Tree clover


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Tree clover (Bot) a tall kind of melilot (Melilotus alba). See Melilot.
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In literature:

The basswood or linden tree blossom produces a fine nectar which some consider better than white clover.
"Three Acres and Liberty" by Bolton Hall
Before breakfast on Saturday morning, Katy and Clover were at work building a beautiful bower of asparagus boughs under the trees.
"What Katy Did" by Susan Coolidge
The former is also called Bokhara clover, White Melilot and Tree clover.
"Clovers and How to Grow Them" by Thomas Shaw
The best crop immediately to precede trees is clover.
"Apple Growing" by M. C. Burritt
MEMBER: Just before this attack on the nut trees it was real bad on clover and grasses in our area.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Forty-Second Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
The cherry and peach-trees were loaded with bloom, the fields covered with rank clover, and how our weary horses did revel in it!
"The Story of a Cannoneer Under Stonewall Jackson" by Edward A. Moore
I grow corn among young trees, clover in a bearing orchard, and cease cropping after eight years.
"The Apple" by Various
Canello could stand up to his knees in alfilaree clover under their tree, so he allowed me to watch the birds in peace.
"A-Birding on a Bronco" by Florence A. Merriam
The air was heavy with the scent of clover, and the bitter-sweet, pungent smells of Lombardy poplar trees.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly" by Hamlin Garland
Five thousand of the strongest and most active will be sent to the lime-trees, while three thousand juniors sally forth to the clover.
"The Children's Life of the Bee" by Maurice Maeterlinck

In poetry:

"I ride by tree, I ride by rill,
I ride by rye and clover,
For by the kirk beyond the hill
Awaits a better lover."
"The Ride" by Madison Julius Cawein
I've seen the bright folk riding in
O'er blooms that deck the clovered plain,
And neath the trees, when moonbeams spin
Their silver-dappled counterpane.
"Come, Sing Australian songs to me!" by John O Brien
Who'll watch the clover secretly unclose?
Finger the sycamore buds, afire with rose?
Trace the mauve veins of the anemone?
Know the peculiar scent of every tree?
"Farewell To Beauty" by Mary Webb
For long ago in the summer noons,
Under the shade of that trysting tree,
My love brought wheat ears and clover blooms,
And vows that were sweeter than both, to me.
"Pictures in the Fire" by Kate Seymour Maclean
But that far lime tree yellowing by the oak,
Warning oak, elm and poplar and each fresh tree
Shaking in the south wind delightedly,
And clover in the closeness of the grass,
Warns also me.
"The Lime Tree" by John Freeman
What flowers shall be sweeter than these are?
What sky shall be blue as this sky? As a fair, fringed girdle the trees are,
About the green place where I lie; And the swarms of the brown honey-bees are
As clouds over clover and rye.
"Summons" by Ina Donna Coolbrith

In news:

BATTLE CREEK — Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Director Jamie Clover Adams encourages residents to support Michigan's 700 Christmas tree growers and the 54 poinsettia growers.

In science:

Unlike our earlier calculation with the thin-link fermion action, no tadpole improvement is necessary here and thus we set the clover coefficient to its tree-level value (i.e., unity).
Running coupling and mass anomalous dimension of SU(3) gauge theory with two flavors of symmetric-representation fermions
Tests with quenched fundamental fermions reveal that the nonperturbatively improved clover coefficient is very close to its tree level value at fairly large lattice spacings.
Running coupling and mass anomalous dimension of SU(3) gauge theory with two flavors of symmetric-representation fermions
Tree-level matching is sufficient for the chromoelectric clover coupli ng cE , though one-loop matching would be desirable for charmonium and charmed hadrons.
New lattice action for heavy quarks
Another example is the use of n-HYP smeared [289, 315], n-stout smeared [316, 317] or n-HEX (hypercubic stout) smeared [318] gauge links in the tree-level clover improved discretization of the quark action, denoted by “n-HYP tlSW”, “n-stout tlSW” and “n-HEX tlSW” in the following.
Review of lattice results concerning low energy particle physics
An N f = 2 + 1 nonperturbatively improved single step stout smeared clover action on a tree level Symanzik improved gauge action was used for this study.
Light hadron spectroscopy and pseudoscalar decay constants