Guildford 'sizes, this day week as ever was.
"Damages, Two Hundred Pounds" by William Makepeace Thackeray
So night by night I watch for him--by day I sing and work,
And try to never mind the latch--he's coming in the dark;
Yet as the days and weeks and months go slipping slowly thro',
I wonder if the wise old wife has spaed my fortune true!
"The Shell" by Isabella Valancy Crawford

In news:

Two people got a shock this week when they tried to start their vehicles and nothing happened.
In the interest of broadening my horizons, I promised Microsoft I'd give Internet Explorer 8 a fair shake by trying the browser as my default for a week.
So bear with me as I try to figure out a few things this week.
39-year-old Donald Robert Costa was arrested earlier this week for trying to steal items from a home in El Jobean.
I try to eat pasta always once a week.
If you love to try new foods, this is the week for you.
The Internet is rife with reviews about the latest restaurant and auto repair shop someone tried the week before -- or a visit to a doctor.
I've tried them and no one shows up after the first week or two.
NEWARK — Two teens arrested after a wrong-way crash that killed a Newark toddler last week may be tried as adults, authorities said today.
Try the weekly Air Condition Composition Drink 'n Draw at the AC Lounge.
You're just a step away from trying the searchable, printable, mobile/tablet and computer -ready e-Edition for two weeks FREE.
Various law enforcement agencies are trying to determine who spray painted a red Nazi swastika onto the parking lot of the Beth Israel Congregation Community Center last week.
With no luck against Brady, Texans will try to cool off Colts rookie QB in Week 15.
Last week the FBI arrested a 35-year-old millionaire wine dealer suspected of trying to sell $1.3 million in counterfeit wine.
I tried this one out last week on some of the shoppers at Central Market in Dallas and Plano and it was a hit.

In science:

We all appreciate the excellent hospitality we were given throughout the week, and the support we are now offered as we all try to figure out how we will get home.
Summary and Outlook for 9th International Symposium on Heavy Flavor Physics
Today I will try to do what physicists call a ‘review’, a survey talk trying to bring all these strands together. {Post conference: This talk was a preliminary effort, based on rough drafts which had arrived only in the previous week.
Closed string field theory, strong homotopy Lie algebras and the operad actions of moduli space
I am deeply aware that it is impossible to give a complete summary of a week long meeting, but I will still try, if for no other reason but for the months long push by the organizers.
Valencia 93: The Summary of Particle Theory